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Travel Banner Ad Templates

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5 tips for creating effective travel banners from BannerBoo

We always respond to those advertising layouts that meet our needs and requests in a specific period of time. How to create a layout for travel services that will attract the attention of potential customers at first glance?

Choose high-quality images (including stock images)

An eye-catching image is one of the key factors in the success of an ad. We've prepared thousands of high-resolution photos, so you can find the best one for your brand.

Appeal to emotions

The tourist industry does not sell the trip itself, but the emotions that the client will receive during the trip. Provide visual images that most clearly reflect comfort, thoughtfulness and style. Select images, photos, and videos that can enhance the text or work synergistically for different audience segments.

Edit and adapt ready-made layouts

You don't need to create entirely different designs for each post. Keep one line! All your finished publications will be stored in the BannerBoo cloud space, so you can change them, redesign or resize them for the next advertising campaign every minute.

Use all available tools

Add logos, fonts and colors to your travel banner. We have created an intuitive space where anyone can become a creator, even if they have no design experience. Use stickers, animation, graphic elements to make the banner as interesting as possible for potential customers.

Consider interactive formats for presenting information

It's impossible to guarantee with 100% certainty that a specific design will yield definite results. Every business should conduct tests to determine the most effective advertising format for their needs. Will it be a video or static layout? GIF or animation? The choice is yours! With BannerBoo, you have access to templates for all advertising layout formats, allowing you to explore and find the best fit for your objectives.
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What travel banner templates are available at BannerBoo

Choose one of the template options and start editing it to make it best suited to your travel brand's goals.
Animated travel banner templates

Animated travel banner templates

Interactivity and a non-standard approach are the main differences of the animated tourist banner from BannerBoo! Create a dynamic ad design to attract even more people to your business. Customers respond better and faster to animated and flashing elements than to plain text. In addition, animations have a longer viewing time, are better perceived by followers, thus increasing the organic reach of the brand. Choose from 12,000 banner templates and use animations designed by a team of professional designers!
HTML5 travel banner templates

HTML5 travel banner templates

Do you have your own website? It is necessary that advertising banners, in which you will inform potential customers about promotions and special offers, do not overload the site and provide an ideal picture. Choose the HTML5 or AMPHTML format if you need a light and interactive banner to place on your own resource. In fact, it is a combination of images, texts, links and HTML and CSS3 code. We have prepared templates where you don't need to understand the code. The entire image creation process is designed so that you can easily and simply focus on the visual component without burdening yourself with technical nuances.
GIF templates for travel advertising banners

GIF templates for travel advertising banners

GIF banners offer more than just a simple announcement; they enable you to tell a captivating story with your favorite characters. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you can utilize GIFs across various advertising networks. With the prevalence of GIF files in social media platforms and messaging apps, users are already accustomed to interacting with them, making GIF-based advertising integrations more engaging. With BannerBoo, you can effortlessly create banners from scratch or use a template, and optimize them for any network with ease and speed.
Travel and tourism banner templates for social networks

Travel and tourism banner templates for social networks

To enhance the visual appeal of your blog, utilize BannerBoo's banners crafted exclusively for social networks. With an engaging and unique design, you can easily captivate your audience and encourage them to subscribe to your page. Our banner templates are meticulously crafted by professional designers for marketers and business owners, ensuring a streamlined development process and an attention-grabbing result. Regardless of your design expertise, our intuitive process has been designed to be easy to understand and follow, even for beginners.
Free Travel Banner Templates

Free Travel Banner Templates

To effectively market your travel business, it's essential to constantly explore creative and unconventional ways of presenting information. The goal of every business is to generate a substantial amount of content to attract an increasing number of new customers. That's why we developed BannerBoo, a service designed to save you time and resources when creating videos, static banners, animations, or GIF files. With over 12,000 free templates available for any business, you can create numerous posts without relying on the assistance of a designer.

Look no further if you're in need of a banner for social media or advertising integrations because BannerBoo is here to help! Say goodbye to the search for design ideas, as we offer a wide collection of travel banner templates tailored for various social and advertising networks.

How to make a tourist advertising banner?

Great job on choosing BannerBoo! You've already taken the first step towards creating a creative and eye-catching travel banner.

Then it's even easier:

  • choose banner design ideas from thousands of available templates;
  • specify the required file format;
  • edit the finished banner: replace the text, image, background, animation, etc.;
  • download the layout in the desired format and place it on advertising and social networks.

How to make a travel banner for my travel agency?

Have an idea for a travel agency publication design? With BannerBoo, you can easily and simply turn it into a real advertising layout:
  1. Log in to BannerBoo and select the Create Banner option.
  2. Choose a banner size from the available ones, or specify an individual size.
  3. Create a personalized banner design: choose a background image, fonts, texts, logos, experiment with background colors, etc.
  4. Add animations or interactive elements or stickers.
  5. Upload the file in the desired format and share in advertising networks.

What makes a travel banner good?

It is nothing more than a combination of images, text and graphic elements that draw attention to a travel brand's website or social media.

Where to get travel banner design templates?

Over 12,000 ready-made templates are available for download at BannerBoo.

What should travel and tourism banners contain?

There are several factors that distinguish an effective banner from an ordinary publication:
  • contains your own brand photos, footage from your videos, logo, short tagline;
  • site or social media review, so viewers know what to expect;
  • a clear CTA (call to action), such as "Subscribe to our page" or "Visit our site";
  • links to social networks or third-party resources for booking a tour.

How to create tourist banners?

Do you have an idea for creating a tourist banner?

Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Log in to BannerBoo and select the Create Banner option.
  2. Choose the size of the banner from the available ones or specify your own.
  3. Create a design and adapt it to business needs: choose a background image, fonts, texts, logos, experiment with background colors.
  4. Add animation or interactive elements or stickers to make the banner design look more interactive and interesting.
  5. Download the file in the desired format and share it on social and advertising networks.

Where to download travel banner design templates for free?

BannerBoo's online banner creation service has a free plan that is fully sufficient to create effective banners for your business.

How to create a custom banner for my travel agency?

Have an idea?

We're ready to make it a reality with BannerBoo:

  1. Open BannerBoo in your browser, click the Create Banner button on the main page, and select a design template.
  2. Browse banner design templates by keyword (template library covers all themes and styles with perfect sizes).
  3. Customize the template with your own text and images, choose from a library of stock photos, images, vector graphics and illustrations to personalize the design.
  4. Once the design meets the business objectives, download it to your computer with the desired image quality and format.
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