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Exciting Construction Banner Ads and Design Templates

BannerBoo is the leading resource for Construction, Building and Repair animated banner ad templates. With our eye-catching professional templates, you can promote your services and boost your business online.
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How to create an effective banner for the construction industry?

Are you thinking about creating an advertising banner for the first time? Get started with tips to help you get the most exposure and showcase the benefits of a construction company.

Use your own high-quality photos and videos

The construction process only seems uninteresting, in fact, users willingly view videos from the work site, "before/after" photos, and reviews of materials. The main thing is that the photos and videos should be real.

Choose strict fonts that are easy to read

We recommend choosing the font from Arial, Georgia and EB Garamond, and the size of the main text – at least 16 points.

Create a visual marketing strategy

Start with a detailed audience analysis, identify key segments and focus marketing activities on this group of people. Think about what your campaign visually is, what emotions should it evoke? Use all received data when creating each banner.

Choose active CTAs

The construction industry is characterized by lengthy purchasing decisions. These decisions often extend beyond just a month and can span up to a year. Therefore, it is crucial to establish long-term relationships with the audience, gather comprehensive contact information, and leverage various communication channels. It is essential to ensure that there is always someone available to address advertising inquiries at the provided phone number.

Engage readers in dialogue

Don't know which information about the company is insufficient? Ask your followers! Give multiple answers and get ideas for attention-grabbing content for the months ahead. Often, construction companies have an overly formal style of communication, although in reality, subscribers interact better and more effectively with live, light content that is written “about people” and “for people”.

Constantly generate different banner design ideas

Look for new formats of interaction and display of information about the construction company. Test them immediately with subscribers and when running ads. GIFs, animations, videos, instructions, video presentations – all these banner template formats will help create a unique community for your company.
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What types of banners can be created with BannerBoo?

Choose from 12,000+ templates that are perfect for the construction business, renovation work, home improvement. It is enough for you to simply change the text and get a ready-made effective banner for publications on social networks or on the website.
Animated construction banner templates

Animated construction banner templates

Animation has a captivating effect on potential clients, drawing their attention towards your content. Animated banners are commonly utilized in website sliders and social media advertising posts. BannerBoo's pre-designed templates come with comprehensive animations, carefully crafted styles, and a well-structured layout. All you need to do is customize the text and incorporate your logo. Setting up animations can be a challenging and resource-intensive task. However, we have taken care of all the complexities and provided you with a ready-made solution!
HTML5 Construction Banner Templates

HTML5 Construction Banner Templates

Scared of HTML5 or AMPHTML banner design? With BannerBoo, programming code in a custom environment is no longer a problem! In fact, these banners combine images, text, and links with HTML and CSS3 code. This approach makes banners lighter, more mobile, safer, and suitable for any advertising networks, including Google Ads.

Why is HTML5 (or AMPHTML) a good idea?

  • perfectly adapted to display on mobile devices;
  • have wide possibilities of integration;
  • do not overload pages;
  • have high-quality images and graphics.

We have prepared templates where you don't have to understand the code. The whole process is standardized so that you can easily and simply create a banner for a construction business in a clear interface.

GIF banner templates for the construction industry

GIF banner templates for the construction industry

GiF banners are very popular among social media users. Now imagine that your favorite brand publishes a creative GIF instead of just a construction photo? It's so cool! The GIF template from BannerBoo has all the necessary settings, color scheme, text structure, and animation. All you have to do is adapt the ready-made banner to your company: add a logo, write texts and upload the file for promotion on popular advertising networks: Facebook, Insatgram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, or Twitter. The functionality of BannerBoo allows you to easily and quickly create a banner from scratch or according to a template, as well as adapt GIFs to any platform.
Banner templates for building social networks

Banner templates for building social networks

Social networks of construction companies provide an opportunity to show what is happening here and now in your business. With BannerBoo, you can create hundreds of social media banners quickly, easily, and in just a few clicks. Just choose a ready-made template and adapt it to business needs.

Where can I use banners?

  • in social networks (creatively show the process, services, get to know the team, give ideas for the future interior, talk about the specifics of building materials – talk transparently with customers, form trusting relationships);
  • on the construction site (tell about the objects, their number and style, special offers of your company, unique services, show customer reviews – form long-term relationships);
  • on thematic resources (show your engineering competence and present the company as a quality partner and contractor – form partnership relationships).
Construction banner template design

Construction banner template design

Why not save time and money on banner design with BannerBoo? Imagine that, using the online designer, you get access to 12,000+ ready-made banner designs for any advertising purpose! Creative and restrained, bright and interactive, original and structural – we have developed a design for any request of customers in the construction industry. Just choose a banner, upload a logo, image – and get an effective advertising tool!

What can you create a banner about?

  • completed projects (construction progress, readiness for delivery, publications in the style of "was / became");
  • the company's clients (introduce your team and tell them who they are, your ideal clients, who you work with, what services you provide and why they trust you);
  • work process (how construction works, what tasks are solved by designers or constructors, how contracts are signed and what are the legal aspects – such information is very useful for future buyers).
Free Construction Banner Templates

Free Construction Banner Templates

Construction banners are not only text and images, as everyone is used to. Even such a simple process as pouring concrete in the hands of an experienced creator can turn into a cool looping GIF that you want to share. For example, there are many stages in construction – then create a banner about each of them, where you describe the advantages, options and opportunities. There are many ideas:
  • create banners about buildings under construction;
  • contracts that are still under negotiation;
  • plans for new facilities and territories;
  • or even the status of buildings to be demolished.

Choose banner templates in the BannerBoo designer and save time on creating effective posts!

How to make a banner for the construction industry?

With BannerBoo it's a breeze! Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions:

Step 1. Log in to the service and select the required tariff plan.
Step 2. Find the perfect one for your business among 12,000+ templates.
Step 3. Adapt it to your needs and update the logo, texts, check animations.
Step 4. Download the finished banner in the desired format.

What is a banner for the construction industry?

This is a mockup in any format: GIF, animation, image and text or a video clip that introduces potential audiences to your company and tells all the benefits of working with it. Used for publications in social networks, for the site or third-party resources, placed in advertising networks.

What should a banner for a construction company contain?

The secret of an effective banner is simple:
  1. High-quality and clear photos and videos.
  2. Easy to read font.
  3. Corporate style, logo and graphic elements.
  4. A unique sales offer and a clear time frame when it is valid.
  5. Clear CTA and contact information.

In addition, the banner should correspond to the overall marketing strategy and engage in dialogue with the brand!

Where to get banner templates for construction companies?

No need to look for ideas and figure out how to implement them! Choose templates from the BannerBoo design team and create a ready-made banner for your construction business in a couple of clicks.
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