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Education Banner Ad Templates

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Generate banners for advertising and publications for your school or online courses with the BannerBoo service

Discover a world of high-quality banner ad templates perfect for presenting college, school, individual webinars or online courses.

BannerBoo is an intuitive and user-friendly banner designer that effortlessly addresses the challenges of finding inspiration and creating captivating layouts. Developed by a professional team of designers, various formats of design templates solve any task: present a school, advertise directions, invite to an online meeting or event, present a schedule in a creative GIF style, etc. All you need: just log in to the service and choose the desired template. Next, you just need to adapt the text to your offer, add a logo and branded elements — and that's it, the advertising banner is ready!

The Education section has collected a complete collection of templates that schools, universities, educational institutions, courses or even school supply stores will need for effective marketing interaction with potential buyers. Check out the banners and start creating today! By the way, it's free!

BannerBoo education templates

Educational banner templates

Attract prospective students to your courses with awesome banner ads from BannerBoo! We are confident that you don't have to be a designer to create a motivational banner. With our assistance, we guarantee that you can create an advertising layout in minimal time. Whether you're a university representative or a yoga instructor, ready-made banner ad templates are perfect for promoting your educational institution/business and getting people to sign up for your classes.

School Banner Templates

BannerBoo Education Banner Maker will handle any marketing task. The education field is very promising and diverse, but most companies still work with the stereotypes of a school board and chalk. A social banner for school can be bright and unusual, contain a modern GIF file or a video series to show your progressiveness in the complexity of approaches to learning. BannerBoo templates are just that: created by designers and marketers to develop educational platforms and reach the maximum number of potential customers.

Online Education Banner Design Templates

Create an educational banner with BannerBoo templates. If you are just starting the development of the direction, ready-made templates will help you save time and resources for the development of advertising campaigns. If you have been working for a long time, then the banner collections will help inspire experiments. Either way, you get a tool used by 1000+ customers worldwide to create creative animations, videos and GIFs in minutes. Just choose an education banner template that fits your goals and personalize it with our additional features: quality stock images, stickers, graphics, stylish fonts and sales text templates. 

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Tips for creating effective banners

The education industry is saturated with companies shaping their marketing strategies and establishing a presence in the market. How not to get lost among competitors? Follow our team's recommendations.

Focus on the target audience

You need to know for sure: who is the person on the other side of the screen who will read your ad? What is important to her that you can convey through visuals and describe through text? Communicate in simple and understandable language, but also speak honestly and openly to build trusting relationships.

One accent – one advertisement

There is no need to try to convey all the information about the school, areas of study, the schedule and the main subject of classes in one banner. Among all the variety of information, it is very difficult to find relevant information. Several banners will work much more effectively, where each representative of the target audience can easily find the answer to their question.

Provide contact information and an active link

How to get to you for a test class, how to sign up for a course? This information should be highlighted on the banner so that the customer's attention is focused here. Think through the main questions and write the answers to them to save time.

Adhere to a clear structure of the text

Psychologists advise placing the most relevant information in the title, and making the main text as short as possible (2-3 sentences or a bulleted list). Then you have more chances that the text will be read at all. The more additional elements there are, the more likely it is that the reader's attention will be distracted.

High-quality images are the key to success

Use only high-quality photo and video materials. It's time to move away from blurry and fuzzy images to create a professional brand image among your audience. Social networks are about aesthetics and beauty, so you need to follow the rules. Find a balance between beautiful design and content that sells.

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Try to create an effective advertisement now, focusing on our tips!
Use the BannerBoo designer to develop a stylish and modern design that will definitely be remembered.

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What education banner templates can be used in BannerBoo?

What kind of banner do you want to create? Choose from ready-made design options.
Animated educational banner templates

Animated educational banner templates

Animation is more engaging for the target audience compared to static images or text. Utilize animated banners for social media posts, advertising campaigns, and connecting with potential clients. If you find it daunting, fear not, as BannerBoo's pre-made banners have meticulously crafted every element: precise timing for animations, visually appealing designs, and seamless transitions. It doesn't matter if you have little to no experience in animation; you can still create high-quality videos that resonate with your target audience.
HTML5 Banner Templates for Education and School

HTML5 Banner Templates for Education and School

If your goal is to create a banner for the Google Ads advertising network or upload it to your website, it's important to consider the HTML5 or AMPHTML format. However, with BannerBoo, you won't encounter any difficulties, even though these banners are developed in a specialized environment. We will guide you through the process of integrating images, text, and links with HTML and CSS3 code, and then adding them to your website using a special iframe tag. That's all you need to know! From there, simply select a template that offers all the necessary settings, customize it to align with your business objectives, and you'll have a ready-made design at your fingertips.


  • safe for advertising systems (do not have extraneous elements that interfere with performance);
  • adapted perfectly to mobile devices;
  • have a wide functionality of integration of graphic elements;
  • do not download the gadget;
  • transmit a clear and high-quality picture.
GIF educational banner ad templates

GIF educational banner ad templates

GIF banners that will effectively and humorously showcase your business, training programs, or online courses. Users of social networks actively use GIFs to communicate with friends and family, so they have a very positive attitude to this format in advertising integrations. By the way, every advertising network (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn or Twitter) allows you to place animated videos. All channels show high results of advertising coverage and interaction. BannerBoo's online GIF banner creator will help you easily and quickly create a banner from scratch or according to a template. And also — provides optimization options for adapting GIFs to the capabilities of any platform.
Education banner templates for social networks

Education banner templates for social networks

Any publications and posts for social networks are not a problem for BannerBoo. We've put together a whole collection of professional YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn channel cover designs. They adapt perfectly to the marketing strategy of the business, complement the content of the post, or become a part of an advertising campaign. Templates can be used as an inspiration tool to create a unique banner from scratch. We have created formats for all popular layout formats and sizes on social platforms.
Education and school banner design templates

Education and school banner design templates

Create educational banners using a huge library (over 12,000 options) of pre-designed templates and layouts created by a professional design team. Discover new formats of banner design and interaction with your audience, get inspired by creative and stylish ad ideas to create your banner ad that hits the mark! Creating a banner in minutes is not a problem if you work at BannerBoo. Just log in to get access to thousands of ideas on how to present your school or online course in the best possible way!
Free Education Banner Templates

Free Education Banner Templates

If your business is not present in the digital sphere, consider it non-existent. A significant number of people search for online education, make purchasing decisions, and choose schools based on Google search results or social media. It's crucial to stay vigilant, generate compelling content, and enhance it with eye-catching and innovative designs. Creating such banners for free using BannerBoo is an ideal solution for any business to test the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and find a style that suits their needs.
Stay on trend! Choose among the templates of BannerBoo online service hundreds of options of attractive educational banners for platforms of any specialization: children's courses and schools, yoga and sports, self-development and psychology, tutoring or university studies. We have hundreds of ideas for every business.

How to make an advertising banner for an educational project?

First of all: log in to the BannerBoo service!

And then:

  1. Choose a template from the business category you need to start creating your educational banner.
  2. Customize the design: add your logo and image (if necessary), choose a font and animation, check whether the ready-made animation option suits you.
  3. Save your banner: upload to an ad network or share it on social networks.

What is an educational banner?

This is an advertising layout used by the company to present its activities, demonstrate the benefits of the training process, and invite to training in an online or offline format.

Where to get college banner design templates?

Create your BannerBoo online banner designer account and get access to 12,000+ ready-made designs for the education industry.

What should an educational banner contain?

Check that your finished banner has the following information:
  1. Logo, name of the educational institution and its specialization.
  2. Basic information about the course and its features (advantages).
  3. Information about the teacher and the main organizational points of the classes.
  4. Contact information and registration link.

Don't worry if you missed something – you can quickly rectify the situation and maximize the effectiveness of your advertising.

Where to download educational banner design templates for free?

No more searching for templates! Choose a ready-made design from BannerBoo's professional team and create advertising banners for educational services in just a couple of clicks.

How do I create my own banner for my school?

Got a banner idea? We are ready to help make it a reality:
  1. Log in to the service, enter your personal profile and select "Create banner".
  2. Choose the required advertising format (horizontal banner / vertical template, story, video, square image).
  3. Consider visual elements: logo, color scheme, graphic elements, text, and content accents.
  4. Choose the necessary effects: animation, text blocks, and stickers. Write all the necessary text, choose the font and style.
  5. Add buttons and interactive elements.
  6. Save your video, mockup, or banner as a JPG, PNG, or Smooth GIF.
  7. You can also create a video clip: the algorithm is the same, you just need to save the file in MP4.
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