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LinkedIn Ad Templates

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Create effective and modern advertisements for LinkedIn based on templates.

Planning to master another advertising network or have already evaluated the benefits of working with the professional social platform LinkedIn? Then you certainly know how important it is to generate quality content, while simultaneously adapting quickly to the needs and peculiarities of advertising.

Find your special LinkedIn ad format among free advertising templates from BannerBoo!

Create effective and modern advertisements for LinkedIn based on templates.
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BannerBoo is an online creator of animated HTML5 banners,
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Is advertising on LinkedIn a good idea?

Let's start with the fact that the LinkedIn audience is professional and active, with a maximum focus on their career and lifestyle. Moreover, they have higher purchasing power, they're more demanding in terms of advertising, able to analyse and think critically. Perfect!

Every business should carefully plan its advertising strategy in LinkedIn, and the best way to implement it is using templates from BannerBoo! No more need to spend hours searching for ideas and inspiration, as ready-made banners will definitely help attract all necessary audience segments!

Who is the LinkedIn ad platform suitable for?

If you are:
  • A B2B (business-to-business) company (services or products);
  • Focused on long-term relationships with clients;
  • Offering a SaaS product (software as a service);
  • Your audience is entrepreneurs, niche and popular specialists in various fields.

With the diverse ads, created in the online generator BannerBoo, you will easily cover the desired potential clients or find employees for performing tasks and expanding the staff.

Simply take one of the 12,000+ ready-made layouts, created by the professional design team of BannerBoo, and start your campaign!

We have templates for any tasks:
  • Minimalist design or thought-out saturated graphic elements;
  • Video, static, HTML5 or GIF formats (and all those that may be necessary);
  • Bright colours or restrained combinations (taking into account design trends);
  • With accents on text, headline or daring background designs.

Each banner meets the specifications of LinkedIn ad content, so all you need to do is choose a template, come up with a text that will attract attention, and make the design relevant to your style and brand.

Is advertising on LinkedIn a good idea?
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What types of advert templates can be created in BannerBoo?

Video Ads

As LinkedIn itself notes, a video can get up to 20 times more views than other formats. The template will perfectly show what to focus on and help to fully utilise the possibilities of video formats. No cameraman or filming required!

Single Image Ads

The most popular type of LinkedIn ad due to its simplicity and accessibility. It contains one image and appears directly in the feed of the audience that belongs to the target segment. Only high-quality photos are used in the templates, which enhance the brand's image!

Carousel Ads

A familiar interactive format that sequentially displays several images. No less than 2 and no more than 10 banners can be shown in one ad. Advertisements are interesting for the client, and beneficial for the business!

Why BannerBoo?

Because we've accumulated years of experience working with a variety of clients to create the best service for generating advertising announcements!


  • templates can be quickly adapted to your business;
  • all graphic elements and animations are thought through and preset;
  • each banner can be easily adapted to different devices and displays;
  • the catalogue contains more than 12,000 banner templates, which means you can find material in any design and format;
  • you save time and money by not having to create banners from scratch each time, just make amendments.

Not confident in your design skills?

For BannerBoo that's not a problem! Our workspace is very simple and understandable, and the functionality is controlled by logically dragging blocks. You have at your disposal a huge collection of stock images that will help to style and animate the advertisement.

Also available is the functionality for collaborative work on the platform with colleagues and subcontractors to optimise communication and maximise efforts to achieve the best advertising results.

Why BannerBoo?
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