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Do you need to make an animated GIF online quickly? It’s a piece of cake with BannerBoo Banner Maker!

Create simple, quick, and easy GIF banners with high conversion. In the online ad builder with 7,000 templates, you will definitely find the one that suits you. Try now and make sure!
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One GIF — 6 channels of traffic!

Learn what an animated GIF banner is and read about other useful features in our blog!
Banner ads
Banner ads
A clear task is a clear result. Make an animated GIF banner according to all the canons of Google AdWords and Facebook and get 95% of requests due to cool GIF banners!
Web applications
Web applications
Smart, animated GIFs with a sophisticated logic are your way to recognition and new leads. Smaller GIFs size and more individuality for both beginners and professionals!
More attractive, more dynamic, more efficient — just add an animated GIF with the desired text and get maximum conversion from each letter!
Company website
Company website
Attract new visitors and keep existing ones due to the proper design of the website head, buttons, and covers with extraordinary animated GIF banners!
Goodbye irrelevancy, and welcome native ads! Entertain readers and increase loyalty at the same time due to animations in the community topics, posts, or messages!
Social networks
Social networks
Show benefits of a product or explain difficult things clearly in just one GIF banner, like L’Oréal Paris, General Electric, and Starbucks have already done!

How to make animated GIF banners with effects in BannerBoo?

1. General settings

Choose sizes, effects, and duration of an animated GIF banner. You can choose all parameters related to advertising banners in our ad maker.

2. Desired effects

Want a logo, fascinating text, buttons, or diagrams? We will make any wish come true!

3. More creativity

See the result, fantasize, and improve. Save your templates and work with them at any convenient time!

4. Collect thousands of impressions!

Download an animated GIF banner online in any convenient format, implement it easily in advertising campaigns, and enjoy the result!
Your gif with BannerBoo –
it’s a BOOmbastic result in 10 minutes!
Look through templates

Forget about photo stocks and photo editors!

Not a designer? No problem! It's easy to create when all the opportunities are in one place: inspiring high resolution images, icons, clip-arts. All in one click!

There is no limit to perfection

Return to your saved banners and make new ones in the same style and concepts for individual tasks as well!

Amazing choice of ideas

More than 7,000 templates have already been gathered for you. They will help or give you an idea of a creative way of making a GIF banner right at the moment.

Professional animated advertising templates

Choose a template or create your own banner from scratch
in our easy-to-use banner builder.
Black friday — sale -50% for all products!
Trust Us With Your Life — 20% Off On Health Insurance
Dreams Live Here — Real Estate
Want that trend?
Invest In A Brighter Future For Women — Women's Day 8 March
Every Product Is Special — E-Commerce
Enchanting Brilliance Absolute Perfection — Jewelry
Halloween sale — 50%
Hunter Knives — 30% Off
More Animated Templates
Did you know?
According to PromoDo, the average return on customers who come to your site due to banner advertising is $65.90! Investing in the development of GIF animations with the BannerBoo banner maker can bring a real solvent audience!
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I want to know more about why and how to make an animated gif banner!

What is BannerBoo?

BannerBoo is a startup service developed by a team of leading designers who are for the simplicity and accessibility of the magnificent without programming. Having gathered the real experience, ideas, and practices of the best creators, we have implemented them in an easy and clear online banner ad maker.

How is a GIF banner different from HTML5?

Here we tell about banner formats, what their differences are, and which one to choose depending on the tasks of a display advertisement!

What is the size of a GIF banner for Facebook?

In BannerBoo, you can make an animated GIF banner of any size. For Facebook, the optimal size is 1,200 × 628 pixels.

What is a GIF banner size for Instagram?

In BannerBoo, you can make a GIF animation of any size. For Instagram, the optimal size is 1080 × 1920 pixels. But make sure that the website allows you to place banners that are both square and rectangular. Decide on the orientation of the animation in advance.

What is a GIF banner size for emailing?

In BannerBoo, you can make an animated GIF banner of any size. The size of the animated banner for emails depends on the recipient's email service and mailing tools. The optimal size in width is up to 300 pixels, as such a banner will be viewable even on mobile. The weight of the image should be no more than 300 KB.

What banner format should be used for a website?

In BannerBoo, you can make a GIF animation of any size. The size of the banner for a website depends on the tasks: for the head, buttons, product covers, etc. Depending on the requirements of the platform on which the website is hosted, you determine the size of an animated GIF for specific tasks.

How do I make an animated GIF?

Follow a simple registration process in BannerBoo so that we can save your GIF banner on our cloud. Then just follow step by step thanks to an intuitive interface and make animated images in minutes.

What are the benefits of the BannerBoo paid plan?

With a paid tariff, you get more than 1 million images, clip-arts, effects, and advanced settings for pro advertising campaigns. This will allow you to develop expensive and prestigious advertising campaigns for all channels in a very short time.

How do I save and export a finished banner?

After making an animated GIF, click "Save" and then "Publish.” At any time, a GIF animation can be downloaded to your computer, or you can create a link for preview through the "Publish" dropdown.

How do I optimize a GIF animation?

Optimization methods depend on many factors: placement platforms, advertising tasks, initial format requirements. Read the full instructions and advice of experienced designers in our useful material.

Where can I find my saved animations?

After saving your GIF banner, all personal animations will be available in the "My Folders" - "My Banners" section. They are stored on the BannerBoo cloud without taking up space on your computer.
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