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Create a unique X/Twitter header to stand out in the feed and gain audience recognition

A viral social media, which is based on text, does not focus on images at all. But it should! The popularity of tweets is fleeting, and the main banner is always in the visitors' field of vision. This is the perfect place to showcase a brand, express personality or call to action.

What is a banner on a page in X/Twitter? It's the same wide image that covers the entire top of the screen (both mobile and desktop versions). By placing a thought-out message there, you get an additional point of contact with the audience.

You fully control the aesthetics of the account: you can add branded fonts, customise colours, and add necessary text. It can give a more professional look to your personal or business account.

Create a unique X/Twitter header to stand out in the feed and gain audience recognition
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Start working with header template solutions for X/Twitter

Pre-designed templates are a great start. Thanks to the professionalism of the BannerBoo design team, you get effective ideas for quick setup, literally with a few clicks! Change various elements to your taste, and we will take care of the technical compliance and overall aesthetics.

BannerBoo library offers a wide variety of templates to help create the right style for various industries and fields of activity. Each one is fully adaptable to your needs and perfectly meets the requirements of X/Twitter platform.

How to work with BannerBoo templates to create a personalised header for X/Twitter?

When the most appropriate template is found, it's time to edit it according to the task.

First, update the colours (according to the corporate style), add a logo, graphic elements or other images that convey the essence of your offer. Work with the header until it meets all the expectations. If you are active on other social media, create the design in a unified concept, so that it is easy to identify the brand in any placement.

Once the design is completed, save and download your new header. Choose the required file format: JPEG or PNG. By the way, X/Twitter does not support the placement of animated GIF files, so you can't add flashy animation here.

Creating headers based on templates is so simple that you can do it every day! Use the capabilities of X/Twitter to the fullest and update the background image whenever you need to advertise upcoming events, new products or any new information that the audience needs to see first.

Start working with header template solutions for X/Twitter

How to create an effective header for X/Twitter?

Follow our advice:

Analyse the dimensions of the finished layout.

Yes, the requirements for X/Twitter specify a size of 1500px x 500px, however, the banner may be automatically cropped on certain screens and displays.
  • centre important text and images;
  • leave space around the edges in case of cropping.

Think about the text and font

Do not overload the banner with text. A few sentences will be completely sufficient: your name or brand name, motto or slogan, and key proposition.

Choose modern graphics and design

Don't be afraid to experiment with visual effects and try out new styles. This is your identity and it's precisely how your page will be remembered.
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Use the BannerBoo designer to develop a stylish and modern design that will definitely be remembered.

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BannerBoo is the most convenient online X/Twitter banner maker

With us, creating images for various tasks will be easy and convenient. We have created a service that helps non-designers work on high-quality graphics for their projects.

Advantages of BannerBoo:
  • simplicity of work (we have thought it all out for you, it is enough just to personify the finished banner);
  • experience working with different niches and industries (this is what allows us to create a collection of effective templates for any task);
  • the flexibility of the editor and the wide functionality of settings for changing templates according to individual needs (backgrounds, fonts, graphics, illustrations, images or logos);
  • easy download and integration (you can choose the desired format and all the necessary settings, including the file size).

Explore 12,000+ different banner templates for marketing and promoting your brand in the digital sphere. They will be a great idea if you are worried about the lack of design skills to start an effective advertising campaign.

BannerBoo is the most convenient online X/Twitter banner maker

Frequently asked questions

What is the size of Twitter header?

Recommended size: 1500px (width) * 500px (height). Do not place important information close to the edges, as it may possibly be cropped when the image is adapted to different displays.

Can I use the image template for X / Twitter?

Yes, templates are a great way to create high-quality materials, even without design skills.

What is the best format for Twitter header?

The file must be JPEG or PNG.

How do I make my own Twitter header?

The algorithm is simple:
  1. Log in to BannerBoo and choose one of the X / Twitter header template options.
  2. Upload your own logo, image, make text adjustments.
  3. If necessary, adjust the graphic elements, effects or block arrangement.
  4. Save the finished cover design as a JPEG or PNG file.
  5. Upload the banner to your profile, selecting the "Edit Profile" option.
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