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At BannerBoo, we're breaking stereotypes and providing the ability to develop exciting, creative, and professional ads for websites, online resources, advertising and social networks. HTML5 banners not only display perfectly and harmoniously on any device resolution, but also help to attract 600% more attention, compared to static formats.

Create professional media ads in the HTML5 environment of BannerBoo without any programming skills. The online banner maker has a convenient and full-featured functionality for ad design development, through simple block dragging. Work from anywhere, from any device easily, efficiently, and productively.

By the way, the HTML5 format is supported by all known browsers and advertising networks. You won't have any problems adapting the banner to any formats, sizes and technical specifications. If you're a beginner or have little design experience, it'll be easy to complete any marketing task with BannerBoo.

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The effectiveness of HTML5 banners in the advertising environment

The effectiveness of HTML5 banners in the advertising environment

By the end of 2018, HTML code was used on 82.7% of all developed websites, hence the need for standard rules for placement of advertising notifications for this format. Easy, responsive HTML5 banners, developed in a special environment, became the gold standard. Issues with framing, display and loading with unstable mobile internet have taken a back seat.

HTML5 banners:
  • are perfect for mobile devices, which currently account for an estimated 76% to 89% of all advertising traffic;
  • adapt to display depending on the display location;
  • provide wide opportunities for integration of images, animated objects, links and other graphical elements;
  • due to their small size, they do not slow down the loading of websites and individual pages;
  • guarantee high-quality colour display and clear graphics.
Recently, HTML5 has become even more popular, and now over 65% of advertisers prefer it over other ad formats. In addition, HTML5's compatibility with all popular advertising networks, including Google Ads, allows it to reach over 2 million websites and show ads to more than 90% of the people in the world.

Get inspired by professional animation templates

Just starting to develop a media advertising direction? Choose any HTML5 banner advertising template from BannerBoo and start designing in just a few seconds. You will be able to easily adapt the chosen design to the needs of your brand, replacing the logo, photos, videos, graphic elements. Working in BannerBoo is a pleasure, as the convenient and functional online constructor was created by designers for non-designers (marketers, advertising professionals, business owners, SMM specialists).

Use one of the 12,000+ ready-made advertising templates for various business industries to create a unique and personalised design. Take advantage of high-quality fonts or import your own, create and animate vector graphics to make the best advertising banner. The BannerBoo HTML5 template library gives each platform user access to ready-made designs that can be changed beyond recognition, or add a few elements to make it consistent with the brand book.

Start editing the HTML5 banner template right now.
Indicate the required business industry and banner format and select one of the effective templates created by professional designers.
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Advantages of using HTML5 for advertising campaigns

Easy to develop design

Easy to develop design

The entire process of creating HTML5 animated ads is simple and comfortable, even without programming skills. To make it easier for you, BannerBoo specialists have developed the technical code, and all you have to do is add the necessary elements.
Publication without problems

Publication without problems

The announcement will always comply with the necessary characteristics of the media network, regardless of where you plan to launch your advertisement. Suitable for all API integrations, uploading third-party developer tags. Publication will take just a few minutes.
Adaptability of animation

Adaptability of animation

Any elements of HTML5 format can be easily adapted for display on different screen sizes. When designing an advertisement, you can quickly scale the HTML5 graphics and video animation to many formats without losing quality.
Clean code

Clean code

HTML5 is created for developers to optimise readability for search systems. Such banners load faster, provide a positive interaction experience, better rating, as advertising algorithms better "understand" the digital content of advertisements.
Cross compatibility

Cross compatibility

HTML5 is compatible with all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others. This means that every resource will be able to read and correctly display any animated banners created in the HTML5 environment on popular platforms.
Save time and resources by creating creative animation and static advertisements for your brand's advertising integrations.
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4 steps to create banners in BannerBoo

  • 1
    Select a template or set the dimensions of the banner
    Review the BannerBoo library and select a layout that best meets the marketing challenges of the business. If you have experience or inspiration, you can easily start creating HTML5 media ads from scratch.
  • 2
    Edit the banner
    You won't need to write any code, just work with the visual display. You can add or change any graphic element. Also, create an HTML5 banner animation using the thoughtful and convenient functionality of the online banner maker BannerBoo.
  • 3
    Adapt the banner to the dimensions
    Save your time and resize animated ad files in just a few clicks. Automatic adaptation is a simple and convenient feature that will help adapt adverts to any formats easily and simply. You can edit all versions at once.
  • 4
    Download the ready announcement
    You will be able to upload your ads in any format you need: HTML5, compatible with Google Ads, JPG, PNG or animated GIF. Insert banners on any pages, websites and resources.
All done! Your exciting banners will 100% be noticed in media advertising networks.

All in one place: why should you choose BannerBoo?

Work faster and more effectively with BannerBoo ad creation automation. Use Drag & Drop technology, customise banners, create animated effects, use Google fonts, professional templates and millions of free stock images.

Edit all sizes in one click

Want to make changes to a ready-made layout? With BannerBoo, you can edit all ads at the same time. Don't waste time on monotonous and routine tasks, better create another advertising campaign.

Announcement of any size with one click

Automatically generate advertisements of any size based on the developed HTML5 media banner. Simply select the one you need, and all elements will be positioned correctly.

12,000+ design templates

Instantly create banners of various sizes using the online banner maker. Edit any design element: background, colours, icons, title, buttons - all at once.

Broad functionality for creativity

Everything in one place: advanced functionality of the online builder for creating any banner formats. There is no longer a need to install special programs on your laptop, work online from any convenient place where the internet is available.

Smooth editing of video and animation

Use the timeline to edit your ad and preview the animation until you find the best option. Add smooth transitions and make the HTML5 animation interesting for a potential client.

Adherence to brand strategy

Banners can be tailored to suit the brand book strategy. Upload your logo, fonts, visual elements to your personal cabinet so they are always active and ready for use.

Professional design

The BannerBoo service was created by designers for non-designers. We work with various businesses, have experience in creating thousands of advertising integrations and developing the most effective layouts.

High CTR

BannerBoo's library only contains effective design options for you to choose the appropriate one. Our advertisements are thoughtful, engaging, effective, and always show high click-through rates (CTR).
Try creating your first banner in BannerBoo!
Simply log in, select an available tariff and start your journey to creativity We have created a convenient and intuitive service so that preparation of an advertising campaign becomes an easy and simple process.
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Frequent questions

What are HTML5 banners?

HTML5 banners are a combination of images, texts, links, HTML and CSS3 code. They can be placed on any resource with the iframe tag.

Can HTML5 banners be animated?

Yes, of course. HTML5 banners support animation capabilities.

Does Google Ads support HTML5 format?

Yes, they are supported. To do this, you need to create them, or upload them to Google Web Designer. Importantly: images for launching ads must be located locally, not on external resources.

How to create a simple banner in HTML?

With BannerBoo everything is as simple as possible!
  1. Create an account or log into an existing one.
  2. Select a template or start from scratch.
  3. Edit the advert: add content, change the text, alter the fonts, add your brand's colours.
  4. Design and develop the animation.
  5. Save the banner and upload it to advertising networks.

How do HTML5 banner ads work?

HTML5 banners display advertisements in an attractive format: images, text, graphic elements, animation. They are shown to potential buyers through advertising algorithms, and all those who are interested in the offer can go to the site or a third-party resource to use it.

How to create an advertising banner for your website?

The online banner editor BannerBoo will help you create an advertising announcement in just a few clicks. Choose templates and adapt them to the needs of your business.
Remember a few elements of a successful banner:
  • the optimal file size is required;
  • an attractive design that catches the eye;
  • thoughtful text that arouses interest;
  • an effective CTA button;
  • a clearly articulated message;
  • clear fonts that complement the design.

Is HTML5 better than GIF?

The first and second formats have their own advantages.
  • adapted for mobile traffic;
  • play video, music and animation without requiring any plugins;
  • easily updated and adapted.
  • the most popular format;
  • control of the display time for animated banners;
  • very simple to create.
Which format to choose? It's up to you to decide, based on the objectives of the advertising campaign.

How to make a banner in HTML5?

Follow the algorithm:
  • select a template or set the dimensions of the banner;
  • adapt the advertisement to your marketing task (images, texts, graphic elements, animation);
  • adapt the banner to the required file sizes (select the setting parameters);
  • download the advertisement to your gadget.
That's it, you're done! Your exciting banners will 100% be noticed in the media advertising networks.

How to add a banner to your website in HTML?

You need to:
  • obtain the HTML code of the banner;
  • insert the banner code into the appropriate place on the website (it's best if a programmer does this);
  • review the changes (make sure the banner is located in the right place and displays correctly).
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