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Exciting Insurance Banner Designs, Insurance Templates, Insurance Banners!

Stunning Insurance banners are a great way to boost your sales online and promote your services. Unlike ordinary advertising banners, our premium Insurance advertisement templates will help you promote your posts and services in a highly coveted real space, making it easier for customers to see and decide to buy.
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Design creative banners for insurance companies in BannerBoo for publication on websites and in social and advertising networks!

Life is too unpredictable! Health insurance services are mandatory for every person who is worried about their future. Hence, the high demand for these services. Therefore, every company operating in the insurance services market can find its niche, place under the sun and potential customers. The only condition is to have an active and well-thought-out marketing strategy that precisely meets the needs and tasks of future customers.

Create interactive banners for the presentation of insurance services to help people get quality health insurance and forget about the stress of visiting public or private clinics. Advertise your company and lines of business on the Internet to direct people to your site or social networks and motivate them to buy services.

We understand that creating an advertising banner is not an easy task. That is why we invented the BannerBoo online banner designer, where you can develop any advertising layout in just a few clicks! Create a banner about the insurance services your company provides using a huge library of pre-designed templates. A team of professional designers has accumulated experience working with clients from various industries to create effective template designs.

With BannerBoo, you can effortlessly select a pre-designed template for various services, such as car, life, and house insurance, to effectively persuade and motivate your audience to choose your brand.

BannerBoo insurance templates

Insurance Company Banner Templates

What kind of banners can you easily create with BannerBoo?

  • banners for the site and social networks (find an idea for any insurance situation: accidents, disasters, theft, car accidents, etc.);
  • business cards (which will provide all contact information and build trust among potential customers);
  • illustrations for sliders or blocks on the site (develop layouts in a single, special corporate style);
  • infographics about the company's performance (show your potential customers that you have the best rating on the market);
  • instructions and step-by-step algorithms (show schematically how easy and convenient it is to get insurance services from your company and convince them to choose you);
  • layouts for the demonstration of special offers and promotions for your customers;
  • covers for social networks (so that customers, finding the company on social networks, receive stable visual associations with the brand);
  • communication banners (design for survey layouts to create a trusting relationship with potential customers).

Each of the layouts must meet the objectives and marketing concept of the business, so it is easy and simple to adapt BannerBoo templates to the needs of your company.

Templates for Life Insurance Programs

Each insurance company has its own specialization and provides a wide range of services to clients. How can customers choose the right insurance? Which conditions are the most profitable for the family, and which ones are for travel? Tell all the information, show areas of activity, promotions and special purchase offers. Need to create an ad? No problem! Consider yourself fortunate to discover our collection of perfect ready-made templates, which offer easy customization options. You can make minimal changes such as replacing the logo, fonts, and color scheme, or go to the maximum extent by completely transforming the concept of the banner design and incorporating animated elements. Create your own life insurance banner design to attract thousands of new potential users to your ad or social media post.

Car insurance banner templates

If your specialty is the automotive business, then creating banners for advertising with BannerBoo will be a pleasant and creative task. Templates make it easy to create attractive insurance layouts in minutes. Working with a ready-made design is a special innovative tool for beginners, marketers and non-designers. Just choose one of the templates and personalize it with our advanced features. Each BannerBoo free banner comes with high-quality stock images, stickers, stylish fonts and interactive animations. And each user will be able to easily customize the design of banners and save them in the desired format.

Insurance Banner Ad Templates

Try creating banners in our intuitive BannerBoo editor and see for yourself how simple and convenient the process of designing ad layouts can be. Previous knowledge and experience in creating visual materials is not necessary at all because we have thought it all out for you. We have hundreds of free template ideas with editable text and images. Create an effective advertising campaign without hiring professional photographers or designers because we have already done it for you!

When the banner is ready, it will be saved automatically in your personal account. You can continue editing and working with the design at another time, or copy a ready-made template. And when you want to create your own special illustration for the site or social networks, you can use the "Create banner" option.

Design templates for insurance banners

Designing banners for advertising is the visual component that every potential customer sees when contacting your company. Every day, thousands of people are looking for information on how to buy insurance services for their family, comparing the offers of insurance market players.

We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words! Therefore, our projects already contain ideal options for stock photos. If they don't suit you, you can download your own version or choose something from the stock image library. Next, you need to add a slogan, texts, and information about the company. We know that running ads is far from a budget-friendly task, so save money at least on creating advertising banners. At BannerBoo, it's free.

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How to create an effective banner for an insurance company?

Why do some insurance companies actively sell services, while others do not? It's all about the effectiveness of communication with potential customers. How to create a banner that motivates you to become a client of an insurance company today? Here are some tips!

One banner – one accent

Yes, we understand that the activities of insurance companies are very diverse. We want to talk about all areas and help potential customers find out all the insurance options for their case. But the paradox is that the more information there is on the layout, the more unclear it is. Remember the rule: one banner – one accent. It is better to create several banners for each direction. And with BannerBoo it's also straightforward.

Use numbers and statistics

Speak the "language" of numbers and statistics. Provide reliable customer guarantees, detailed calculations and weighted averages. The insurance sector is highly dependent on the quality of the information provided. By the way, the numbers are perfectly displayed in the infographic, so try to use it.

Follow a discreet marketing strategy

The insurance sector is not a place for intrusive design, flashing elements and aggressive graphics. Don't try to become like a casino. Choose restrained colors, calm animation. This does not mean to be boring, not at all. It is possible to create a creative banner with a discreet theme, and we at BannerBoo know how!

Provide social guarantees

Harness the power of customer feedback and recommendations. In the insurance industry, the target audience often relies on recommendations from acquaintances or influential figures when making purchase decisions. Take advantage of this by crafting engaging banners that showcase recommendations and feedback. By doing so, you'll attract a wider audience and generate more leads.

Test various formats of interaction with the audience

Video or static layout? GIF or slider on the site? Try running different engagement formats to find the one that delivers the most results. Test different ads, change the presentation of materials, use creative approaches and opportunities to grow your business.

Create your ad now!

Try to create an effective advertisement now, focusing on our tips!
Use the BannerBoo designer to develop a stylish and modern design that will definitely be remembered.

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Types of banner templates in BannerBoo:

Choose a ready-made design for the demonstration of goods and services in the insurance sector.
Animated insurance banner templates

Animated insurance banner templates

Animated videos stand out favorably among other advertising banners. Do you still think that only a professional designer can animate a finished layout? We debunk myths and offer clients to work with various advertisements easily and simply. Create animations in BannerBoo! Consumers willingly and easily share creative content with friends, while organically expanding their audience and increasing their reach.
HTML5 Insurance Banner Templates

HTML5 Insurance Banner Templates

If you need to create a banner for the site, it is better to do it immediately in HTML5 or AMPHTML format. It's a custom format that combines high-quality stock images, texts, links, and custom code in an HTML and CSS3 environment. To place the finished banner design on the site, an iframe tag is required. Why is it a good idea to use HTML5 and AMPHTML business banners?
  • perfectly adapted to display on mobile devices;
  • optimally display pictures, animated objects, links, and the required text;
  • faster pass the moderation of advertising networks;
  • do not slow down page loading, which is critical for SEO;
  • have high standards of graphics display.
HTML5 and AMPHTML can be uploaded to any ad network, including Google Ads.
Insurance GIF Banner Templates

Insurance GIF Banner Templates

GIF and the insurance industry – real? Of course! GIF files (or gifs as they are called by users of social networks) are an international language of communication that is understood on any continent. Nowadays, there are almost no industries where GIFs are not used to engage with followers or potential customers. Social networks optimize and rank GIF impressions well, so you can count on a good reach. The popularity of this format is due to its relevance for users of social networks. We all come across thousands of GIF files in messengers every day, so why not integrate this effective format into your marketing strategy?
Insurance banner templates for social networks

Insurance banner templates for social networks

The BannerBoo banner generator has a whole library of professional designs for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn. They can be easily adapted to your business needs and achieve high performance results. Banners for insurance companies in social networks come in different formats: internal for marketing strategy and for external media advertising. Choose the appropriate template from the gallery created by the BannerBoo design community to grow your business.
Free Insurance Banner Templates

Free Insurance Banner Templates

Can effective banner templates be free? With BannerBoo – yes! Nowadays, every business needs to generate a huge amount of design: for the website, social networks, advertising activities, newsletters for the customer base, or communication strategy. Save time and money on cooperation with designers and create your own, unique banners to attract potential audience. Advertising banners will convey information about the company through visual images, tell about products and services, introduce promotional offers and sales that are potentially interesting to the audience.
Create a variety of banners with ready-made ad design templates from BannerBoo! Increase awareness of your insurance brand, or showcase a list of insurance services to potential customers. Be creative and original, stand out from the competition, and conduct effective marketing activities.

Frequently asked questions

How to make an advertising banner for insurance?

Begin work on the banner by defining a specific task that this advertising material will solve. This information sets the development vector, design options, helps to choose the appropriate template and color scheme.

Then it's even easier! Just log in to BannerBoo and then:

  • choose design ideas among 12,000+ ready-made templates, including for insurance companies;
  • specify the required format: animated banner, GIF, video, or story;
  • adapt the ready-made banner according to the needs of your business (set text, image, banner design, animation, etc.);
  • upload an advertising banner in the required format to advertising and social networks.

How to make an insurance banner for your agency?

Working at BannerBoo is a pleasure. We have selected professional banner templates for our users, and also optimized all technical points. You only need to:
  1. Log in and select the "Create banner" option.
  2. Find your perfect online banner for insurance products.
  3. Adapt the ready-made design to marketing tasks: replace the background image, icons, stock photos (just drag and drop the required elements).
  4. Save the insurance banner for placement in social or advertising networks.

What is an insurance banner?

An insurance banner is a special combination of images, text and graphic elements that draw attention to your brand. Banners can have different formats: animation, GIF, story, video, which demonstrate insurance products and their terms of use in a simple and accessible form.

Where to get templates for advertising insurance services?

You can easily use 12 000+ banners that are available to every BannerBoo user. Design knowledge is not required.

What should the insurance banner contain?

We recommend placing the following information on the banner:
  • company name and logo;
  • links to the site and business pages of social networks;
  • high-quality images, video files, and design elements;
  • thoughtful advertising text;
  • CTA (for example, the "Choose an insurance program" button).

How to develop insurance banners?

There are only 3 steps to creating an advertising banner design:
  1. choose a design from the available ones and go to the editor to start working with the banner;
  2. edit the layout and customize it according to your contact information (site link, presentation, phone number, etc.);
  3. save the banner to your profile and download the finished design in JPG, PDF or PNG format.
That's all! A banner for an insurance company is ready in just 10 minutes.

Where to download insurance banner design templates for free?

BannerBoo has a free plan that is fully sufficient for creating effective banners for business and online design.
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