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Creating video ads for Instagram has never been easier

Would you like to tell millions of people about your brand?

Social networks are an ideal option for this task. Moreover, 72% of Instagram users would like to learn about a business's products or services through a video. Perfect combo, right?

Choose BannerBoo to create a video! It is an online banner and video ad builder with simple and intuitive functionality, a full set of necessary tools and a large collection of templates!
We are sure that you already have an Instagram business account where useful posts, relevant information and engaging followers are published every day.

Actively developing this channel is a priority task, because according to research, more than 90% of users (that's about one billion) follow businesses and view more than 500 million stories every day.

It is video advertising that increases the rate of customer engagement with the content of business accounts.
Creating a video is not an easy task.

But video content must be constantly developed so that in the conditions of dynamically growing competition, your brand can effectively stand out against the background of other companies, create additional emotional connections and please you with high coverage of advertising campaigns!
Besides, why not create some interesting videos for your business, when BannerBoo provides all the tools you need, which are easy to use in just a couple of clicks?

To start using the BannerBoo online banner designer, simply create an account.

Try creating a video in BannerBoo and see how easy it is!
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Make video ads for Instagram
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BannerBoo is a simple and convenient service for creating creative videos for Instagram that will definitely be remembered by the target audience!

The functionality of the service allows both beginners and amateur creators or marketing experts to create exciting videos in a matter of minutes. With thoughtful tools and a variety of Instagram ad templates, you don't need additional video editing knowledge or expensive equipment.

The world is developing too dynamically, so speed in creating advertisements is of crucial importance for business. Join thousands of service customers who create unique creative content online with a professional approach and advanced design capabilities at BannerBoo.

Advantages of video advertising
on Instagram

The advertising platform Instagram has one of the largest audiences on the planet (about 1.39 billion users). According to research, 84% of people say that a brand video convinced them to buy a product or service.

Due to its high efficiency and low cost, Instagram is considered the most affordable advertising network for any type of business. That is why ordinary static advertising no longer brings high performance here.

The era of video content has arrived, and it is important for companies to be on trend.

Why video advertising so effective?

Helps generate leads

Helps generate leads

Video ads on social media platforms are clearly more visible than static text or photos. Choose templates and create creative stories about a product that you want to buy and try yourself.
Tells your brand story

Tells your brand story

Short and interesting video clips help the audience create emotional connections with the brand. If you make full use of the BannerBoo toolkit, it is easy and simple to create both a slideshow and an animated advertisement.
Creates an interesting format of interaction

Creates an interesting format of interaction

Video advertising works for your business without breaks or weekends, 24/7. Instructions for use, description of product categories, video product catalog — all these formats are available for creation by your brand.
Demonstrates the brand's professional approach to advertising

Demonstrates the brand's professional approach to advertising

What do potential consumers think when they see the video? It is correct that the company thought out communication in a convenient and creative way. Focus on creating professional videos that inform and inspire.
Use BannerBoo
to create video ads on Instagram
A few minutes for preparation — and the advertisement is ready
before uploading to Instagram Ads!
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How to increase efficiency Instagram ads?

Change quickly according to market demands

Change quickly according to market demands

Video is a marketing tactic that must be developed with the brand. Often, creating a video takes a lot of resources, because you need to find software and a video maker.

It happens that there is neither time nor budget for this. Video templates help you save time and resources — browse thousands of ready-made videos and choose the one that best fits the mood or theme of the ad.
Attract the right audience

Attract the right audience

Advertising platforms help you choose the audience most likely to be interested in your video.

It would seem, what more could you want? But it is necessary to make sure that the message of your brand is understandable to every representative of the target audience.

Think and tell about it in the video: what problems does the product or service solve that motivates the purchase? The more personalization in the video, the higher the engagement rate will be.
Adjust video ads according to brand goals

Adjust video ads according to brand goals

Effective business advertising is the one that increases memorability.

Create lasting visual associations with the company in the minds of potential consumers — use your colors, fonts and company logo in video advertising.

Whether it's Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Instagram, BannerBoo makes it easy to create and share branded videos that consumers will remember for a long time.
End the video with a call to action

End the video with a call to action

Don't expect users to figure out what to do next after watching a video.

You need to be sure to let them know: what actions are you waiting for, how to get more information, do they need to save the video and forward it to their friends? As they say, brevity is the sister of talent, so add literally a few words: "Learn more" or "Buy now."
Create a video for Instagram
Join the thousands of businesses using BannerBoo to create creative ads and videos.
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Instagram Video Ads — Create an ad in 4 simple steps

You no longer need experience in video production. Create and share Instagram video ads that turn leads into customers.
  • 1
    Choose a template
    Check out BannerBoo's gallery and choose an Instagram video template that you can easily adapt to your purpose and your brand. Or choose only the size you want (1080*1080px for feed and 1920*1080px for stories) and start creating from scratch.
  • 2
    Customize your video
    Easily adapt video ad templates to the right task: upload your own videos, brand elements, text messages, customize video transitions and video effects. Check the operation of the animation, set its duration, style, effects that emphasize the main points of the video.
  • 3
    Create multiple sizes
    Create any video format, such as Instagram video ads or Instagram Reels Ads, and post the same creative content to any post. You will be helped by the resizing function, which instantly adjusts the template dimensions.
  • 4
    Export videos for ad networks
    Upload your video ad in one of the available formats (MP4 is recommended) and launch your Instagram ad campaign to start engaging with your audience. BannerBoo online service supports the maximum number of advertising formats.

Try it for free create a banner in BannerBoo

Online banner creation service for social media platforms BannerBoo demonstrates a simple and thoughtful process for creating and editing video ads
A single visual concept
Choose your ad style and match it with your brand aesthetic. All uploaded files are stored in the service, so it will be easy to use them in your future videos
Effective ad templates
It's equally easy to start making a video from a template or from scratch. The size of the video format for advertising on Instagram meets all the necessary specifications of a video ad placed on the platform
Inexpensive but effective functionality
The service was created for marketers and designers who work with videos for brands. From a free trial to a professional environment, all formats are available
Create a video banner
for Instagram
Quickly and easily adapt ready-made templates to your advertising campaign!

Sign up now with BannerBoo's online banner maker and create your own unique brand story
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Practical advice to creating videos for Instagram

With BannerBoo, it doesn't matter whether you're starting from scratch or using one of the ready-made Instagram video ad templates. All the tools are convenient and simple, so you don't need any experience to get great results.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your advertising:

Find eye-catching illustrations

Users will see videos when scrolling through their news feed. The video sequence must be attractive and interesting so that the customer stops and pays attention in the first couple of seconds. To do this, use your own videos or photos, or choose them from the extensive library of the service, with the possibility of editing and adaptation to your brand.

Use animated text

It's worth remembering: by default, audio on Instagram is turned off. Most viewers don't turn on the sound when watching an ad, so they need to convey information visually and through text. Use dies, overlays and subtitles, choose attractive colors and fonts, animate their appearance with BannerBoo to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Choose the correct aspect ratio

The Instagram advertising platform is about aesthetics, visual presentation and correct forms. It is not important what exactly will be in the video, it is necessary to focus on the correctness of the format and its presentation. For video ads in the news feed, the recommended ratio is 4:5, and for vertical Instagram Story formats — 9:16.

Talk about the brand and for the brand

The main goal of advertising is to sell, so start your video by focusing on the most common problem that your product or service can solve. Next, when an emotional connection is established with a potential client, you can begin to show the advantages of the brand and motivate cooperation with your company.

Use active calls to action

In addition to allowing a potential customer to order, buy or download, a call to action (CTA) encourages interaction with the content: leaving comments, sharing with friends, saving posts. Add value to your video that drives interest or inspires a call to action. Even if the client did not buy at the first interaction, but left a comment under the advertisement, it will be much easier and cheaper to interact with him in the future!

Post at the right time

The right time of publication will help to increase the chances of success of the video. Get insights to determine when your audience is on the Instagram platform. Publishing content at the "right time" guarantees an increase in engagement rates, building interest in the brand and inspires further engagement.

Use hashtags

It is worth adding hashtags to every publication, including advertising ones. Hashtags increase the chances that your IG ad will be seen by the right audience who are not yet subscribed to your business account, but are interested in a similar topic. We recommend choosing the most accurate hashtags, you don't need to use all available ones. A specific hashtag should reflect a very specific query.

Frequently asked questions

How to make a promotional video on Instagram?

BannerBoo will help you create any type of Instagram ad in minutes. Choose a video from our collection or upload your own, customize your messages and texts, add music, logo — the promotional video is ready! Upload it to the Instagram ad network.

What is the best Instagram video editor?

Of course, BannerBoo! This is a convenient and simple online banner and video ad builder with intuitive functionality, a full set of necessary tools and a large collection of templates! To use the service, simply create an account. Try creating a video for free and see how easy it is!

How to make animated ads on Instagram?

Everything is very simple!

Follow these steps in BannerBoo:
  1. Choose a video ad template (4,000+ templates available that can be easily adapted to any business).
  2. Customize the video (add your own image, brand elements, text messages, add animation, set its duration, style, effects that emphasize the main points of the video).
  3. Adapt videos for different advertising formats (news feed, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels Ads).
  4. Export videos for ad networks

How long can promotional videos be on Instagram?

Video ads for Instagram can last from 15 (Instagram Stories) to 60 seconds (Reels, news feed). Using BannerBoo, you can create ads of any length, perfect for posting on Instagram.

Are video ads on Instagram effective?

Instagram has over a billion users! Of course, advertising on the platform is a great way to attract the attention of many potential customers. Instagram emphasizes the importance of visual content, and the platform has become a great place for brands that want to tell compelling visual stories and stand out among thousands of posts.

What format should Instagram videos be?

Instagram uses several different video formats:
  • square (for the news feed and the "Recommendations" tab)
  • vertical video (full format files for Stories).
With BannerBoo, you can automatically edit your video and choose the right size and format for any type of video ad.

How to make a good and effective video advertisement?

Effective and well-thought-out advertising distinguishes a company from its competitors.

How to create a good video?
  • use high-quality images and video footage
  • try not to add too many elements so as not to overwhelm the creative
  • add a minimum of text and required information
  • make sure the captions match the visuals
  • use keywords and hashtags.
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  • One of the best banner creation softwares
    The interface is simple and intuitive, the website is created so that everyone should feel comfortable using it.

    BannerBoo allows you to create interesting and creative banners.

    There's a big library of ready-made templates that you can quickly edit and adjust to your needs.
  • HTML5 with no code needed
    I use BannerBoo to create beautiful banners (designed by templates, not me) and make them HTML5 (by the app, no t me) so I can send them as email marketing.
  • Now I create HTML5 banners of all sizes so fast, sooo fast with zero design skills!
    It's been fantastic so far; their customer support team is very helpful, fast, and responsive. The tool and UI are continuously improving.
  • Impressive templates
    It's easy to use, has really simple design, and they are animated. What could be better than that? Create animated ads for marketing campaigns quickly, and you get a great deal of animated templates for your money. Customer Support is also good. Roadmap also looks promising.
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