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Create LinkedIn ads that convert sales

Every marketer and advertiser knows that advertising is a unique synergy of art and mathematical formulas. In LinkedIn, this combination is the most effective: creative announcements and high effectiveness of interaction with advertising materials.
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According to LinkedIn, you can reach over 850 million business professionals in the largest professional network in the world, which is the primary communication hub for people who make or influence decisions about company development across a multitude of industries.

Don't miss out! Promote your business using the professional network and effective LinkedIn ads, which can be easily and simply created with BannerBoo! Create static layouts and design video advertising for the social platform that will connect your brand with the necessary target audience. It's all very straightforward!

Create your own advertisement for LinkedIn
Take the fast track from the idea of an advertisement to its implementation with BannerBoo
Start right now and choose a template that fully meets your business needs.
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Create a LinkedIn video advertisement that will attract your ideal clients to your business.

LinkedIn has the most thought-out targeted marketing for the required audience. If the audience's key factors on other social networks are interests, LinkedIn provides extensive targeting opportunities: for specific companies, by size (staff) of business, subscription communities, positions and roles in company development, finances and income level, etc. This means that you need high-quality advertising of various formats with accurate messages to reach the target audience.

With all this, the main demographic group of LinkedIn is motivated professionals. This means that you need to make an effort to motivate them to pay attention and evaluate the advertising announcement. BannerBoo allows you to create advertising directly in the browser, without wasting either time or budget.

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Get results on a small budget - create advertisements on LinkedIn.

Get results on a small budget - create advertisements on LinkedIn.

Yes, undoubtedly, LinkedIn is more expensive (if comparing the price for impressions, clicks or potential clients) and requires larger budgets, but the quality and professionalism of the audience fully justify the additional resources. The advertising network recommends starting ad testing from $100 per day, and also has a minimum budget: $10 per day, and the minimum CPC/CPM - $2.

Professional advertising will allow you to optimise the price for the result and spend less. The more interaction an advertisement receives, the higher quality it will be for advertising algorithms, so it will be shown more often.

Develop LinkedIn advertising using just a few clicks.

Develop LinkedIn advertising using just a few clicks.

Creating an advertisement in BannerBoo couldn't be simpler! You don't need complex software for editing images and videos, especially if you don't want to delve into them. Any photo or video format can be transformed into an effective advertising layout with just a few clicks.

Use BannerBoo to create creative advertisements for LinkedIn in just a few minutes. By the way, we have created over 12,000 ready-made templates so you always have fresh ideas and new perspectives to attract the attention of potential clients.

Create advertising that prompts action

Create advertising that prompts action

The main thing: you absolutely do not need to be a designer to create advertising creatives for LinkedIn. For this, we at BannerBoo have created templates where you only need to change the text and your logo to make the advertisement unique and personalised. We have a huge library of templates for any type of advertising. Use our templates to create advertising content that looks like it was created by a whole team of professional designers (which in fact, it is).
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How to create a LinkedIn advertisement in just minutes with BannerBoo

Activate the desire of your target audience to get acquainted with your brand. Create an advert in just a few simple steps.
  • 1
    Select a template
    We have created over 12,000 ready-made advertising announcements, categorised by business sectors, and we offer you to choose the one that best suits your business tasks.
  • 2
    Adapt the design
    Transform the template into a unique design: add original images, the brand logo and the necessary text. You can also add animation and turn a static layout into an interactive and engaging one.
  • 3
    Change the sizes of the layouts
    Every advertising network has its own specifications. For example, in LinkedIn, square (100*100 or 1080 by 1080px) and rectangular (1200*600px) layouts are most suitable. Such a format will be adequately displayed in the advertising network.
  • 4
    Export your advertisement
    When the advertisement is ready - simply press the "Download" button and receive the finished file on your gadget. It can immediately be added to advertising networks to start working with advertising campaigns.
Try to create an advertisement using BannerBoo templates.
Browse through the ready-made design options to choose the most suitable for your tasks.
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The best way to interact on LinkedIn

It is known that LinkedIn users are not inclined to spend a lot of time surfing news of the social network. Free time is scarce, as they are all busy developing their careers and businesses. Therefore, you have to create an advert that will attract attention within the first few seconds.

Use high-quality photos and videos, add animated text to attract the attention of a potential consumer before they scroll down the feed.

Work with the visual component
Most people tend to react more to static images or interactive elements. For example, videos are often watched without any sound, so consider subtitles. Visuals are very important for any format: simple images or text, video advertising, GIF banners and so on.
Draw attention with your logo
Branding is very important. Add your logo to each manifestation of your company so that it is recognisable and effective visual associations are formed. Even when the advertisement or brand manifestation is encountered on other advertising channels.
Use a strong CTA
This is the golden rule of advertising on social networks. Including a CTA (call to action) is especially important in an advertisement. Make your CTA visible so it is as powerful as the rest of your creative image. Animated text is also welcome here. This effectively displays your CTA on the gadget screen.
Work with the visual component
Draw attention with your logo
Use a strong CTA

Tips for successful advertising campaigns

The key to effective advertising is detailed target marketing to the desired audience. However, to fully utilise advanced parameters, you need reliable and verified information about customer profiles.

Survey current and former clients

Always analyse in detail the positions, functions and roles in the company of existing clients, as LinkedIn uses this data for targeting. Carefully observe how they talk about their profession and the problems that led them to your company.

Review the CRM and sales data

It is important to identify key clients and those who have the highest spend. It's important to attract such or similar potential customers through advertising. Get full information about which products or services they buy and use most frequently.

Check client profiles on social networks

Social media profiles are a source of information about your clients. Find out what they are viewing and searching for on social platforms, which advertisements they respond to, in order to incorporate similar activities into your targeting.

Create a general LinkedIn advertising strategy

Before launching an advert, it's necessary to formulate a long-term advertising strategy on LinkedIn. Otherwise, it will be impossible to optimise and scale results. Create an overall plan for any activity and ensure that each advert aligns with the overall strategy and will lead to the desired results.

Maintain a constant presence of your company on LinkedIn. Among the active users of the platform (over 185 million), active users (those who log in daily) account for 16.2%, which is around 29.97 million people (according to Hootsuite).

Ideally, it's necessary to create several types of adverts and add video format to avoid boring the audience with the same advert over and over again. Worried about having to generate a large amount of content? With BannerBoo, it's easy and quick to create new layouts and videos in just a few minutes.

Video specifications

Video specifications

The specification for LinkedIn video ads differs somewhat from standard video content. What do you need to know?
  • duration: from 3 seconds to 30 minutes (but most effective clips are no more than 15 seconds);
  • orientation - horizontal (vertical format is not yet supported by the network);
  • file size: from 75 Kb to 200 Mb;
  • video format: MP4;
  • frame rate: less than 30 frames per second;
  • aspect ratio: 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p (1:1), also videos should have a minimum resolution of 600*600 and a maximum of 1080*1080;
  • audio: AAC or MPEG4, less than 64 kHz.
Important: if the video does not meet at least one of these standards, LinkedIn will not allow it to be uploaded. Also, video advertising is only available in the desktop version of LinkedIn, keep this in mind.
What else is important to know: additional information

What else is important to know: additional information

As with any advertising network, there is no single best format on LinkedIn that suits every audience. The chosen option must correspond to the key marketing needs and advertising budgets of a specific business or brand.

For example:
  • if the goal is to increase the number of registrations, then ads with templates and videos are suitable for announcements;
  • if you need to raise brand awareness or increase website traffic using informative articles, sponsored content is the best option;
  • for job announcements, the job ad format is the best fit;
  • if you have a limited budget, it's better to start with text ad format.
To choose the type of advertisement, it's important to know the purpose of the ad, the target audience, and the advertising budget. In addition to this, you need to understand the CTA that the target audience should perform.

Experience the power of BannerBoo

Apart from having the best support and professional tools for creating advertisements, there are several other advantages of the online builder:
12,000+ advertisement design templates

12,000+ advertisement design templates

Professional design, prepared by an experienced team of designers who have worked with various businesses. The templates are convenient and simple to use, have a well-thought-out structure, interactive elements and scripted texts.
Millions of free frames/images

Millions of free frames/images

Every user who registers for our service gains access to a wealth of stock images, which can be used when creating advertisements and videos. There are also options available to upload your own videos, photos and music.
Without watermark

Without watermark

The finished design is downloaded without watermarks and other graphic elements. Your advertisement will be creative and interactive, and nothing will distract attention from the key accents.
One-click animation

One-click animation

Creating animated files has never been so simple and convenient. Every element can be adjusted with literally one click, to achieve an effective and productive advertisement.
One-click background removal

One-click background removal

The BannerBoo toolkit is truly professional: animation, HTML environment, one-click background removal, and so on. You will be able to fully utilise the capabilities of our online service's graphic editor.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I place LinkedIn advertising?

Before launching your first campaign, you need to create a page on LinkedIn and a Campaign Manager account. Next, in the advertising account of Campaign Manager, you will be working on creating and launching effective advertisements.

Is a LinkedIn page needed to set up advertising campaigns?

Yes, definitely! Also, an account in Campaign Manager.

How to place an advertisement on LinkedIn?

To launch an advertisement, it is necessary to create a page on LinkedIn and a Campaign Manager account. The rest is simple:
  • select a goal (awareness, engagement or conversions);
  • specify targeting criteria;
  • choose the advertising format (sponsored, message, dynamic or text advertisement);
  • set the advertising budget;
  • analyse the results of your advertisement.

How much should I spend on LinkedIn advertising?

LinkedIn is significantly more expensive than other advertising systems. The advertising network recommends starting ad testing with $100 per day, and also has a minimum budget: $10 per day, and the minimum CPC/CPM bid is $2.

Is it worthwhile to run LinkedIn advertising?

Of course! You can run many types of ads and successful campaigns with a relatively small budget. LinkedIn has the perfect target audience for many small businesses and can be a great way to engage and attract potential customers with page posts.

How to create a LinkedIn advertisement for your business?

With BannerBoo, the process of creating advertisements will be simple and convenient:
  1. Log in to the BannerBoo service, go to your personal profile and click the "Create Banner" button.
  2. Select the required advertisement format (1200*600 or 1080*1080px).
  3. Think through the visual component of the image: choose an idea from the templates or create creatives from "scratch".
  4. Choose from a wide range of functionalities, effects, animations, text blocks, labels and stickers. Write all the necessary text, choose the font and style.
  5. Add a logo, buttons and interactive elements.
  6. Save the video, layout or banner in .jpeg, .png or Smooth GIF format.

How do I link my LinkedIn profile to an advertising account?

First, you need to create a Campaign Manager. Then, you need to configure it:
  • choose the name of the account, company page and currency;
  • LinkedIn will pull up the necessary information and pages available for linking;
  • if you need to change the company page, click the "Change" button;
  • after reviewing and updating the information, click "Agree and Create Account".

How much does it cost to extend a publication on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn recommends setting a minimum budget of $10 per day, and a minimum CPC/CPM bid of $2.

What is the difference between a campaign and a campaign group on LinkedIn?

The campaign has a single chosen goal, towards which the advertising algorithms will work, and the group of companies combines several diverse advertisement formats.

Is it possible to place advertisements on LinkedIn for free?

All advertising activities on LinkedIn are paid. That is, to launch an advertisement, you will definitely need an advertising budget. Without payment, you can post any publications on your personal page and in the company's business account.

How does LinkedIn Campaign Manager work?

Campaign Manager is an advertising platform on LinkedIn. After you create a free account, the platform will be responsible for each placement and setting up of advertising campaigns.

How can LinkedIn advertising develop my business?

According to Searchenginejournal, LinkedIn has over 706 million members in over 200 countries. And they can all interact with your brand. Platform users are usually:
  • educated, affluent and career-oriented;
  • focused on educational opportunities and networking, and also invest in their development;
  • leaders, influential personalities, decision-makers, buyers, managers.
So, one should not miss the opportunity to advertise their product or service to this audience.

How much time does it take to review a LinkedIn advertisement?

Moderators review advertisements to ensure they comply with advertising activity rules. LinkedIn aims to review advertisements within 24 hours, but it may take longer if there are a large number. To check the status of an advertisement in Campaign Manager, click on the campaign, select the advertisement tab and review the Status column.
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