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Creative Management Platform BannerBoo — a system for effective management of creative processes

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Manage the processes of creation, development and publication of content with the help of the creative management platform (CMP) BannerBoo!

Does your business's creative team constantly work on generating content for social and advertising networks? Help it to be as efficient as possible and optimise the creative processes of advertising development and its publication on the relevant networks.

The BannerBoo platform will help to unleash the creative potential with a comprehensive set of tools for developing advertising creatives, a clear and simple scheme of interaction among team members, and a large library of templates, backgrounds, fonts and other graphic elements. Creating content and its publication has never been such a simple and thoughtful process!

What problems does the creative management platform solve?

How often does the advertising creation process in your brand's business processes turn into a long and complicated one? Initially, the marketer gives the task to the creative team to create advertising announcements, then the creative process takes place, then the marketer or business owner makes adjustments to the ready-made layouts, then they are all uploaded to advertising networks and start being shown to the target audience. Without proper management, this entire process can stretch out for weeks, and you need results here and now!

There is a solution: work on creating advertising announcements for social and advertising networks in real-time easily and simply!

The BannerBoo creative management platform helps to solve the following problems:
  • complete control of the creative process (from template solutions to unique designs);
  • communication between creative teams (in real time);
  • organisation and storage of files (all creatives are located in one place and stored in a cloud service);
  • distribution of roles and functions among members of the marketing team (each participant in the process has multi-level access to the necessary stage of work).
In a competitive and dynamic economic development environment, an optimised and efficient platform for creative management is more important than ever!
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Creative management platform BannerBoo

The service, created by professional designers, has all the necessary functionality for creating advertising creatives for teams:
  • a large library of templates of various materials (over 12,000 options for any business);
  • a collection of fonts, background images and graphic elements;
  • an intuitively understandable design creation process with animation and visual effects;
  • a well-thought-out scheme of communication between team members and work in cloud access;
  • a multi-level access system.
BannerBoo allows creative teams to work seamlessly and effectively, improves the design development processes and reduces the time needed to launch advertising campaigns.

Which teams should use CMP?

Creative teams
Creative teams
Creating a technical task, approving prototypes and advertising formats, leaving a comment under the created design - all this significantly simplifies and facilitates work. A well-thought-out process structure makes work easier both within the creative team and enables quick communication between departments and clients.
The creative management platform optimises a significant part of the production processes for studios and agencies. This allows the design creation process to be scaled, as there is no longer a need to work linearly: teams can develop advertising in parallel for several projects and track progress. It's convenient and efficient!
Marketing departments
Marketing departments
These departments work closely with creative departments and media colleagues. The creative management platform is the perfect format for interacting with specialists at different stages of content readiness, where adjustments and refinements can be made quickly and easily. Communication takes place in real time and helps to speed up the work.
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Functional capabilities of the BannerBoo creative management platform

  • 1
    Management of creative resources
    The service stores all materials in one place: easily upload, organise and manage all files. Besides, you can find your own templates and source files for working on the design.
  • 2
    Real-time work
    Every team member can work on several projects remotely at the same time. Additionally, all comments, feedback, and notes will be visible to all participants, which means the response time to them increases significantly.
  • 3
    Simplification of approval stages
    With the creative management platform, you will be able to set up any sequential or parallel processes when a confirmation from the project manager is needed. Just specify the corresponding roles according to the project participants and interested parties.

Main advantages of the BannerBoo creative management platform

Time saving and productivity increase
BannerBoo optimises creative workflows, automates routine tasks, eliminates the likelihood of errors, and saves the team's time on typical tasks.
Improvement of design quality
The platform allows you to work in real-time, receiving immediate feedback, and to work with the highest quality material and functionality.
Effective team collaboration
Thanks to constant communication, team projects reach a new level of interaction. Each participant clearly understands the task and can get a consultation, which is important.
Time saving and productivity increase
Improvement of design quality
Effective team collaboration
Optimise creative processes and set up effective teamwork!
BannerBoo is created by professionals who are ready to help you simplify and improve your work on creating advertisements.
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Frequently asked questions

What is a Creative Management Platform?

A creative management platform is a service that helps businesses create, optimise, and manage advertising campaigns for various advertising platforms and social networks.

What benefits do advertisers get from the Creative Management Platform?

If a business utilises a creative management platform, it automatically gains a step ahead of competitors, as it can more quickly and efficiently organise the creative process.

Also, it:
  • facilitates large-scale brand development;
  • achieves cost reduction in creative development;
  • improves the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;

Are creative management platforms designed only for media advertising?

Not at all. Creative management platforms can use design layouts for various digital channels, including websites, apps, social networks and digital outdoor advertising.

Who uses the creative management platform?

The creative management platform is often used by:
  • advertisers (PPC specialists);
  • marketers;
  • creative teams and agencies;
  • buyers and digital marketing media companies;
  • modern businesses that aim to optimise creative processes.
In general, these are all companies that have the task of quickly creating and optimising advertising creatives for various digital channels.

Can the Creative Management Platform be used with software products?

Yes, the platform can be used with software products such as Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) and other automated solutions.

Who benefits from a creative management platform?

The creative management platform is an ideal solution for businesses whose task is to constantly produce graphic content for their website, social networks, and advertising platforms.
Thanks to optimised workflows, the brand will receive:
  • unified functionality for creating advertising banners;
  • reduced development costs;
  • effective communication within the creative team.

How does it work?

The creative management platform combines tools that help create, edit and optimise advertising banners and announcements. The most common functionality includes:
  • generation of advertising creatives;
  • templates of advertising creatives;
  • a library of backgrounds, fonts, images, sounds and animation;
  • A/B testing;
  • integration with other tools.

What are the benefits of using a Creative Management Platform for advertisers?

The creative management platform provides opportunities for:
  • simplified work on creative processes;
  • personalisation and adherence to brand strategies;
  • saving money on paying the creative team;
  • improved effectiveness of advertising banners;
  • detailed analytics and tracking audience response.
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