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Easily create different effective banner formats for Digital Out-of-Home advertising campaigns

Do you want to find new ways to interactively promote your business? Pay attention to external DOOH advertising formats in BannerBoo! Advertising on digital screens is a new way to attract the attention of the target audience
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Digital outdoor advertising (DOOH): how to create it?

Looking for a way to promote your business interactively? Pay attention to outdoor DOOH advertising. Digital screens exist in the real world, separate from gadgets and social networks, so outdoor advertising is a new way to capture the attention of many consumers.

Outdoor advertising (OOH) shows high interaction results for brands and companies. And the digital component gives the advertising channel almost superpowers: to be where the audience often spends their time, to show relevant ads, and to process interaction metrics in real-time. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) mainly operates on OOH through AdTech - geofencing, tracking, retargeting, personalisation, attribution, and measurement.

Looking to create an effective ad for outdoor advertising? You're in the right place! Introducing the professional team at BannerBoo, who have developed a simple and convenient service for creating any design. What's more, they've created 12,000+ ready-made HD templates that can easily be adapted to business needs and launched into DOOH digital advertising networks.

Power of DOOH

To fully understand the power of DOOH, analyse the following statistical data (information from

  • 98% of consumers saw at least one DOOH format in the last 30 days;

  • 84% of consumers recall the specific advertisement they saw on DOOH;

  • 55% of the Gen-Z generation stated that they remembered an advertisement, while older generations (millennials – 46%, boomers – 26%) have a lower level of recall.

And now, onto the advantages of the DOOH advertising format:

Profitability, dynamism and flexibility

On digital displays, you can alternate the display of advertisements, within one place or banner, which optimises revenue for the owner of the media unit and helps marketers save costs on creating advertising materials. One media block is viewed by several audiences at the same time, so the business gets a multiplier effect of views.

Synergy of offline activity with online component

DOOH can take any form. For example, kiosks with advertising displays are installed on the sides of roads. These are not just connected to the internet, they also serve as free public Wi-Fi access points. There are more opportunities to connect DOOH to mobile devices, naturally, with dynamic display.

More accurate indicators and measurements

Most DOOH platforms provide analytics on advertising performance by: target, location of the ad display, playback time for each ad, total costs, etc. If compared to a traditional billboard, DOOH provides more details and information.

Using high-quality multimedia

Create a powerful combination of local advertising and impulsive purchasing behaviour. High-quality imagery, thoughtful messaging, swift and unobtrusive communication with advertising in a convenient location. With DOOH, you create something more than just advertising. It's a real story.

High return on investment

In digital, there are far more possibilities (than in traditional formats), which, combined with low development costs and the potential for high efficiency indicators, turns DOOH into a desirable advertising channel for most businesses. This leads to significantly higher return on investment (ROI).

Resistance to the impact of the surrounding environment

All modern digital displays are weather-resistant, and advertising can be played all year round. Of course, screens can suffer from vandalism, but built-in security cameras and alarms will help solve this problem.
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How to create DOOH advertising

With BannerBoo, you can easily create advertising that will stand out amongst competitors and will definitely be noticed by the target audience. However, first, a few factors need to be taken into account: audience representatives, content, and campaign creation purpose.

What should be considered in creating DOOH advertising?

Advice from the BannerBoo team:
Technical specifications

Technical specifications

The media buyer will provide you with the necessary information to consider when creating visual creativity. This way, the advertising will be placed and framed as effectively as possible.
Balance of contrast and colour

Balance of contrast and colour

To keep people's attention on advertising, use only optimal colours and colour schemes. But do not forget: contrast is needed for visibility and emphasis.
KISS method

KISS method

Keep it simple: we take the basic structure of the content (title, subtitle, and call to action) and limit the word count to 8 - that's it! The effective advertisement is ready to launch.
Typography rules

Typography rules

Certain fonts translate poorly into digital formats (for example, italics), especially if it's too thin.
Clear call to action (CTA)

Clear call to action (CTA)

URL addresses, hashtags or messages like "visit our shop" – these are good calls to action, but only if they are understandable to potential customers. Experiment with CTAs.


Only own or licensed, without watermarks or pixel graphics.
Context and relevance matter.

Context and relevance matter.

The advertisement should fit into the real surrounding world. Consider these factors when planning your advertising display: time of day, traffic, location, and weather can enhance audience engagement with the advertisement.


QR codes, augmented or virtual reality, can undoubtedly enhance the level of user interaction. Remember, DOOH is a different environment, so take advantage of this technology!

Find the perfect digital billboard design for your campaign.

Choose advertising templates created by a professional team of designers for your business.
A quick way to launch an advertising campaign

A quick way to launch an advertising campaign

No more wasting time writing specs, creating references, and establishing communication with designers. Simply choose from 12,000+ ready-made templates and adapt them to fit your needs. The editor has extensive capabilities for adjusting texts, fonts and colours.
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A wide selection of designs created by our team of experts

A wide selection of designs created by our team of experts

Choose the most suitable one from a range of creative templates for digital advertising boards, created by the team of professional designers at BannerBoo. Thanks to proven techniques and years of experience, the advertisement will certainly immediately attract attention and stand out among competitors.
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Ready-made templates for your campaign

Ready-made templates for your campaign

No need to spend more time on design creation! Ready-made BannerBoo templates will help to create a creative HD advertising announcement in just a few minutes and a few clicks. Quickly and easily place a digital advertising billboard that fully meets the technical specifications and fits the marketing strategy for business development.
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Examples of digital DOOH advertising

Get inspired by examples of digital advertising to create your unique design for brand promotion. Be where your target audience is: bus stops, shopping and office centres, stations, airports, shops and any other spaces.
Examples of digital DOOH advertising
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Simplify your ad creation process with BannerBoo banner maker.

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Ready-made templates that will help showcase your creativity and attract attention to your company.

We have created 30+ categories of templates for various businesses, adapted them to the needs and requests of industries, and suggest using them for each business in their marketing activities. By the way, it's free!
Turn Off The Water — We'll Turn On Our Expertise
Equality Is A Choise Choose It — Women's Day
Targeting Online — 50% Off On The First Month
Thanksgiving Party 23.11 Thursday — Thanksgiving Day
Plumbing Services — We Work 24/7
Let's Celebrate Love — Get Up To 50% Off
Happy Easter — Up To 20% Off
Zombie party
Business Consulting — Grow Your Business
Real People Remarkable Care — 20% Off Jan - Feb
Easter Spirit Of Love And Sharing — Easter
Blockchain Is The Public Ledger Of Bitcoin — Need More Information?
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Developed specifically for the DOOH advertising network.

BannerBoo templates are designed for successful interaction with all types of DOOH displays, so you can be confident that your advertising campaign will look perfect on any placement locations!
Easy to use
Easy to use
Convenient, simple, intuitively understandable. All changes happen literally in one click. You can download the template for free, saving resources and advertising budgets for business.
High-quality and professional images
High-quality and professional images
We have created an entire collection of stock images that you may need when developing an advertising campaign. High quality, professional design, effective texts and well-thought-out animation - all this is in BannerBoo templates.
Fast and easy downloading on the network
Fast and easy downloading on the network
You only need to register once and that's it: a convenient online constructor of various banners is always at your fingertips. You will need a little experience and creating advertising campaigns will take no more than 10-15 minutes, and the result will definitely impress the target audience.
Verified templates, developed by design experts
Verified templates, developed by design experts
Each of the free advertising templates is created by professional designers at BannerBoo. We have accumulated experience in successfully developing thousands of advertising campaigns for our clients and have chosen only effective combinations.
Unique and exclusive design for your brand
Unique and exclusive design for your brand
Each template can be transformed into a unique and personalised advertisement. Add exclusivity (we'll tell you how) and turn a ready-made template into an effective advertising tool. BannerBoo has a full set of tools for this.
Without a license, forever
Without a license, forever
Every finished design that you create from templates stays in your personal profile and you can use it as long as you want. No licenses or payments. Forever.
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Create an effective DOOH advertisement in 4 simple steps

  • 1
    Choose a template
    At BannerBoo, we have created over 12,000 ready-made advertising announcements, distributed across various business industries, so that you can choose the perfect design for your marketing task.
  • 2
    Adapt the design
    We have a full set of tools to transform a template into an effective unique advertisement. Add custom images, brand logo, necessary text, animation, and transform a static layout into an interactive and captivating one.
  • 3
    Change the sizes
    Every DOOH advertising network has its own specification. You can frame, crop or scale the final design to the required size. The advertisement is stored in a personal profile and is accessible at any time.
  • 4
    Export your announcement
    The ready-made design can be easily downloaded onto your gadget for transfer to an advertising network, or for upload to a software file. You can choose any necessary format that best suits your marketing strategy.

Flexible and vertical creative templates

Vertical formats are considered to be one of the most demanding for design creation. It is necessary to play around with the not quite "right" advertising area, place a particular image format and think through the text so that it can be read from any point. This is a star-marked task.

However, not for the BannerBoo team which has prepared 12,000+ ready-made templates across more than 30 business industry categories. Choose your format and personalise the ready-made design in a matter of minutes.

Take Your Adventure — To New Heights
Wear Clothes That Matter — Fashion Sales
Discover The World In Your Mobile Phone — Book Your Tickets On Your Smartphone
Swimsuit Collection 2035 — Clothes Store
Valentine's Sale — Up To 40% Off
GRL PWR Party — 8 Mar - 10 Pm
Share The Love Share The Magic — Christmas
Your Pet , Your Love — 30% Discount
Happy Cat Vet — Veterinary Clinic
The Next Place To Call Home — Real Estate
Halloween — Eat, Drink And Be Alarming
Feel The Pain ? — Live A Pain-Free Life
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Frequently asked questions about DOOH advertising

What is digital outdoor advertising?

DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) is a combination of offline advertising (OOH) with digital capabilities. These are digital screens for broadcasting content in lifts, airports, train stations, shopping centres, on the street and so on.

Which outdoor advertising is the most effective?

There is no definitive answer to the question: which advertising format is the most effective. As always, it depends on the target audience, their needs and expectations, advertising opportunities and marketing budgets. You need to test and analyse the results to obtain relevant data on effectiveness.

What makes DOOH advertising successful?

Effective advertising is that which meets the needs and demands of the target audience. Also, the placement is critically important, as it is worth displaying advertising where there is good traffic of potential customers.
Also check for the presence of:
  • visual brand identity (logo, brand colours, graphic elements etc);
  • clear proposition (what and to whom you are offering, how to use it, what you need to know);
  • stylish and modern graphic elements;
  • interactive features and animation.

What is the difference between outdoor and digital advertising?

Outdoor advertising includes more static advertising tools: posters, billboards, city lights, and so on. Digital advertising involves multimedia screens that broadcast real-time advertising announcements from brands.

What is Programmatic DOOH?

Programmatic DOOH is an advertising technology that automates the purchasing process at the right time and place among companies offering placement.

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