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Draw attention to your products in the store on Allegro with Allegro Ads campaigns

Working on the Allegro platform? Create and run effective ads with visually stunning banners from BannerBoo to drive even more targeted audience traffic to your brand's own pages
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Create banners for Allegro Ads quickly and easily with BannerBoo's online generators

Capture the attention of customers from the first seconds on the Allegro platform!
Thanks to media advertising, businesses can:
  • reach a certain target group (display ads using the keywords that potential buyers are directly searching for);
  • strengthen the brand/store image (the more people visit your resource on the platform, the more interesting the advertising algorithms find it, meaning you will get higher delivery rates);
  • increase sales (conduct advertising and marketing campaigns to help increase the number of purchases and attract new customers).
Your advertising banner will be seen by thousands of visitors right on the main page of Allegro!

Allegro Ads: what is important to know?

This is a special product-placement on the Allegro platform. Payment depends on the number of user clicks on the advertisement, with each advertiser paying per click. The effectiveness of advertising on Allegro depends on:
  • proper placement of advertisements;
  • working on adjusting bids and budget;
  • the quality of graphic banners;
  • the relevancy of the offer and the quality of the business account.
The success of the campaign relies on the smallest details, so the imperfection of even one factor may lead to a low ROI indicator.

Before starting to advertise, it's essential to know:
  • what the advertisement will look like visually;
  • which products should be included in the product selections;
  • what size budget you are willing to spend;
  • what ROI is optimal for your business.
Allegro Ads media advertising is displayed based on the keywords and categories entered by the buyer. Each brand can set up the advertisement display for the needed keywords, and hide the advertisement from irrelevant queries.

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Graphic banners in Allegro Ads

At BannerBoo, we know all about creating effective graphics for advertising on the Allegro platform.
What kind of banners can be used?
Type 1. Announcement based on Allegro template solutions

Type 1. Announcement based on Allegro template solutions

This is a small template solution that displays a small text (35 characters) next to the logo. It is necessary to select from 2 to 15 proposals that will be presented in rotation (two announcements at a time).
Type 2. Own banners that display products

Type 2. Own banners that display products

This is, of course, a more efficient solution, as you can aesthetically and qualitatively showcase your products. Be sure to create two banners, adapted for displays on computers and on mobile devices.
No matter which advertising option you choose - at BannerBoo you will be able to find many template and unique solutions for promoting your products on the Allegro platform.
Design your first banner to advertise your products on Allegro!
Adapt ready-made BannerBoo templates to your needs or create a unique design from scratch - we have all the possibilities and the tools you need!
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Why BannerBoo?

Creating banners that effectively present a range of goods and services is the main task of the online graphic editor for businesses, BannerBoo.

The platform was developed taking into account all the necessary functionality for working with graphics and video:

Intuitively understandable interface
The drag and drop functionality is very simple and convenient: each block can be easily edited and moved to any place in the workspace.
Over 12,000 templates ready for publication
The BannerBoo designer team has created thousands of templates that are easy to edit and tailor to suit your business needs.
A wide selection of formats, sizes and technical features
In BannerBoo, you can create any banner format: choose the size you need and just start working on creating effective product advertising.
Access from any point in the world
We store the entire history of banner creation and provide access from any gadget, you just need to log into your account.
Opportunities for real-time collaboration with the team
Communicating with project designers, marketers, or copywriters has reached a new level, as it now takes only a few seconds and is kept in the revision history.
Intuitively understandable interface
A wide selection of formats, sizes and technical features
Access from any point in the world
Opportunities for real-time collaboration with the team
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How does everything work?

We have prepared a step-by-step instruction, but it is so easy and simple to work with us that we hope you won't need it!
  • 1
    Choose a template or start from scratch
    Choose one of the templates in your business category, or create your own unique design!
  • 2
    Adapt the banner to the needs of the advertising campaign.
    Simply by dragging the necessary elements, create unique content for your advertising announcement.
  • 3
    Check the elements and animation for different formats.
    Optimise the design to make it visually appealing and effectively work on various screen sizes and devices.
  • 4
    Save and download ready-made advertising layouts
    Simply click with your mouse to save the design in the desired format (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.) for advertising campaigns.
You can start working on advertising creatives in a new format right now!
Solve any marketing problem with BannerBoo!
We are constantly developing and offering our clients updates and refinements in accordance with the requirements and needs of the design services market.
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Frequently asked questions

What kind of banners for Allegro can be created in BannerBoo?

You can create any graphic advertisements for product promotion on the Allegro platform. We recommend uploading your own unique banners to increase brand recognition and form a positive image among potential buyers.

Does BannerBoo have templates?

We have a huge collection of ready-made designs for any business! You can easily customise each one, according to the brand's advertising strategy. And expect high efficiency and audience engagement in content.

Can you collaborate with your team on banner design?

Yes, of course!
You can create a single workspace for the entire team: working in real-time, inviting team members to review, making adjustments to banner designs and effective communication.

How many banners can be created?

There are several tariff plans, according to your needs. The free plan allows you to create up to 10 banners, and all paid tariffs have no limit on the number of finished materials (from $12 per month).

How can one view the finished design result?

During work, you will be able to view banners in real-time. Make sure they look correct and will work effectively on all platforms. Adapting for the mobile version of Allegro is a very important stage.

Is there a trial version?

Yes! Sign up to familiarize yourself with all the features and benefits, it's free. Then, choose a tariff plan that suits your needs.
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