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Real estate Banner Ad Templates

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6 tips for creating effective real estate banners

Before creating your banner ads, check out the tips from BannerBoo's professional team to get maximum exposure and showcase all the benefits of working with your brand.

Use your own high-quality photos and videos

Probably, this is the very first rule and all real estate market players are familiar with it, but let's emphasize it again. The better the object is shown, the more chances you will find potential buyers or tenants in a short period of time. By the way, the audience is always interested in the construction process and before/after photos.

Provide all required information

There are a lot of real estate rental banners, but only those work where the client receives the most detailed information. Describe the object and provide technical characteristics, create an emotional connection with the new house, apartment or office, provide all technical data and advantages. In addition, add contact information and tell how the work with your company is going.

Choose strict fonts that are easy to read

Based on the previous point, there will be enough information on the banner. So, you have to work to come up with a clear and understandable structure, headings and body text. In addition, it is important that the font be easy to read. We recommend choosing between Arial, Georgia and EB Garamond, and make the size of the main text at least 16 points.

Form long-term relationships with the audience

The industry of renting and buying real estate has its own peculiarities. Decisions in this field are often made over a long period of time, extending beyond just a month and potentially lasting up to a year. Building long-term relationships with the audience becomes crucial, along with collecting all possible contact information and utilizing various communication channels.

Use interactive formats

Don't know exactly what information to submit in advertising? Ask your followers! Leave the question open and get content ideas a couple of months in advance. Often the real estate industry has an overly formal communication style, even though your audience is real people who interact better and more effectively with lightweight content that's interesting, interactive, and out of the box.

Constantly generate different banner design ideas

Look for new formats of interaction and business promotion. Choose a variety of templates and design styles, change them as often as necessary until you create an active community. GIFs, animations, videos, instructions, video presentations – all these formats will add uniqueness to your brand.
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Real Estate Banner Templates at BannerBoo

Choose from 12,000+ templates perfect for renting and selling real estate. You just need to change the text and get a ready-made effective banner for publications on social networks or on the website.
Animated real estate banner templates

Animated real estate banner templates

Animated banners instantly capture attention while scrolling through the news feed. Often, animation is only used in website sliders, neglecting the potential of this powerful marketing tool for social networks. Take advantage of BannerBoo's animated templates, which feature well-planned transitions, motion durations, and effects. Simply modify the text and incorporate your company logo to make use of the banner. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to adjust timing, transition smoothness, movement duration, and create a captivating real estate banner design that suits your specific needs.
HTML5 Real Estate Banner Templates

HTML5 Real Estate Banner Templates

Are you planning to optimize the site and place the maximum amount of information about the objects there, including advertisements? Use HTML5 or AMPHTML banners that combine images, text and links with HTML and CSS3 code. They are significantly lighter than other formats, and also adapt perfectly to any advertising networks. With BannerBoo, programming code in a custom environment is no longer a problem. We have prepared templates where you do not have to understand the technical nuances. The whole process is standardized so that you can easily and simply create a real estate banner in a clear interface.
GIF – real estate advertising banner templates

GIF – real estate advertising banner templates

If you are an active user of social networks, you know the GIF format, which has become very popular recently and has created a special kind of communication around the world. Now imagine that your brand publishes a creative GIF instead of just a photo with an apartment? This is an entirely different level of loyalty! Choose GIF templates from BannerBoo because we thought of everything: settings, color scheme, text structure and animation. All you have to do is adapt the ready-made design to your company: add a logo, write texts and upload the file for promotion in the necessary advertising networks. With BannerBoo, you can easily and quickly create real estate advertising banners from scratch or from a template, and even optimize GIFs for any platform.
Social real estate banner templates

Social real estate banner templates

Create real estate banners for social media using BannerBoo's huge library (over 12,000 options) of pre-designed templates. We work as a professional team of designers and marketers to create a set of effective and efficient promotional materials for use in any industry. Find new formats of banner designs, get inspired by ideas for creative and stylish ads. You can create a banner in BannerBoo in minutes – just log in to get access to thousands of real estate presentation ideas.
Free Real Estate Banner Templates

Free Real Estate Banner Templates

Too many people look for online options for buying or renting real estate on social networks or using Google search. Your brand should generate a lot of useful content and complement the text with a bright, unique design. No need to hire a design team, just use BannerBoo real estate banners and create a design in just a few clicks. We analyzed the experience of hundreds of customers to create banners that really work. So, add them to your marketing efforts and increase your reach.

How to make a real estate advertising banner?

Yes, creating a banner just seems like a very difficult task. Everything is easy and simple with BannerBoo!

First, it is important to determine the purpose of advertising (presentation of the object, company, areas of activity, etc.).
Secondly, it is crucial to identify the target audience with whom you intend to communicate through advertising.

Then everything is simple:

Step 1. Log in to BannerBoo and go to your personal profile.
Step 2: Find the right one for your business among 12,000+ templates.
Step 3. Adapt it: update the logo, texts, color, check the animation.
Step 4. Download the finished banner in the desired format.

How do I make a banner for my rental property?

Everything is elementary:
  • First, you need to decide what you will talk about in the advertisement (presentation of the object, company, areas of activity, etc.).
  • Second, choose the real estate banner format: GIF or static layout, video or story, HTML5 or AMPHTML.
  • Third, log in to BannerBoo and choose one of 12,000+ templates to bring your idea to life.

What is a real estate banner?

This is a graphic layout in any GIF format, animation, image and text, or a video clip that introduces the potential audience to your company and tells all the advantages of cooperation with the company. Used for publications in social networks, for the site or third-party resources, placed in advertising networks.

Where to get real estate banner design templates?

Online service BannerBoo has a library of 12,000+ templates for more than 30 business categories.

What should a real estate banner contain?

Make sure the finished banner has:
  1. High-quality and clear photos and videos.
  2. Easy to read font.
  3. Corporate style, logo and graphic elements.
  4. A unique sales offer and a specific time frame when it is valid.
  5. Thoughtful CTA and contact information.

In addition, the banner should correspond to the overall marketing strategy and engage in dialogue with the brand!

Where to download real estate banner templates for free?

Choose free templates from professional designers of the BannerBoo service. We have created more than 12,000 banner options for advertising businesses.

How do I create a custom banner for my rental property?

If you don't want to use a real estate banner template and have design skills, you can design a BannerBoo banner from scratch:
  1. Log in and click the "Create banner" button.
  2. Choose the size of the banner from the main ones available, or set an individual format.
  3. Think over the idea of the banner: what images should be placed, texts and content accents.
  4. Choose the necessary effects, animations, text blocks, stickers and graphic elements. Write all the necessary text, choose a color, font and style.
  5. Add a logo, buttons, corporate style elements.
  6. Save the video, mockup, or banner in the right format for uploading to social and advertising networks.
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