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Top 5 tips that will help you create an effective banner for an online store

How to make your e-commerce banner ad deliver the highest results?

Only high-quality and professional images

No one will trust sites with blurry or low-quality images. Professional and high-quality images in an e-commerce store can instill trust and confidence in your audience, which will encourage them to click the "Add to Cart" button.

Use effective sizes

Not all standard banner sizes are equally effective. Always use the following formats:
  • banners 300 250 pixels have 40% of all ad impressions;
  • banners 728×90 pixels — 25% of total impressions;
  • banners 160×600 pixels make up 12%;
  • 320×50px banners, mobile ads, yield 12% of impressions.

Use contrasting, bright colors

Don't be afraid to step out of the box and be creative! If you want to catch the eye of potential customers, consider using bold, vibrant colors. It's important to strike a balance and avoid going overboard, but at the same time, you don't want your ad to blend in with the surrounding content on the page. Make sure it stands out and grabs attention!

Maintain graphics balance

There are three main elements that should be harmoniously placed on the banner:
  • logo (it must be clearly visible in the ad);
  • special offer (discount, promotion or product as a gift);
  • a call to action (a button or text that motivates viewers to convert).

Use dynamic banners

Dynamic e-commerce banner ads are more effective than a simple image or text. But keep the balance: the animation should not distract from the main emphasis of the advertising campaign.

Always remember the rules:

  • animation should be simple;
  • duration – no more than 10 seconds;
  • use a powerful call to action.
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What banners can be created in BannerBoo?

It doesn't matter — whether you are promoting products on your own site, or if you want to place ads on third-party resources or social networks, BannerBoo templates will easily cope with any task!
Animated e-commerce banner templates

Animated e-commerce banner templates

BannerBoo's eCommerce templates are both elegant and original, thanks to the expertise of our team of marketing and design professionals. Best of all, they're completely free to edit! Unlike complicated programs like Photoshop, our service is intuitive and user-friendly. Simply choose a banner template and add the necessary elements, text, and images to customize it according to your marketing objectives. With BannerBoo's extensive features and detailed instructions, creating the perfect banner is a breeze.
HTML5 eCommerce Templates

HTML5 eCommerce Templates

HTML5's banners are simply necessary to promote e-commerce projects. They are created for ideal transfer of mobile image format, animation. They contain software code and are developed in a special HTML environment. HTML5 is considered to be the most secure for any ad networks, so it passes moderation faster and has no problems playing in different OS or browsers. By the way, it's easy! BannerBoo did everything for you — created banners, programmed code and selected animations. All that remains is to replace the company name!
E-commerce promotional GIF banner templates

E-commerce promotional GIF banner templates

GIF posts have been popular for decades. During the entire existence of the format, tens of thousands of files have been created that are used by users all over the world. Audiences respond positively to creative advertising integrations with GIF files. So choose BannerBoo's GIF templates for thoughtful ad integrations. By the way, it's free! We did everything for you: created the idea, selected the background and images, added animation and thought out the graphic elements. Don't neglect to get the most out of interactive GIFs.
Social Media Ecommerce Banner Templates

Social Media Ecommerce Banner Templates

Social media is no longer just a separate platform, but also a full-fledged tool for implementing a marketing strategy, building loyal relationships with potential customers, and developing your business. With BannerBoo, your online store can create attractive banners that complement your useful posts, product ads, or product cards on Amazon and Etsy. A good image has been proven to have higher engagement rates than plain text, so choose from our templates and create a vivid SMM strategy.
Free eCommerce Banner Templates

Free eCommerce Banner Templates

Every e-commerce banner is the result of a large team effort, involving careful planning and design to ensure it can be adapted to suit the needs of any business. At BannerBoo, we value our customers and that's why our templates are completely free! Our advertising layouts can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business development. Please keep in mind, if you're juggling multiple tasks related to running an online store, you can save both time and money by using the BannerBoo online service.

How to create a commercial advertising banner?

A professional banner has never been easier!
  1. Click on the template you like to start editing it.
  2. Change colors, text, photos, backgrounds and add your company logo.
  3. Save the banner, then you can make changes when needed.
  4. Download the highest quality banner ad to share on social media or on your website.

How do I create an e-commerce banner for my online store?

If you have an idea to create a banner ad for your e-commerce business.

Keep a step-by-step process:

Step 1. Determine the goal (opening a new line of business soon or selling products? What should this banner be about).

Step 2. Prepare the content (choose an image or video, write the text).

Step 3. Start designing (choose the size of the banner and start implementing the idea using BannerBoo tools).

Step 4.Create and think about the animation (check how it works: it is not too active or fluid, does the animation match the character of the brand).

Step 5.Upload your banner design (any format you want).

What is an e-commerce banner?

It is a graphic layout in any format (GIF, image and text, video, story, HTML5, etc.) that communicates with the target audience and provides a detailed offer (informational, product, financial, etc.).

Where to get e-commerce and retail banner design templates?

All creative banner templates are now in one place — in the BannerBoo library! You don't need to spend time searching for ideas and implementing them, it's enough just to choose a design and adapt it to business needs.

What should an e-commerce banner contain?

Check if your banner ad has:
  1. Company logo, name and slogan.
  2. Professional design in brand book colors.
  3. Contact data (website, phone, links to social networks).
  4. CTA is a call to action: "Buy", "Order", "Submit an application", etc.

How to design e-commerce banners?

E-commerce banners are easy to design in 3 simple steps:
  1. Choose a banner idea for your e-commerce ad (what will you talk about in the ad: product, services, service, company, etc.).
  2. Choose the banner format and ad design style (GIF, HTML5, static layout, video or full-screen story).
  3. Log in to the BannerBoo service and choose one of the 12 000+ templates that best suits your marketing needs.

Where to download advertising banner design templates for free?

Use the BannerBoo service for free! Choose the appropriate tariff plan and create banners and advertisements for your company based on templates in just a couple of clicks.

How to create a special shopping banner for my online store?

You need to choose products to advertise. Think about which format is better to present products: one banner — one image, or create a carousel (gallery)?

Then follow the algorithm:

  1. Log in to the service and select the "Create banner" option.
  2. Choose your ad format: square, story, horizontal or vertical banner, etc.
  3. Consider design options and text for the banner.
  4. Choose the desired animation, text blocks, stickers.
  5. Write all the necessary text, choose the font and style.
  6. Add your logo, buttons and interactive elements.
  7. Save your layout or banner as a .jpeg, .png or Smooth GIF format.
  8. You can also create a video clip: the algorithm is the same, you just need to save the file in MP4.

How to create a banner for your e-commerce site?

You need HTML5 or AMPHTML banner format. We at BannerBoo created variants of ready-made designs, programmed the code and animation. Then you only need to replace the texts and images to start using the banner.
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