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Increase ROI through ad testing and optimization strategies

Increase ROI through ad testing and optimization strategies

Are you running an ad and want to understand how effective it is? Don't know how to increase your ROI and how to optimize your ads to get the best results? The best method – testing of various advertisements, images and channels. It is also important to monitor all the results provided by advertising and based on them to optimize advertising campaigns and rationally allocate the marketing budget.

BannerBoo's online banner builder makes it easy to create banners and helps you create different layouts for research and testing, and then optimization. We will talk about all this in more detail in the blog.

Advertising and a well-thought-out marketing strategy are the main elements of a successful business. Launching advertising campaigns without a strategic approach can lead to high costs and lack of results. A step-by-step plan, tracking results and optimization will help you make the right decisions that will further affect the profitability of the company as a whole.

Return on Investment (ROI) — the main indicator that allows businesses to determine how effectively they use their marketing resources. This indicator is of great importance because it helps:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. ROI allows you to evaluate the results of advertising and understand how successful they are.

  • Optimize the advertising budget. By knowing the ROI, companies can optimize theirs budget and redistribute funds to more effective promotion channels. This will make it possible to attract more consumers and increase profitability.

  • Make the right decisions. ROI is a valuable tool for making informed decisions about advertising investments and selecting the most effective promotion channels. A negative value of the indicator signals the need to reassess the strategy and make necessary adjustments.

  • Improving the quality of advertising. Profitability analysis allows you to determine which methods of promotion bring the best result and how the target audience responds to advertisements.

Competition is growing every day, other companies use different tools to attract consumers.

To distinguish yourself amidst the plethora of advertisements and attain desired results, it's crucial to devise effective marketing campaign strategies and have a well-defined promotion plan. The following steps contribute to heightened profitability and capture the attention of consumers:

  • Testing. Conducting split testing (A/B or multivariate) allows you to determine which advertising methods are most effective. Experimenting with various keywords, images, and call-to-action buttons allows you to gauge user preferences and identify the most appealing products. This allows you to find the optimal and most effective solution for the development of the company.

  • Interaction with the target audience. Analyzing customer requests and needs enables the creation of more relevant and effective advertising, resonating with consumers and guiding them towards the next stage of the sales funnel — a purchase.

  • Data monitoring and analysis. Once you run an ad, you have to track each metrics, to respond in time to market changes, make adjustments and stay afloat among a large number of competitors.

  • Using different channels for promotion. Your target audience can be anywhere and the more touchpoints you create, the better the result. Launching ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube will provide an opportunity to have more contact with consumers and draw their attention to your brand.

The profitability of advertising investments is a crucial metric for assessing the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Businesses striving for desired results should analyze key indicators, continuously experiment with advertising and promotion channels, and create or adapt marketing strategies in response to market conditions.

Testing the advertising image is a critical aspect of experiments because the audience often engages with visual content before delving into the advertiser's detailed information. The online banner design service, BannerBoo, facilitates the creation of appealing layouts and testing strategies. It allows you to efficiently generate numerous designs, adapt them to various formats, incorporate diverse calls to action, and showcase your product optimally. Further details about the designer's capabilities will be discussed in the article.


The significance of advertising investment profitability

Advertising plays an important role in business promotion. With its help, companies attract customers, talk about their products or services, introduce brand and build loyalty to it. To achieve the desired results, entrepreneurs or marketers need to constantly improve their advertising strategies, adapt to market changes and analyze the effectiveness of launched ads. It is important not only to set up advertising, but also to understand whether it is profitable.

This is where profitability analysis comes into play. Through various metrics, specialists monitor the success of advertisements and how consumers react to different ads.

As mentioned earlier, the key indicator is ROI — the rate of investment profitability, which helps calculate whether marketing costs are recouped and if advertising is profitable. Other crucial indicators include conversion rates, click rates, engagement, and interaction with publications.

All this data helps you understand whether you are using your advertising budget correctly and whether your promotion strategy is effective. If you set up a campaign and did not get any results, you need to review and change the plan. Small or drastic changes can improve results. Among them, you can highlight:

  • choosing another promotion channel;

  • replacement of advertisement (image and text);

  • choosing a different kind of rates;

  • choosing a clear and understandable a call to action;

  • testing different formats.

You can make informed decisions based on data, optimizing advertising strategies and adapting marketing approaches for better results.

Assessment of advertising effectiveness is the most important indicator of the feasibility of promotion. If the analysis is not carried out, then the advertising budget will be used irrationally and will not bring the desired results. Why can advertising be ineffective?

It would seem that advertising should attract customers and increase company profits. But this is not always the case. Users respond only to attractive and interesting ads. They are the ones who can encourage the target audience to interact with the layouts and move to the next stage of the funnel — purchase.

To achieve such a result, marketers and business owners need:

  • clearly know the requests and needs of the target audience;

  • develop an effective promotion strategy;

  • choose the best marketing channels for advertising;

  • offer a really profitable offer;

  • run advertisements;

  • monitor performance;

  • optimize advertising and quickly respond to any changes in the target market and competitive environment;

  • test ads and channels.

Fulfillment of these conditions will ensure the return of investment in advertising in the form of profit, and this is the main task of every business.

bannerboo christmas tempalate

*example of a Christmas template by BannerBoo

Keep in mind that advertising may prove ineffective for various reasons. For instance, promoting an outdated or out-of-season product, displaying low-quality images, overwhelming users with excessive information, or having an unclear call to action can impact its effectiveness. Incorrect audience segmentation, a misunderstanding of consumer needs, and choosing the wrong promotion channels are also factors to consider.

To avoid these mistakes, it is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of advertising, conduct tests, communicate with the target audience and follow the indicators. Only when all the conditions are met, you will understand whether your expenses are converted into profit and whether your promotion strategy is effective.

Don't forget about optimization of advertising campaigns. Track which ads your target audience responds to the best, which ones convert the most, and which ads don't work at all. This will provide an opportunity to redistribute the budget and invest funds in more effective methods of promotion.

The role of advertising testing and optimization

Advertising is one of the main methods of promotion. With its help, companies develop, attract customers and compete in the market. However, to achieve the desired results, it is necessary not only to choose advertising channels and set up ads, but also to test and optimize your strategies. This will help improve marketing and rational use of the budget.

ad campaign optimization

Performance measurement

Ad testing and optimization allows you to measure performance and understand which ads are driving results. This information influences the decision to stop, restart or continue the advertising strategy. By analyzing key metrics like ROI, conversion rates, and click-through rates, you can determine which advertising campaigns are worth increasing investment, which ones need adjustments, and which ones should be halted to avoid unnecessary spending.

Adaptation to market conditions

The business environment is constantly changing. Often, strategies and advertising campaigns that worked in the past stop producing results for many reasons. In this case, testing makes it possible to quickly and effectively monitor how consumers react to changes, what they are interested in at this very moment and what needs they have. Optimization, on the other hand, makes it possible to adapt to these changes and adjust the advertising strategy to current requests and, as a result, stay afloat, stand out among competitors and make a profit.

Improving relations with consumers

Testing provides an opportunity to understand consumer requests and needs and create a relevant advertising and personalized message. This approach helps increase consumer engagement, build brand loyalty, and achieve the desired financial results.

Saving resources

Testing and optimization of advertising campaigns allow you to save the marketing budget. Identifying ineffective strategies and reallocating funds to advertising that brings results helps businesses avoid wasteful spending.

Increasing competitiveness

Companies that constantly test and optimize advertising campaigns have an advantage in the market. They respond quickly and efficiently to all changes and improve their strategies. This approach helps to retain the target audience, attract more customers and increase profitability.

Development of promotion strategy and running ads in specific channels is only half of the success. The other half consists of testing and optimization. They are the ones that affect efficiency and allow you to quickly make changes in the ads, rationally allocate your budget and make a profit.

Companies that conduct constant tests and continuously run advertising campaigns can attract a larger number of target audiences, improve their position among competitors and, as a result, increase sales and obtain financial benefits.

Consumers who did not respond to an ad, for example, on the social network Instagram, may see another advertising message on the YouTube channel and understand that the product or service is interesting to them.

Testing different strategies helps marketers and business owners better understand their audience, connect with them, and create relevant and engaging ads that drive consumers to the next step of the funnel — a purchase. And optimization allows you to quickly respond to changes and correctly allocate the marketing budget. This significantly increases profitability and helps the company grow.

BannerBoo as an ad design and testing tool

To achieve the best marketing result, it is necessary to conduct tests. This allows you to understand what users are interested in, track where your target audience spends more time, and understand which promotion channels are most effective.

We have already said that you can test absolutely everything, but it is important to note the role of visual content in promotion. According to statistics, most consumers react to an advertising layout in 3-5 seconds, read the main information and only then conclude whether the message is interesting to them. In other words, 50% of success depends on the advertising banner and its elements.

bannerboo thanksgiving template

*example of a Misc template by BannerBoo

BannerBoo — a unique online tool that helps you create attractive layouts for your ads and easily generate options for tests. Here you can create different banners in a matter of minutes using templates created by professional designers, taking into account all the rules of effective advertising.

The editor allows you to swiftly adjust the designed images to various formats and monitor the effectiveness of tools and advertising strategies, making it easy to identify what works well and what requires adjustments or replacements.

With BannerBoo you can do A/B testing without excessive effort and design skills. Everything is basic:

  • choose promotion channels;

  • find out the requirements for layouts (sizes and formats)

  • create several different layouts using different images, information and graphic elements;

  • don't forget to test different calls to action;

  • if necessary, use ready-made templates;

  • create design for different formats and devices.

When the banners are ready, choose the segment of the target audience that you will test and upload different layouts for each group of users. You can change one element at a time. For example, first replace the image and track how it affected the performance and whether the conversion increased. Then change the call to action and see the result. The main thing to remember is that the tests are conducted only for one group of consumers, the other group remains unchanged.

The advantage of the BannerBoo online service is that you can make all these changes for testing quickly and without much effort. You will get the desired result in just a few clicks. It is also worth noting that the editor offers a wide selection of templates (over 12,000), which makes it possible to save time for the development and creation of a strategy. Select a layout that appeals to you, replace the necessary elements, and you're good to go.

You can change the image, add a logo, branded elements or fonts. The key is that the template enables the proper placement of all elements, avoids overloading the layout, and directs users' attention to essential information. The use of ready-made layouts greatly simplifies the process of creating advertising banners and guarantees a positive result.

With BannerBoo, you can also optimize the designed layouts based on the data obtained from the tests. It is very convenient and saves time and resources.

Try creating your first banner using the service and see for yourself the convenience of the interface, ease of use, and feasibility of using BannerBoo for launching, testing, and optimizing advertising campaigns.

Ad testing strategies

Testing different options and elements helps to increase the effectiveness of advertising. This technique provides important information that business owners or marketers can use to adjust marketing strategies and save budget.

The testing itself allows you to determine which elements are most attractive to the target audience, what users pay attention to, and what gives the best results.

BannerBoo's online banner builder allows you not only to quickly and effortlessly create attractive banners, but also to apply testing strategies with the help of the service. Among them are the following:

A/B testing for design elements

A/B testing is a powerful tool for improving the performance of your ads. Its concept is that different ad designs are shown to the same target audience. That is, first you develop a basic layout and run it on segment A. After that, you make changes — use a different image, different information, change the placement of elements and run this banner on segment B. It is important to remember that you can change elements one at a time and monitor the reaction of users. Through tests, you can discern what resonates more with customers and captures their attention. The BannerBoo service allows you to make adjustments to layouts quickly and without additional effort.

bannerboo agriculture template

*example of an Agriculture template by BannerBoo

The convenience of the interface and the library with fonts, graphics and images make it possible to create many banners in a matter of minutes. With templates from BannerBoo, you have the opportunity not to waste time on ideas, but to use ready-made options that have been developed by professional designers for use.

Testing advertising messages

Not only images and designs can be tested. The content of the advertising message is also of great importance. The analytics method is very similar to the previous one, but we track not visual content, but text. You can change messages, personalize them, check which headlines are more effective.

For verification, it is necessary to leave the banner itself unchanged, but change the main text. That is, launch several visually similar ads, but with different descriptions, on one audience segment. This is easy to do with copy messages in one ad campaign.

bannerboo blog template

*example of a Blog and Lifestyle template by BannerBoo

The results you obtain will offer insights into what works better, allowing you to optimize your marketing strategy and achieve the desired outcomes with minimal costs.

Testing different calls to action (CTAs)

A call to action (CTA) plays an important role in advertising. With its help, consumers understand what to do next and whether they are interested in the message or not. The success of the advertising campaign depends on how simple and clear the CTA is.

BannerBoo's online service allows you to create banners with various CTAs without much effort. You can change not only the text, but also its visual design using fonts, colors or other graphic elements.

Developing layouts with different calls to action will allow you to better understand your target audience and find the best version of the message that will provide the best result.

bannerboo pet template

*example of a Pets template by BannerBoo

Testing ad placement and targeting

Do not forget to test different target audiences, look for those interests that correspond to the best results. For this, it is necessary to study the requests and needs of your customers in detail, to understand what they are interested in and how your product or service can help in solving the problem.

Segment consumers and observe how each group responds to what you offer. After a week or two of an active advertising campaign, you will understand in which segment you have more potential customers and how best to interact with them.

bannerboo helloween template

*example of a Halloween template by BannerBoo

Mobile and desktop ad testing

It is worth considering that potential consumers see your advertisement from different devices. Some spend most of their time at work on computers, while others use mobile phones or tablets only. To increase the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy, this data must also be taken into account.

Launching advertising, for example, on social network Instagram or Facebook, you can make simple adjustments and select only those consumers who use phones and compare the results with a campaign launched on desktop users.

Do not forget to create advertising layouts for different formats. This will provide an opportunity to fully read the essence of the message and understand what your advertisement is about. By the way, with the BannerBoo online service, this can be done quickly and without much effort. Try creating different banners with the help of the editor and see how easy it is to use.

bannerboo travel template

*example of a Travel template by BannerBoo

As you can see, you can test absolutely everything. With the help of different ads, calls to action, layout designs, you will get valuable information that you can use to optimize your marketing strategy effectively. This data will help attract potential customers, save time and budget.

Create highly effective ads with BannerBoo

Effective ads affect overall advertising results. Layout design, product or service information, and call to action are important components.

BannerBoo's online service helps you create attractive and interesting banners that are memorable and, as a result, increase conversion.

Getting to know the editor is very quick and easy. You can sign up in just a few minutes, or using your Google or Facebook accounts.

After registration, you get to a convenient and intuitive personal account, where you can create banners for your marketing purposes.

Here you can create a mockup from scratch using your own logo, corporate identity, product or service image. You can also utilize ready-made templates, which significantly streamline the banner creation process. Everything is simple: choose the option you like, replace the elements and that's it, the banner is ready for use. All layouts are designed by professional designers, taking into account the necessary rules to increase efficiency.

bannerboo categories

If you choose to craft a design from scratch, consider the following tips to create compelling and captivating banners that will undoubtedly grab users' attention.

  • utilize high-quality images to showcase services or goods in the best light;

  • formulate a clear and understandable message;

  • adhere to branding;

  • correctly combine colors;

  • use no more than 2 fonts on the layout;

  • adapt content to different formats

  • don't forget the tests.

BannerBoo's banner builder allows you to create effective and attractive layouts for your advertising campaigns. Here you will find a large library of templates, quality images, graphics, fonts, and assets. All this you can use when developing your own layouts to achieve the desired results. It is also important to remember that working with the online service is very convenient and does not require special skills or abilities.

Try creating your first banner with BannerBoo and see for yourself.

Advertising optimization methods

Optimizing advertising efforts is an integral part of marketing strategy. With its help, we can not only allocate costs correctly, but also get the maximum effect from advertising.

Analyzing data and making adjustments is an ongoing process as the market changes, competitors use different methods, and certain actions must be taken to stay afloat.

We'll delve into how to optimize advertising properly later in the article.

Analysis of performance data

As we said earlier, it is necessary to track various metrics and indicators of advertising to understand how effective it is. The assessment criteria include:

  • CR (Conversion Rate) is an indicator that provides information on how many people made the target action: going to the site, making a purchase, downloading the application, etc.

  • CTR (Click-Through Rate) — shows how many users out of all those who saw the ad reacted to it, that is, clicked on it and got to the landing page.

  • CPC (Cost per Click) is an indicator of the cost of a click. It provides information on how much potential lead "costs". That is, what is the average cost of attracting one customer. This indicator is critical because it makes it possible to calculate the costs for attracting the necessary number of customers for the successful operation of the company.

  • Engagement rate – provides information on how interesting the advertising content is for your target audience.

  • ROI is an indicator of cost recovery. It shows whether the launch of advertising is profitable and whether it is worth spending money on one or another method of promotion, or it is better to change the strategy.

It is worth remembering that for each type of advertising, there are indicators that you need to pay attention to and that show the effectiveness of ads. If the data you received does not satisfy you and does not bring the desired result, it is better to change the strategy or make adjustments to the ads that already exist.

Scheduling of ad display and time optimization

When setting up ads, keep in mind that there is a period of time when algorithms show ads and customers don't see them. This happens, for example, at night. To get the maximum effect, adjust the settings and show your ads only when it is appropriate and will bring the desired result.

You can also set the duration of the ad. This technique is appropriate if you have launched information about a promotion that is valid, for example, until the end of the month. Small adjustments will allow you to stop broadcasting ads at a certain time and not spend money on irrelevant messages.

Landing page optimization

Advertising is only the first step of the consumer to your offer. If it is attractive, the user will perform the intended action — click on the message and get to the page with the product or service.

The Landing page also plays a big role for the client. First, it should contain the necessary information about the product that was shown in the advertisement. The information on the page should be simple, useful and encourage the client to take action. Secondly, it should provide a consistent and seamless user experience.

It is also important to take into account technical points. Make your page load fast and optimize it for mobile and tablet users. The target audience should be able to read the content of the message on any device.

Use a simple and clear tone of communication, do not appeal with complex and unclear concepts. Also, don't forget that consumers appreciate openness. Be sure to include your contacts and reviews, if any.

All this will give the client confidence and form loyalty to your brand.

Budget allocation and rate adjustments

By evaluating the results of ad campaigns, you can draw conclusions about which strategy works best and which ads bring results. According to this data, ineffective advertising can be turned off by reallocating the budget. That is, increase spending on messages that work better.

Optimizing and adjusting bids is crucial. Suppose your ad is performing well, but competitors have raised their cost-per-click, dominating most of the conversions from your ad. To avoid this, adjust your bids. Calculate the percentage increase you can afford per click and raise the bids. The key is to ensure these actions yield a financial result rather than merely draining the budget.

Geotargeting and audience optimization

It is important to understand that your target audience is ordinary people with interests and everyday tasks. To sell them your product or service, you need to understand their problems and requests, as well as offer the best solution.

When launching an ad, think about who will buy from you and whether it is convenient to order a product or service in this area or city. Let's demonstrate with an example. Suppose we decided to advertise a restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine, which recently opened in Bismarck. Of course, we want to tell everyone about it and attract many customers to visit. But advertising of a restaurant in Bismarck may not be relevant for people in Casselton. Therefore, it is worth paying enough attention to geotargeting and working with the interests of consumers, which we use to customize advertising. Only in this case, all our efforts will be effective and give us the desired result.

Advertising optimization is an ongoing process that requires maximum attention and considerable effort. The slightest mistake can lead to the collapse of the entire marketing strategy. Correctly applied optimization methods allow you to save the budget, attract a larger number of consumers and turn profit into investments for brand development.

Continuous monitoring and improvement

Setting up ads is not a one-time action. The market evolves, new trends emerge, and competitors employ diverse marketing strategies. Responding to these changes is essential for development and profitability. Hence, ongoing monitoring of advertising results and making necessary adjustments is crucial. If you notice a decline in campaign performance, it's best to identify the cause and address it. This way, your plans can be realized, and business goals achieved.

The testing of advertising campaigns and strategies is the same constant process. Ad layouts, messages, calls to action and formats need to be changed regularly. Accurate and verified data, when effectively implemented, is the key to consistently reaching the target audience and presenting compelling offers.

We remind you that BannerBoo's online editor will help with testing designs, calls to action and advertising messages. The service offers various templates, quality images, graphics and assets that you can use in your business to attract consumers.

Utilizing the service is incredibly straightforward and doesn't demand any specialized skills or design expertise. Here you can work in a team and create unique projects that will interest consumers and bring the desired result.

Measuring ROI and success rates

In a competitive environment, effective investment management is a key success factor. Marketers and business owners try to optimize the marketing budget in various ways to achieve maximum results with minimum costs because the difference will be the company's profit.

The launch of advertising and constant promotion of the brand allows you to attract new customers and increase sales. But every investment, even in advertising, should be profitable, that is, bring a financial result. Based on this, the main stage of the marketing strategy is analytics, monitoring and optimization of all methods of promotion.

Measuring and analyzing performance indicators will help you determine if you're allocating your advertising budget effectively and whether your investment is translating into profit. Let's delve into them more deeply.

The main indicator that provides the overall result and profitability assessment is ROI. It shows the ratio of the profit received to the costs of advertising. The higher this indicator, the more profitable your investment.

It is calculated according to the formula:

(Income from the project — Costs for the project) ÷ Costs for the project × 100%.

Let's consider an example. Let's say you decided to launch an advertisement on Instagram and determined that you can spend $10,000 on it. Your marketer developed the creatives and did all the customization. After the launch and during the advertising period, your product (perfume worth $3,000, with a cost price of $1,800) was purchased by 90 consumers. This means that you received income: $3,000 × 90 = $270,000. Now let's calculate the total costs: $1,800 × 90 + $10,000 = $172,000. That is, we calculated the cost of all sold perfumes and added advertising costs. The ROI in this case is 57%. That is, your expenses were converted into profit and advertising was effective.

Let's consider another example. Your advertising budget for the promotion of perfumes worth $3,000 — $10,000. Only 5 consumers who bought your product approached you during the ad run. That is, advertising brought you: $3,000 × 5 = $15,000. And you invested $19,000 ($1,800 × 5 + $10,000). This means that the advertisement is ineffective and could not be converted into profit. The ROI here is -21%.

But there are other indicators of efficiency and profitability that should be taken into account during the analysis. Among them are:

  • CTR is an indicator of clickability. It shows how interesting your ad is to consumers, that is, the ratio of clicks to impressions. If this indicator is less than 1%, then it is worth changing the ad.

  • CPC — average cost per click. With its help, you can determine whether the budget is being used rationally and whether the advertiser is not overpaying for user conversions from advertising.

  • Display frequency — allows you to estimate how often the client sees our advertising per day. This indicator is important because if the consumer often sees the ad and does not respond to it, then it is important to change the strategy in order not to get bored.

  • CR is the conversion rate. The indicator shows the share of users who, after clicking on the advertising link, performed a certain action on the site: registered, contacted the online chat, placed an order, etc.

Also track engagement metrics. They show how much the user interacts with the ad and whether he finds it attractive.

Effective tracking of the success of advertising campaigns is an integral part of marketing. The information obtained allows you to assess how rationally the advertising budget is used, whether the campaign is working well, and whether it needs changes to achieve the maximum result.

Establishing goals before launching an advertising campaign is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of analytics. Ensure you compare relevant data and avoid analyzing periods with distinct sales peaks, such as comparing flower sales in March with those in December. This approach will provide more accurate insights.

Many marketers use different methods and tools to measure the effectiveness of campaign success. We suggest considering the most popular of them.

Website analytics

Analytics tools are essential for measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns and making data-driven decisions. Tools like Google Analytics provide a wealth of information about website traffic and user behavior. Using this service, you can discern how many users clicked on the ad link and how many arrived at the site through organic search after conducting a Google search. The tool collects information about the pages visited by users, records interests, age, gender and the place from which the conversion was made. All this data is significant for deciding about launching and optimizing advertising.

Unique URLs and their tracking

Using unique URLs allows you to track traffic sources from different advertising channels. For example, you can create separate URLs for social media ads, search ads, and email. This allows you to determine exactly which channel brings the most benefit and profitability.

A/B testing

By comparing several ad options, it is determined which image, call to action or ad channel works best. A/B testing allows you to optimize advertising, allocate the budget correctly and attract a larger number of consumers at minimal costs.

Conversion tracking

Using tools like Google Ads conversion tracking allows you to track the actions a user takes on your website after clicking one of your ads. For example, you'll know which of your advertisements generates the most conversions. This data will provide valuable insights that will allow you to allocate your budget wisely.

Communication with clients

Feedback and comments from the target audience will help you understand what works well and what points need adjustments. Use customer feedback to optimize your marketing strategy as much as possible.

Tracking the success of an advertising campaign is an integral part of effective marketing. With measurement tools and methods, you can improve the results of your advertising efforts. Continuous data tracking and analysis maximize efficiency and ROI, driving business growth.

Success stories and practical examples

Advertising is the main method of business promotion and attracting new customers. With its help, brands tell consumers about their products and services, study the audience and increase profits.

A marketing strategy consists of many stages, the successful implementation of which leads to the best result. These include ad testing, data analysis, and optimization. All these criteria allow marketers and business owners to correctly allocate the budget, get the maximum financial benefit and form loyalty to the company.

BannerBoo's online tool helps PPC specialists create different layout options and conduct testing, and as a result, optimization. Using the service, you can create a large number of banners from scratch or using templates, change calls to action, basic information and test fonts in a matter of minutes.

BannerBoo lets you use your own library of quality images, assets and graphics. With the help of the editor, your banners will be unique, interesting and attractive, and you will save time on the development, testing and optimization of advertising. Let's consider an example.

Let's start with the Indeed company banner.

Indeed experimented with various background colors, aiming to elicit different emotions in their prospects.

indeed ab testing

Blue is often linked to safety, precision, and intellect, while Orange sparks activity and productivity. Brands should carefully choose colors that align with their identity. In this scenario, both colors convey suitable messages, yet one might outperform the other depending on the ad or target audience. A/B testing eliminates the need for preconceived notions, allowing the data to determine the winning choice and deliver optimal results.

ticketfly ab test

Here's another example of an ad test. As you can see, Ticketfly effectively experimented with two distinct background images, appealing to a broader audience.

All layouts for the test were created by the company using templates that are convenient to use for the development of advertising layouts. BannerBoo also has such a function. It is very easy to replace the text, image, or background and the banners are ready for testing.

We hope that the test results allowed the brands to optimize advertising as much as possible, save the marketing budget and attract more consumers.

The next example is the brand Mitsubishi. The marketing team also pays a lot of attention to ad testing to gather relevant data. We can see different colors and backgrounds.

mitsubishi ab test

PPC specialists also conduct tests comparing images of smiling people on banners with images of the product to determine which performs better in terms of sales.

mitsubishi ab test 2

You can test different layout options, changing basic information, images and calls to action. The information obtained during testing will provide an opportunity to understand which creatives consumers like more, which calls to action lead to conversions, and which type of layout consumers respond to the best.

In these examples, all banners are designed using templates that you can choose from BannerBoo. They look stylish and attractive. We are sure that with the help of tests and optimization of advertising campaigns, the brand was able to achieve all the set goals and maximize the return on investment. By conducting tests, companies will be able to obtain data that will be used in the future to optimize their advertising strategy. All performance metrics such as engagement, clickability, cost per click, impression frequency, and more, should be taken into account. This information will allow you to make a qualitative study and come to the right conclusions about which company effective and profitable, and which should be turned off or adjusted.


In modern business, where competition is growing every day, it is impossible to do without advertising and investment in development. This is the only way to stay ahead of the competition, attract customers and build brand loyalty.

But the process of launching ads is as global as possible because it is also based on the analysis of data and metrics that we receive during the broadcast of ads. It is worth understanding that all investments made in marketing and advertising should return and bring profit. This is precisely why PPC specialists analyze coefficients and various indicators. With their help, you can understand which strategy worked and which one needs adjustments. And you can also draw conclusions on how to allocate the budget effectively.

Testing is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of investments and profitability. By launching advertising campaigns with variations in images, calls to action, and the main message, businesses can track how the content of their advertising messages influences consumer behavior and conversion rates.

BannerBoo's online editor will help you create creative designs and simplify the testing process, as well as the optimization of advertising campaigns. Here, without special design knowledge and skills, you can create banners from scratch, or use ready-made templates created according to all the rules of effective layouts to attract the attention of consumers.

With the help of the banner builder, you can easily adapt the formats of the banners, while leaving the main essence unchanged. The builder offers a large library of graphics and assets so that your creatives and tests give maximum results, and your advertising investment is returned and converted into profit.

See for yourself — create your first banner and a series of ad tests with BannerBoo's online builder.

Frequently asked questions

How can I increase the ROI for advertising?

First, you need to understand whether advertising is effective at all. To achieve this, you should monitor the main indicators of profitability, such as average cost of click, clickability rate, engagement, reach and calculate ROI. If the profitability indicator has a negative value, then advertising campaigns need optimization and adjustment. See which strategies work better, and reallocate the budget of non-performing messages to more effective campaigns.

What is ROI in an advertising campaign?

ROI is an indicator of return on investment in an advertising campaign. That is, it shows the ratio of expenses to the profit received. It is important to plan the ultimate goals and compare them with actual results before implementing a marketing strategy. Then you can calculate the ROI and draw conclusions whether your advertising needs adjustments and optimization, or whether everything is working and bringing financial benefit.

What is considered a good ROI for advertising?

There is no hard, universal number that can be defined as an effective ROI, as it depends on the specific industry, company strategy and other factors. However, in general, a positive ROI value indicates that the profits are higher than the costs, and this indicates the efficiency of the investment.

At the same time, it is calculated according to the formula:

(Income from the project — Costs for the project) ÷ Costs for the project × 100%.

The higher the percentage, the better.

How to optimize ROI?

To optimize the return on investment, it is necessary to test different advertising campaigns, draw the right conclusions and adjust advertising based on the received data.

What is the goal of ROI in marketing?

The return on investment (ROI) indicator shows whether your marketing efforts and investments in advertising are effective. That is, it provides information about whether it is appropriate to use this or that method of promotion and whether advertising is profitable.

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