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Unleash the potential of Facebook advertising with the professional Facebook Ads Maker from the BannerBoo team!
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Take the effectiveness of your advertising creatives to a whole new level! Create personalised and unique adverts for potential customers and attract more and more attention to your brand. Think more advertising means more time for the creative process? We'll persuade you otherwise! With Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo, you will be able to easily and simply generate advertising announcements and upload them to the advertising system with just a few clicks.

Facebook Ads Maker has an important goal – to give your brand a competitive edge in the world of digital advertising. The process of creating advertisements will no longer be resource-intensive and complex task, because our team has created a thoughtful software solution that optimises creative processes and provides extensive opportunities for creativity.

In any case, whether you are an experienced marketer with a rich design experience, or a newcomer to the world of creativity, Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo will allow you to easily create effective ads with a high conversion rate.

12,000+ templates from professional designers for advertising your brand

Don't know where to start? No problem!
The team of professional designers at BannerBoo has created over 12,000 ready-made templates, so you can adapt them to the marketing needs of your brand. Each ad template is presented in various formats, making it easy to edit for any Facebook advertising purposes.
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Check how Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo can optimise creative processes and ensure effective ad generation.
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Advantages of Facebook Ads Maker for business


Saving time and resources

No need to install complex software or work with third-party designers on outsourcing anymore. We at BannerBoo have created an intuitively understandable platform for creating any advertising announcements in the required formats. Spend a minimum of resources on technical nuances and more time on business development.

Thoughtful design and templates

Engage the attention of potential clients, standing out among competitors and market peers. Professional designers with many years of experience have created a library of ready-made files so that every business can select a relevant and appropriate option. Surprise your audience with quality graphics, effective text and interactive animation, which motivate them to perform the conversion action.

Personification and meeting needs

Your advertisement will now accurately match the requests of specific segments of the target audience. This means that the quality of advertising announcements and the engagement rate in Facebook Ads will positively affect conversion rates, and you will be highly valued as an advertiser. Now, each layout can be created in multiple versions, thereby conveying a value proposition for each representative of the target audience.

Tracking and optimising results

Manage advertising campaigns through analytics tools. Analyse key indicators: click-through rate, conversions, and content engagement in real time. This will help you understand which design works and which does not, thereby allowing you to make data-based decisions and continuously improve the effectiveness of advertising.

Full integration with Facebook Ads

All processes are fully automated. No more manual uploads to the advertising network, publish ads directly in Facebook Ads Manager. This saves time and resources of the creative team, ensuring quick ad display settings.
Dozens of companies that have already automated the process of creating advertisements and achieving high results in advertising activities use the Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo.

Opportunities and functionality of Facebook Ads Maker in advertising creation

We have combined extensive functionality and a convenient interface to make creating advertising layouts even easier.
Intuitively understandable platform interface

Intuitively understandable platform interface

At BannerBoo, even those with minimal design experience can easily work. No technical skills or design experience is required. Simply drag the necessary elements into the workspace to start creating a Facebook advertisement.
Large library of templates and images

Large library of templates and images

The image collection contains only high-quality and professional materials that can be used without restrictions. All designs are categorised by business, so you can choose the necessary one or get inspired by an idea. Simply select an ad template that matches your advertising goals, customise it according to your brand strategy, and launch your ad with a few clicks.
Editing parameters and functionality

Editing parameters and functionality

Every announcement should correspond to the brand's visual image or complement it. You will be able to work separately with each element of the advertising announcement to make it as thoughtful and focused as possible. Text, images, colours, fonts, graphic elements, etc. - are edited, so they can convey the brand's message more accurately and quality.
Easy management of creative processes

Easy management of creative processes

Upload any graphic objects and brand elements into your workspace, so you always have access to them. Additionally, you will be able to easily distribute the finished advertisement design to everyone on the team to get approval or comments. There are available export options in various formats required by advertising networks.
You will be able to easily create numerous advertising announcements and save team resources for scaling advertising activities. Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo optimises workflow and eliminates the need to switch between programs and individual tools.
Creative processes have never been as simple as with Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo.
We have created a convenient and intuitively understandable platform for developing advertising design in a matter of minutes.
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How does Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo work?

  • 1
    Choose a template or start designing from scratch.
    With BannerBoo you can create any type of advertisement on Facebook:
    • graphic and static designs;
    • video ads for the feed or Reels for stories;
    • a carousel or slideshow of images;
    • full-format Instant Experience and so on.
    To get started, choose a template or set the dimensions of your future banner. The most popular format for Facebook is 1080*1080px for the feed and 1920*1080px for stories.
  • 2
    Develop a design
    Easily adapt templates or new banners for the required task: upload your own photos and successful videos, brand elements, text, set up animation and effects. Check the interactivity of the finished banner, test the synchronisation of animation, style, effects that emphasise the main accents of the key message.
  • 3
    Create various formats
    A single design can be represented in all Facebook placements, so adapt your ready-made ad to the required placement locations. The resize feature, which instantly adjusts the necessary template sizes, will help you.
  • 4
    Export the design for advertising networks
    Upload the advertisement in the required format (for Facebook png, jpeg, tif, or gif are better) and start the advertising campaign to begin interacting with your audience.

Why BannerBoo?

Created by a professional team of designers

Created by a professional team of designers

The BannerBoo team has been working with clients from various businesses for many years, therefore all the knowledge has been embodied in the thoughtful functionality of the online service Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo. A clear interface, full functionality and professional advertisement templates for creating unique and thoughtful advertising campaigns.
12,000+ templates for various businesses

12,000+ templates for various businesses

We guarantee that finding a new theme and idea for a banner will no longer be a problem. With BannerBoo, you will gain access to a huge gallery of images and templates. We have thought through all the technical features in advance so that your team can spend minimal time and ensure maximum efficiency.
Collection of free stock images

Collection of free stock images

All users of the service have access to thousands of high-quality stock photos, successful videos and vector images. All you need to do is register with BannerBoo! We have carefully selected materials that will be universal for any business industry. From there - it's all up to your imagination.
Convenient and intuitively understandable interface

Convenient and intuitively understandable interface

We have created a convenient drag-and-drop functionality for the required elements onto the workspace, so that even a non-designer can easily work with the service. No longer do you need to download software and read large user manuals to create a Facebook ad design. With BannerBoo, all you need is a stable internet connection: everything works smoothly and correctly in any browser.
You can also create sets of brand elements: colours, fonts and graphic objects of your brand. They will be available in your personal profile and ready for use at any time.
Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo - an indispensable assistant in the process of constant content generation
Broad functionality, quality output materials, ease of management and work in the environment allow to develop the design of advertising announcements in just a few minutes.
Create a design in BannerBoo

Frequent questions

How to create an advertising layout on Facebook?

You have the opportunity to use special software for design development or use Facebook Ads Maker BannerBoo, which is created by professional designers for non-designers. The action algorithm is simple:
  1. log into your personal account;
  2. choose a template or start the design from scratch;
  3. add the necessary elements, texts, animations and graphic objects;
  4. check the display in real time;
  5. resize to fit the necessary formats and placements;
  6. download the design in the chosen format for distribution in advertising and social networks.

Which images to use for advertising on Facebook?

For Facebook ads, it is necessary to use only high-quality images that attract attention and convey the valuable proposition of your brand. It's important for ads to be clear, visually captivating, and meet the advertising network's requirements.

Can I create an advertisement on Facebook for free?

No, advertising opportunities are paid. However, you can use the Facebook platform to post on your brand's page, thereby generating interest in your product or service from your audience.

How to create your own advertisement?

Use Facebook Ads Manager to launch advertising campaigns on Facebook. There you can choose the advertising goal, target audience, budget and creative elements (images, text and call-to-action buttons).

What are the types of advertising on Facebook?

The following types of Facebook ads are distinguished:
  • graphic ads;
  • video advertising;
  • carousel of images;
  • slide show;
  • collections of advertising ads;
  • Instant Experience (formerly – Canvas);
  • promotion of events;
  • dynamic product ads or catalogue proposals.

What are the most common types of advertising on Facebook?

Marketers highlight:
  • graphic ads (also called static);
  • video advertising (this also includes slideshow capabilities);
  • carousel layouts;
  • ad collections (including Facebook store catalogue offers).

Can I create my own advertisement on Facebook?

Yes, you can create your own advertisement on Facebook using Facebook Ads Manager. You have full control over the ad creation process, including choosing the ad format, defining highlights and characteristics, adapting to branding requirements, and adjusting other creative elements according to goals.

How to create good advertising?

To create effective advertising announcements, it is necessary to:
  • clearly define advertising goals and target audience;
  • choose strong visual effects that match the style and character of the brand;
  • highlight the unique advantages of the product or service;
  • choose a clear call to action that motivates the viewer to the desired action;
  • test different versions of the announcement to optimise effectiveness;
  • constantly analyse the effectiveness of launched advertising to make corrections in the development of subsequent advertising announcements.

How much does advertising on FB cost?

The cost of advertising on Facebook depends on many factors, among which are: the purpose of the advertisement, the size of the target audience, the level of competition and the chosen bid setting model (CPC or CPM).

Is advertising on Facebook free?

No, advertising on Facebook is not free. Advertising on Facebook operates under a model where brands have to allocate a budget for conducting their advertising campaigns.

Is advertising on Facebook profitable?

Facebook provides powerful targeting parameters, allowing brands to cover specific segments of the target audience with relevant advertisements. Of course, the success and profitability of advertising on Facebook depends directly on:
  • the quality of the advertisement;
  • the accuracy of targeting;
  • the quality of the target page;
  • the direction of the overall marketing strategy.
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