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Jewelry Banner Ads and Elegant Design Templates

Our high-quality jewelry advertising banner templates can be used to promote new jewelry collections, online stores. Graphics displayed on banners truly stand out online. It causes consumers to take note, engage, and share.
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Design creative banners to advertise your jewelry brand with BannerBoo's online editor!

Do you work with the manufacture or sale of jewelry? We believe that you have hit the jackpot because this is a visually aesthetic industry that just magically attracts the attention of potential buyers. Agree, time flies imperceptibly when you are looking at incredibly beautiful jewelry and planning your next purchase. 

Is it worth reminding that every coin has two sides? The task of each jewelry brand is to generate a huge number of advertising banners that would attract even more attention of consumers and motivate them to buy this jewelry. Many brands have entire creative teams working on their profiles. Therefore, your jewelry company needs to constantly find various interesting integrations, banner formats, activities to be interesting and modern.

Whether your jewelry offerings are simple or extravagant, BannerBoo provides an extensive library of ready-to-use templates to enhance your marketing efforts. These templates will add an extra sparkle to each of your pieces, giving them a fresh and captivating visual presentation! Attract new customers, place a banner on social networks and advertising channels, send by e-mail or newsletter in messengers. Show off the beauty and sophistication of your brand's jewelry.

BannerBoo jewelry templates

Templates of jewelry banners

Think that creating banners is a resource-intensive process? So it is. You need to find an idea, adapt it to a specific advertising task, go through the long process of developing a banner and finally publish it. Therefore, creating one banner can take hours, or even weeks! You can speed up this process, or even minimize it completely, by using one of the high-quality templates created by BannerBoo's designers.

Log in to the online banner creation service and explore various design options that have common features – emphasis, tenderness, elegance and compliance with the tasks of the jewelry industry. Choose the jewelry template you like best and adapt it to your brand by simply dragging and dropping graphic elements in the editor.

By the way, in the jewelry business, the photo is critical. High-quality author's subject photos of jewelry are a mandatory element and the most important aspect of banner design. If they are not there, immediately search for a suitable option in our stock image library. Every use of such images in BannerBoo is legal, so you will have no problem placing the finished design on ad networks.

Jewelry Collection Banner Templates

The presentation of jewelry collections is a creative task where you need to create a visual presentation, choose a style and express the emotions that should be associated with this collection. This will allow you to create a complete and harmonious impression of the entire collection, at the same time, each piece of jewelry will look stylish and original, even individually. Banner design templates perfectly solve this problem. BannerBoo's huge library of designs will help you optimize the creation and scaling of advertising layouts for at least several collections at the same time. You can also customize the banner with video and audio files, original illustrations and design elements: shapes, stickers, animations, etc. All that remains is to export the finished design and run the ad.

Jewelry banner design templates

BannerBoo will be your jewelry banner design expert. It doesn't matter whether you have design experience or not, you can easily and simply create template ads. Hone your craft, explore professionally designed templates to find the perfect one for your jewelry brand. Or – create a unique, personalized advertising layout from scratch and use all your design skills and abilities.

You can create:

  • unique style for each banner;
  • a collection or slide show of photos, videos, stock images;
  • a unique logo, sticker, or personalized font;
  • a video clip with animation that will show all the advantages of jewelry.

Duplicate designs and resize them to fit a variety of ad networks. With BannerBoo, it's free and easy to create, save and share your designs in minutes.

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5 tips for creating banners for jewelry companies

We have accumulated the experience of 1000+ customers to create effective banners for jewelry brands that will help businesses grow and expand their target audience.

Bright visual images and emotions

Of course, if you analyze the jewelry industry in detail, you can come to the conclusion that jewelry is not just precious metal. This is the emotion, sophistication and state that a person gets from owning a piece of jewelry. Therefore, take a detailed analysis of the emotions your audience desires, allowing you to strategically focus your marketing efforts on those specific emotions within your banner. Status or quality? The style of the new collection or its character? Following trends or uniqueness and extraordinaryness? What sets your jewelry apart from thousands of others? Give answers in design.

Thoughtful and concise text

In addition to the banner, the texts are also important. Provide information in a clear and structured manner so that the client immediately understands the essence of your advertising offer. In the title, show the key emphasis, in the main text – provide comprehensive information and contacts. Of course, the text should properly complement the visual presentation.

Engage readers in dialogue

Inquire: Does the audience resonate with this particular piece of jewelry or collection? This serves as a natural catalyst for growing your social media presence. Foster a thriving community of followers who engage with your brand, indicative of their trust and desire to include your jewelry in their personal collections.

Show the jewelry in reality

Each piece of jewelry complements a person's natural beauty. Show how the bracelet looks on the wrist, and the necklace wraps around the neck, how the earrings emphasize the glow of the skin, and the ring – the elegance of the hands. Again, it's all about the emotions and states that a potential buyer will get after purchasing jewelry from your collection.

Create new ad formats

Develop your brand constantly and look for new ad formats that would show your collection even better. Always analyze how potential customers interact with different types of advertising: watch a video, forward a GIF or save an animated banner. Don't stop and don't become predictable.

Create your ad now!

Try to create an effective advertisement now, focusing on our tips!
Use the BannerBoo designer to develop a stylish and modern design that will definitely be remembered.

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BannerBoo Template Formats

Your jewelry is ready to be advertised, so why not choose the perfect banner format for it? BannerBoo has a collection of professional templates that are sure to grab the attention of potential customers and motivate them to buy. Customize them by adding your logo, brand colors or personalized images.
Animated jewelry banner templates

Animated jewelry banner templates

Thoughtful animated aesthetic templates help you create high-engagement ads. Of course, consumers are more receptive to interactive elements than to simple text or images. Want to create an animated banner based on a template? With BannerBoo, you can find more than 12 000+ options that can be easily and simply adapted to the needs of various businesses. We've thought through every element of animation, so you can focus only on the creative process.
HTML5 jewelry banner templates

HTML5 jewelry banner templates

A significant number of individuals refrain from creating HTML5 banners due to perceived technical complexity. However, HTML5 banners offer a notable advantage - seamless display on mobile devices and in mobile site versions. They eliminate issues such as lagging, remain compatible with various advertising networks, and uphold image quality without compromise. In fact, HTML5 is a special format for developing banners, but we at BannerBoo have completely thought out all the technical components, so all you have to do is supplement it with visual elements. Choose the design that suits you best, customize it according to your business needs in a few clicks.
GIF advertising banner templates for jewelry

GIF advertising banner templates for jewelry

If you're still not using GIF banners in your ads, you need to fix it right away. We remind you that gifs are an international language of communication that is understood on any social network. That is why the audience is very loyal to such files in advertising. Create an animated GIF banner for your post, give motivation to share this file with friends and use in everyday life. We have thought through everything for you and prepared the most effective inspiring designs, which only remains to be adapted to your brand: replace the logo, photo or image and provide contact information.
Jewelry Social Media Banner Templates

Jewelry Social Media Banner Templates

You 100% have a strategy for the development of accounts in social networks! Complement it with creative and original banners that capture the consumer's attention and motivate them to get to know the brand better. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a design for your social media, an Etsy shop banner, a digital ad, or a pop-up for your website, BannerBoo has the tools and aesthetic templates you need to create truly amazingly effective designs. Explore the template library and choose the best option to adapt it to your marketing needs!
Free Jewelry Banner Templates

Free Jewelry Banner Templates

Think free can't be quality? We destroy stereotypes! The BannerBoo team has created an online service that helps designers and non-designers (marketers, managers and business owners) create creative advertising layouts for the needs of their company or brand. Just register and get access to thousands of images, hundreds of icons, personalized fonts and other graphic elements to make the whole design look more stylish and modern. It is easy for every user of the online designer to create, save and share their banners in a matter of minutes.
Choose the path of creativity and sophistication! Create ads that inspire people to buy jewelry from your brand's collections. With BannerBoo, it's easy: choose one of the many elegant banner designs and let your decorations become the dream of every member of your target audience.

Frequently asked questions

How to make an advertising banner for jewelry?

With BannerBoo, all you need to create a layout is an idea and 10-15 minutes of your time:
  1. Find an ad banner template in the library that best conveys the full meaning of your idea.
  2. Adapt it to your brand: replace the logo, texts and font, then – a template image with your own photo (or choose a stock version), check the animation.
  3. Add individuality to the banner: make accents, think of a special style, choose a color scheme.
  4. Format the size for any social networks or sites.
  5. Save and share your design.

How to make a jewelry banner for your clothing store?

Adding jewelry to your clothing store's assortment? A great solution because often even ordinary cloth becomes trendy with the right accessories.

Tell your audience about your new jewelry collection, create a banner based on BannerBoo design templates:

  1. Log in via mail and click "Create banner".
  2. Choose one of 12,000+ templates for different businesses (we recommend checking the Jewelry Template category in particular).
  3. Start editing: change logo, photos and images, texts, color scheme, adjust animations and visuals.
  4. Upload the banner to any social networks or website in the required format.

What is a jewelry banner?

This is a graphic layout (image, GIF or video) that is published on social networks, on the website or on third-party resources and aims to introduce the audience to the product, company, brand, promotion, or special offer.

Where to get jewelry banner design templates?

BannerBoo has a whole collection of 12 000+ ready-made banner designs for different businesses.

What should a jewelry banner include?

To be an effective advertising tool, the finished banner should contain:
  • high-quality images, video footage, logo, brand slogan;
  • basic information about the brand, company;
  • details about promotions or sales (if necessary);
  • clear CTA and contact information;
  • links to social networks or the site.

Where to download decoration banner design templates for free?

You just need to create an account on the BannerBoo service to get access to 12 000+ designs that are easy and simple to adapt to the needs of your jewelry business. It's free.

How do I create my own banner for my jewelry store?

We have developed an algorithm that empowers anyone seeking to create innovative and eye-catching advertising banners:
  1. Start with inspiration (look at ready-made aesthetic templates and find an idea that most fully reveals the content of your proposal).
  2. Choose a template and turn it into a personalized banner (replace images and texts, logo and graphic elements).
  3. Add emotions (animated stickers, color, text animation, etc.).
  4. Redesign and adapt the finished banner for different social and advertising networks.
  5. Save the banner and share it with your potential audience.

How to Create Jewelry Banners for Your Etsy Jewelry Store?

A team of professional designers have created a set of Etsy shop banners that are perfect for jewelry brands. Everything is elementary: choose the design you want, upload your favorite images, change the colors and edit the text according to your needs.
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