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Cosmetics Banner Ads and Elegant Design Templates

Our high-quality cosmetics advertising banner templates can be used to promote new cosmetics collections, online stores, or limited-time specials. Graphics displayed on banners truly stand out online. It causes consumers to take note, engage, and share.
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Tips for creating effective banners for the cosmetics industry

Don't know where to start? You are definitely not alone with this problem. Start with advice from experienced marketers on what an effective banner should look like in the beauty industry.

Emotions are the main thing

Every purchase of cosmetics is not just about cosmetics. This is the feeling of oneself and the quality of one's life. Emotions should be in every frame of the video, in every graphic element. Bright images, stylish sounds, memorable music. All this creates lasting associations with the brand.

High-quality images

Utilize high-resolution photos and videos. To ensure each frame is as captivating as possible, it's important to use only high-quality source material. And, of course, these should be your own creations. Using other people's works is considered inappropriate in the beauty salon concept!

Content accents

Write short paragraphs, use headings and subheadings, display bulleted lists. Choose a font that is easy to read. Then the publication or advertisement will definitely attract the attention of potential buyers.

Video works better than text

Every beauty image works better than the description. It is better to see the result once than to read about it a hundred times in publications. Pay attention to template video formats right away to save time and resources for brand development.

Convincing CTA

What action do you expect your audience to take after viewing your content? Place an order, go to the site, write a message, leave a comment, etc.? Just write about it!

Engage readers in dialogue

Create content that you not only want to share, but also engage with through comments and interactions. For the beauty industry, social guarantees are the most important: the number of subscribers, reviews, comments under posts in social networks, clarifying questions to which customers receive answers, etc.

A single visual concept

To begin with, create a single visual concept for any contact with your brand: use single elements of design, logo, corporate style. All publications and visual materials should correspond to the given vector of the company's development.

Appeal to facts and research

If your cosmetic products have a guaranteed result – provide information for users. Communicate in the language of numbers about efficiency, effectiveness and lessons learned. This is the only way you will gain the trust of the target audience.

Use animation and graphic elements

Every graphic element is important. But do not load the space – provide the opportunity to see the simplest and lightest illustrations on the banner. Where you can add animation – add it! Customers will have another point of attraction.

Generate ideas for new formats and interactions

Constantly look for new formats and ways of presenting information that will help reveal the advantages of your cosmetic brand, talk about services, company, and show the product in action.
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What banners can be created with BannerBoo?

Choose the banner format that best suits your brand's marketing goals.
Animated cosmetic banner templates

Animated cosmetic banner templates

Animated banners are a great way to communicate with your potential audience. Use BannerBoo's professional animated templates to create eye-catching content that you'll want to send to a friend or bookmark for later viewing. You can create a banner based on a template, or you can come up with your own unique one. Either way, BannerBoo will make this process simple and easy! Thanks to animation, you can easily and quickly tell all the necessary information, place more images than on a static layout and create an interesting story.
Cosmetics and Beauty HTML5 Banner Templates

Cosmetics and Beauty HTML5 Banner Templates

HTML5's banners combine images, animations and code that make them easy and convenient to display on mobile devices. They are developed in a special HTML environment, which has a guarantee of security in advertising networks. Working at BannerBoo is easy! Choose a ready-made banner, enter all the necessary information and update the logo – and that's it, the HTML5 banner is ready for download. You will be able to place banners in Google Ads or any other social network: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon and many others.
GIF templates of cosmetics advertising banners

GIF templates of cosmetics advertising banners

GIF banners are stylish and easy to understand. Users of social networks are constantly exposed to GIF files in messengers, so they positively perceive such a creative approach in advertising integrations. Create a GIF for free with BannerBoo! Such layouts are very versatile (suitable for placement in any advertising networks), clear and interesting (evoke emotions and engage in communication) and do not overload the gadget during viewing. By the way, BannerBoo also has a function for optimizing ready-made files.
Social banner templates for cosmetic brands

Social banner templates for cosmetic brands

If you actively conduct SMM activity on pages on social networks (and cosmetic brands simply have no other option), you need to constantly generate many banners for posts. BannerBoo's social media post templates will help! Design an attractive and cool banner in minutes: go to the library and choose the design that fully corresponds to the business task. No design experience? No problem! We've created an environment where anyone can unleash their creativity and become a creator, regardless of their design background.
Cosmetics beauty industry banner template design

Cosmetics beauty industry banner template design

Do you have an idea for an advertising banner? We will help you create a unique ad based on the BannerBoo design template for the cosmetics industry. Find the most suitable banner from the “Cosmetics industry” category and adapt it to your business needs.

Why are banners necessary for the cosmetics industry?

  • can show the product in action, emphasize the benefits;
  • interesting for the audience and engaging in communication;
  • universal: suitable for stories, publications, Reels;
  • increase the level of awareness of the brand, form loyalty;
  • help reach more viewers from a key segment.

In general, a banner is much more interesting than a simple photo or image!

Free cosmetic banner templates

Free cosmetic banner templates

Do you think that creating advertising banners is expensive? We are ready to refute this stereotype! You don't have to pay anything to start creating banners with BannerBoo. Just log in to the service and get access to 12,000+ ready-made templates designed by a team of designers for marketers and business owners in the beauty industry. Each template can be easily and simply adapted to the needs of any company. We have created a creative environment where anyone can become a creator, even someone who has never designed banners in his life. Always remember: the finished design must correspond to the marketing strategy of your brand.

How to make a cosmetic advertising banner?

Everything is simple:

First, choose the topic of the banner : about the product, about services, about the brand, about the experience of interaction, about a special offer. In a word, what will you talk about in advertising.
Secondly, choose the format of the cosmetics advertising banner : GIF or static layout? Video or story? File size is critical, so should you develop HTML5?
Third, log in to BannerBoo and choose one of 12,000+ templates to bring your idea to life. It can be an image and text, a special offer banner template, a video clip or an animation – the choice is yours!

How to make a cosmetic banner for your store?

Everything is simple with BannerBoo:
  1. Log in to your personal account and select the "Create banner” option.
  2. Choose a template from the ones available in the library (pay attention to the format, size and filling).
  3. Enter all the required information (logo, text, font, contact information).
  4. Test the animation and add any graphics (if needed).
  5. Download the banner in the desired format to your device.

What is a cosmetic banner?

A banner in any format (GIF, static layout, video, story, HTML5, etc.) that has all the necessary information to introduce the brand to the potential audience. It can be placed on any resource: social or advertising networks, websites or information pages.

What should a cosmetic banner contain?

Check if all the following elements are present in the banner:
  1. Logo and the right color scheme (that matches the corporate style)
  2. Detailed description of the special offer and all information about the business (product, service)
  3. Contact details, so the customer can make a purchase
  4. Active CTA – what exactly should the viewer do (buy, sign up, learn more, etc.)
  5. High-quality photos and videos, easy-to-read font
  6. The banner looks correct in the mobile version and does it not overload the site).

To maximize the effectiveness of your banner, it's crucial to promptly correct any errors found in even the smallest details.

How do I create my own banner for my cosmetics store?

Creating an advertising banner from scratch in BannerBoo has a clear sequence:
  1. Log in to the service, log in to your personal profile and click the "Create banner” button.
  2. Choose the required advertising format (horizontal banner, story, square).
  3. Think over the visual component of the banner: what should be placed there, what text and what accents.
  4. Choose the necessary among a wide range of effects, animations, text blocks, stickers. Write all the necessary text, choose the font and style.
  5. Add logo, buttons and interactive elements.
  6. Save your video, mockup, or banner as a JPG, PNG, or Smooth GIF.
  7. You can also create a video clip: the algorithm is the same, you just need to save the file in MP4.

Where to get banner templates for advertising cosmetics and makeup?

You no longer need to spend time searching for ideas and implementing them!

Choose templates from professional designers of the BannerBoo service and create a ready-made design for advertising cosmetics and makeup in a couple of clicks.

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