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Halloween Banner Ads and Customizable Design Templates

Our high-quality Halloween and Jack-O'-Lanterns advertising banner templates can be used to promote Halloween deals and sales. Graphics displayed on banners truly stand out online. It causes consumers to take note, engage, and share.
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Spooky banners for greetings and announcing company special offers for Halloween from BannerBoo!

It's always a great idea to organize greetings for followers from your favorite brand for the holidays. Marketers prepare special offers for important days and events of every season. Halloween is another contact with the target audience, a reason for positive emotions and an opportunity for the company to be part of the festive moment. According to Creatopy, more than $7 billion is spent on Halloween every year in the United States. That is why every brand has a great opportunity to launch an advertising campaign during this period and get a stream of new customers.

There is a holiday in the world, literally every day! And how do you have time to create a congratulatory banner, come up with a design idea and upload all the materials to the website or social networks? What type of creative advertising campaign to run? How to make more banner ideas with less resources and save time? The solution is simple – use templates from BannerBoo and get 12 000+ ready-made designs that are easy and simple to adapt to the needs of any business. See for yourself how simple everything is!

BannerBoo halloween templates

Making banners for Halloween

If you have created advertising banners at least once in your life, you know for sure that this process is not an easy one. You need to find an idea, think through the concept of the banner and implement it in graphics and animation. What if you don't have enough time to make your own Halloween banner ads? The answer is simple: use templates from BannerBoo. By the way, it's free!

A team of professional designers analyzed the experiences of thousands of customers and created Halloween banner ad templates that are compatible with all major social and advertising networks, including Google Display, Adcash, IAB, Retargeter, Adroll and many others. All you have to do is select the perfect template and personalize it to align with your brand's marketing objectives. Discover firsthand how effortless and straightforward it can be!

Halloween banner templates

Using templates makes a marketer's job much easier. Especially if you don't have much experience in designing advertising banners. Creating a layout from a ready-made template is much easier and simpler than creating a banner from "scratch".

Why is using templates a good idea?

  • save time and money (it is no longer necessary to write a technical assignment to a designer, check the finished work and write files with edits. Any banner for advertising or social networks can be created from templates in just a couple of clicks: add a logo and replace texts);
  • created by professional designers (the BannerBoo team has extensive experience working with various businesses, so we guarantee that all of our high-quality templates are effective and achieve your marketing objectives);
  • easy to use (the service is designed simply and clearly for each user. You can easily edit any banners yourself, add images, change the background and color, rewrite the text and even adapt animations and transitions).

Cool, right? Just choose one of BannerBoo's ready-made templates and start creating an attractive Halloween banner yourself.

Happy Halloween : Spooky Halloween Banner

Design Templates is a great infomercial to communicate with your target audience. Plan additional promotional activities and make display ads using ready-made Halloween templates from BannerBoo. Our team of professionals has created many options for layouts for social or advertising networks, banners for the website and greeting cards, for example, for e-mails. High-quality images, graphic elements, illustrations – everything is available to each of our clients.

Save time by not creating Halloween banners from scratch. Check out our collection of Halloween templates for special sales, parties, holiday discounts and more. Some of the patterns include distinctive design elements : bats, pumpkins, ghosts and black cats; others are more formal, have only color schemes. But you can edit and animate the finished design until it is suitable for publishing on social networks or advertising platforms.

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How to create an effective banner for Halloween

We have accumulated the experience of our customers to create bright and effective banners that can help brands grow and attract new audiences.

Use traditional visual images

Halloween has its own special colors and illustrations: bats, pumpkins, candles, cats and ghosts. Therefore, bet on emotional factors. Any post or greeting card should carry clear visuals and explain what your brand is offering: promotion, sale, special offer, promo code, etc. Think about what accent is key for you.

Think of an interesting and structured text

Present the information clearly and structured, but add something traditionally "Halloween": catchphrases, quotes, idioms. Please keep in mind the standard structure of the text in the advertisement:
  • an active title that reflects the key offer;
  • the main text, which explains and describes all the necessary data;
  • CTA: what to do, where to go and how to place an order.

Engage readers in dialogue

The audience is your brand! Engage their in communication with an advertisement or a post on social networks. Ask questions, motivate answers, and create an effective community that will successfully increase content engagement rates.

Plan the creation of publications in advance

While situational marketing may have its merits, nothing beats the advantages of proactive planning and preparation. Prepare the audience, tell what the special offers will be on this particular day and create delayed demand. Such marketing activities will be much more effective, customers will receive stable emotional images and form a high level of loyalty.

Use different formats for different platforms

Every post on social networks should be relevant to the target audience, that is, be current and relevant. Adjust the content type:
  • the Facebook audience perceives textual content more effectively, where the layout is only an addition to the main text;
  • Instagram users are more receptive to videos and animated banners (in full-screen mode);
  • LinkedIn is a professional network, keep your banner discreet;
  • on Twitter, you need to write a very short, but accurate text (and on the banner as well);
  • for TikTok, only videos, and the more unusual and non-formatted, the better;
  • Google advertising, there should be banners that motivate to buy and go to the brand's website.
Constantly look for new formats of communication with potential consumers to be interesting to existing customers and new audience segments.

Create your ad now!

Try to create an effective advertisement now, focusing on our tips!
Use the BannerBoo designer to develop a stylish and modern design that will definitely be remembered.

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BannerBoo Banner Templates

Create effective banners for the spookiest event of the year. No tricks – design and delight customers with a welcome banner with a Halloween holiday. Choose templates that can be easily customized for your business.
Animated Halloween Banner Templates

Animated Halloween Banner Templates

Imagine customers receiving hundreds of ads from a variety of brands in one day. How to make yours memorable? That's right, make it animated and interactive. Can't you? No problem! At BannerBoo, we have more than 12 000 ready-made options for any business. We have thought through every element: animation, texts, images, so that you can focus only on the creative process. With BannerBoo's online banner designer, it's easy to create and animate a banner for any holiday. And in any quantity.
HTML5 Halloween Banner Templates

HTML5 Halloween Banner Templates

A key rule to follow is to establish a cohesive visual brand concept across social and advertising networks, as well as your website. Once you've created a post for social networks, it's essential to display the news or banner on your website as well. For optimal loading speed and mobile device compatibility, opt for the HTML5 format. The design should be developed within a dedicated HTML environment. Luckily, we've addressed this challenge by providing HTML5 banner templates that can be easily customized to suit your brand's unique requirements.
Templates of advertising banners GIF for Halloween

Templates of advertising banners GIF for Halloween

GIF files – the international language of communication. They are actively used in messengers and in personal communication. That is why, when gifs become part of a brand's communication strategy, the audience perceives it very positively. GIF greetings for Halloween are very popular. Create an animated banner for your brand that can be adapted to any ad network. In addition, they are interesting, original and "easy" to download via the mobile Internet. This is important because followers on social networks often use mobile versions of applications.
Halloween Social Banner Templates

Halloween Social Banner Templates

Being creative on social media is a challenge for every company. Be interesting and interactive, do not allow the same type of publication. Especially when there is such a cool infomercial as Halloween. We have created a large collection of social media banner templates, where you can choose any (absolutely free) and adapt it to your advertising campaign. A banner for publications, digital advertising or a pop-up for a website – BannerBoo has ready-made designs of any format. Explore the library, choose the best option, adapt it to your brand's needs and share it on all the platforms you need in minutes.
Free Halloween Advertising Banner Templates

Free Halloween Advertising Banner Templates

To come up with a banner design format, you need to train your design vision. Choose professionally designed templates from a creative team of designers to create a post or advertisement that captivates from the first seconds of contact. Follow the marketing strategy of developing your brand, choose the most effective designs. With BannerBoo you will have access to thousands of images, hundreds of icons, personalized fonts and other graphic elements to make the whole design look more interesting and interactive. Easily create, save and share designs from the online editor in minutes.
Creating Halloween banners has never been easier than with BannerBoo! Greet your audience, tell them about your promotions or special offers with effective ads created by professional designers. And if you're interested in other banner templates, just browse our library and browse the tags to find relevant categories. Find the best design for your business or future projects.

Frequently asked questions

How to make an advertising banner for Halloween?

An ideal banner is created in advance and has a well-thought-out structure. What has to be done?

1. Start by looking for banner ideas
Check out the templates at BannerBoo. Look for options that match your hosting platform, task, aesthetic, mood, or color.

2. Adapt the template to the needs of the brand
Start simple: change the texts and font, then, if necessary, select another image (your own image or stock photos). Next, think about animations and transitions.

3. Strengthen the emotional component
Add refinement and individuality to the finished banner. We have taken into account all technical options, so your task is to focus on accents and visual presentation.

4. Format the size
We know exactly the size of banners for all platforms and will help adapt the finished banner. By the way, BannerBoo has a professional banner optimization option.

5. Save the design and share it
Click "Publish" and share your banner with your target audience.

What is a Halloween banner?

This is any visual layout: image, video, GIF that is published on the brand's social networks, on the company's website or on third-party resources.

Halloween banner design templates?

Look no further! Create a BannerBoo account, choose a plan, and dive into the creative process of creating Halloween or any other holiday banners for blog posts or ads.

What should a Halloween banner contain?

To bring maximum effectiveness, the banner should contain:
  • high-quality photos, videos, logo (preferably in vector format), brand slogan;
  • basic information: about the promotion (sale), terms and conditions, deadlines;
  • a clear CTA and all contact information;
  • links to social networks or the site (or phone, if you accept orders over the phone).

How to create Halloween banners?

Everything is very simple:
  1. Log in to BannerBoo and click the "Create banner" button
  2. Choose a template by size or platform where the banner will be placed.
  3. Customize your ad with your own text and images, vectors and illustrations to make your design unique.
  4. Save and upload the finished design to the site or to advertising networks.
Create content that will be interesting to your audience.

Where to download free Halloween banner design templates?

Just create an account on the BannerBoo service and get access to 12 000+ designs that will help your company generate interactive and effective content to communicate with the audience.

How to make a spooky banner for your Halloween social media post?

Have you come up with an idea for a banner? Then there was very little left!

With BannerBoo, the whole process takes a few minutes, and the result can be downloaded in any format.

  1. Select the "Create banner" option
  2. Browse 12 000+ templates that can easily and simply be turned into a social media banner.
  3. Choose the appropriate banner design and start adapting it to the needs of your brand.
  4. Change the photo and image, maybe even the color solution, adjust the animation and visual elements.
  5. Upload the banner to any social networks or website in the desired format.
Use non-standard and diverse formats that will help your brand to be constantly heard.
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