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The cover for a LinkedIn business account is an additional point of contact with the target audience.

Add a touch of creativity to your profile design so that potential audiences can recognise and remember your brand style from the first second. It's not difficult, thanks to the cover page template ideas from BannerBoo!

Make your professional profile informative and popular using a special banner at the top of the page so that potential clients know exactly what to expect when working with you. Check out the collection of ready-made BannerBoo templates, specifically created for various industries, combining years of the team's design experience and understanding of social platform algorithms!

Don't have design skills? That's not a problem! Simply upload a ready-made template to your BannerBoo workspace, add your logo, persuasive text and clear CTA to create a unique and personalised style for your LinkedIn business account.

The cover for a LinkedIn business account is an additional point of contact with the target audience.
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What is the role of covers in promoting pages?

With professional covers, a company gets more visibility on LinkedIn. Moreover, it is equally important both for personal profiles and for company pages.

And here's why:
  • covers give the profile completeness and fullness;
  • the page becomes aesthetically attractive and informative;
  • every visitor will immediately understand what you do and where your expertise lies;
  • it can serve as a kind of filter and trigger for cooperation, if the banner immediately focuses on the needs of the target audience.

Moreover, the cover can be your online manager and work on attracting audience attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without holidays and weekends. Cool, isn't it?

Why are BannerBoo templates the perfect solution?

Each additional design element can become an additional task. You need to come up with a style, describe the visual component and spend time looking for ideas. The best solution is to entrust all this preparatory work to us, and independently choose from a large collection of ready-made and effective covers for LinkedIn accounts.

We have worked with companies of various specifications and scales, so we know what works effectively for individual industries. We have ideas for both modern and daring, as well as restrained designs, so that you can choose the best option. Our templates are available in the necessary sizes and are ready for publication, so you do not need design skills to create a cover that will meet your tasks!

What is the role of covers in promoting pages?
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Why BannerBoo?

We have created an efficient and professional space so that anyone, even non-designers, can create their own graphic masterpieces!
Benefits of us as an online banner producer:
  • easy setup (we provide full functionality for adapting templates to the tasks and needs of your business);
  • intuitively understandable drag-and-drop functionality, which allows you to work without additional design skills (or even without knowledge of graphic editors);
  • a huge collection of diverse covers (suitable for different industries and professions, you just need to choose the most suitable one);
  • templates developed by design experts that meet all the technical requirements of the social platform (you just need to upload the image to your profile);
  • we have flexible text editing settings, colour scheme changes and different background image selections without additional effort;
  • we provide access to our own library of stock images and graphic elements so you can implement any solutions with limited resources.

Need to collaborate with colleagues? Just send them a link to access the shared workspace for editing and discussing the design. Then all that remains is to upload your new cover directly to LinkedIn!

Why BannerBoo?

Frequent questions

What should I put on my LinkedIn cover?

The cover should reflect a professional brand and convey key aspects of your personal or professional identity. The most essential elements are: logo, contacts, specialisation and corporate style.

How do I make my banner look professional?

Remember the two rules:
  • choose only high-quality images or graphics, modern colour schemes, typography and visual style;
  • adhere to the rules of minimalism and add fewer distracting elements.

What is the size of a LinkedIn cover?

Standard cover size: 1584px (width) x 396px (height).

How to make a LinkedIn cover?

Simply choose one of the BannerBoo templates and adjust it using intuitively understandable functionality with drag-and-drop elements. Then just upload the finished banner to your LinkedIn profile.
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