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Business Banners and Corporate Ads Templates

Start from our extensive corporate banner template library, and you will be able to create the perfect banner for your business needs
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How to create an effective business banner for a company?

There are many advertising banners, but not all of them show high efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some tips to help you create an ad that motivates you to buy.

Focus on the target audience of the business

Think clearly: who is the person who will see your banner? What are his tasks, problems and goals? Why is your company an ideal option for cooperation?

One banner is one accent

If you have a multidisciplinary business, do not try to put all areas of activity in one banner. It is better to create several ads or publications, and in each place an emphasis on a specific direction.

Provide contact information

Specify where to call and to which mail to write a message. And immediately check: whether you have someone to answer the appeal and whether the phone number is up to date.

Follow the structure of the text

The reader should first see a headline that tells about the unique selling proposition. Then he has to read the additional text. Create each business banner according to this structure.

High-quality images are the key to success

Avoid graphic material that is difficult to perceive: small elements, illegible text or blurry photos can reduce the effectiveness of advertising or spoil the company's reputation.

Keep the balance in the animation

Do not try to attract the attention of consumers with too active animations or very bright colors of the design. The banner should attract attention with its design and composition, and not make you want to scroll through it immediately.

Stick to a single visual concept

Banners on the website, advertisements, publications in social networks should look harmonious and in accordance with the corporate style of the company.

Choose fonts that are easy to read

The layout should have at least 16pt font, and it should be simple and concise.
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What business banner templates are available on BannerBoo?

Animated business banner templates

Animated business banner templates

Create an animation in your banner to draw the attention of your potential audience to your ad.

It is known that the presence of interactive elements, looping animations and animation of visual accents increases the interest rate.

Consumers willingly and easily share interesting content with friends, while increasing organic reach and brand awareness
HTML5 Business Banner Templates

HTML5 Business Banner Templates

If the company's business banner should be in HTML5 or AMPHTML format (for example, for Google Ads), it is very easy to make it with BannerBoo.
An HTML5 banner is a combination of images, text, links, and HTML and CSS3 code. To place it on any site, you need to use the iframe tag.

AMPHTML banners are faster, lighter and safer than standard banners and are developed in a special environment. We have prepared templates where you don't have to understand the code. The whole process is standardized so that you can easily and simply create a banner for your business in a clear interface.

Why you should use HTML5 and AMPHTML business banners:
  • they are perfectly adapted for mobile devices;
  • have wide possibilities of integration of pictures, animated objects and links;
  • do not slow down page loading;
  • differ in image quality and graphic clarity.

HTML5 and AMPHTML can be uploaded to any ad network, including Google Ads.
Business GIF banner ad templates

Business GIF banner ad templates

Animated GIF banners will tell a real story about your company or product. Nowadays, there is practically no industry where GIFs are not used in communication with followers or potential customers. In addition, each advertising network supports the possibility of placing an animated video: Facebook, Insatgram, Google Ads, Linkedin or Twitter show high results of coverage when interacting with advertisements.

Precisely because users of social networks encounter thousands of GIF files in messengers every day, it is much easier and more common for them to interact with them in advertising.

The functionality of BannerBoo allows you to easily and quickly create a banner from scratch or according to a template. All animated banners can also be used on websites or landing pages. BannerBoo has an optimization tool that allows you to adapt GIF banners to any platform.
Business social media banner templates

Business social media banner templates

BannerBoo Creative Builder has a set of professional templates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn. They are ideal for advertising a business, complementing publications or becoming part of a new marketing campaign. Templates can be used as an inspiration tool to create a unique banner from scratch.

Business banners in social networks come in different formats: internal for marketing strategy and for external media advertising. Choose the appropriate template from a huge range of designs created by the design community to grow your business.
Business banner template design

Business banner template design

BannerBoo is more than an online banner maker!

Together with us, you can create or adapt any design for your business banner. Create a variety of graphics and illustrations for social media covers, online advertising or business promotion on online platforms. Remember that all promotional materials must have a single concept to create lasting visual associations with your brand in the minds of potential consumers.

Create your own banner design in minutes with BannerBoo's simple and intuitive interface.
Free business banner ad templates

Free business banner ad templates

To promote a business in the digital sphere, it is necessary to constantly generate a large amount of content. Advertising banners convey information about the company through visual images, describe goods and services, talk about promotional offers and sales that are potentially interesting to the target audience. Creating such banners for free is an ideal solution for any business to be able to test the possible effectiveness and make decisions about the scaling and development of advertising campaigns.

Use BannerBoo's free plan to create up to ten static creatives.

Frequently asked questions

How to make a banner for your store?

You have already completed the first step - you have entered the BannerBoo service!

Now you need to go through authorization and choose the tariff plan that suits your needs.
Then everything is simple:
  • you need to choose banner design ideas from thousands of available business templates;
  • choose the required file format (choose a ready-made size or specify a non-standard size);
  • adapt the ready-made banner to the tasks of your business (write texts, choose an image, create or edit an animation);
  • download a ready-made business banner in the required format and distribute it in advertising and social networks.
Four simple steps and the perfect banner for the store is ready!

What is a business banner?

This is a banner that works for business and solves specific business problems. Business banners come in different shapes and sizes, their main purpose is to present information about your business on the website and third-party resources in a favorable light or in social networks. In addition, they are used as online advertising for advertising campaigns.

Every marketer, designer or business owner can create a banner for any advertising platform with BannerBoo. Just choose a business banner template, download and customize the banner sizes for your platform, and put your ad creatives to work!

What should a business banner contain?

An online business banner should be stylishly and effectively designed to attract the attention of potential customers. It should contain the company name, logo and contact information that makes it easy to contact the company.

A business banner should also include a brief description of the products or services the company provides and possibly a discount or special offer. A hyperlink (URL) must be included to immediately go to the company site or product page. It is important that the banner is mobile-friendly so that users can easily view it on their mobile devices.

How to create a banner for business?

With BannerBoo, the entire process of creating banners will be simple and clear:
  1. Open the BannerBoo online service and select the "Create banner" option.
  2. Choose a suitable business template, click on it and start editing.
  3. Adapt the ready-made design to the needs of your business (Choose images, fonts, texts, logos, experiment with background colors)
  4. Add a creative component to the advertising layout (add animation or interactive elements or stickers).
  5. Upload the file (in any desired format) and share on ad networks.

How to make a Facebook banner for a business page?

Facebook cover templates are also easy to find among BannerBoo designs. This is a large rectangular fragment that is located at the top of the page. For a business account, an attractive Facebook banner design is the main tool for demonstrating the benefits of the brand to a potential customer. Our templates are ready-made page covers that are presented in a banner size of 820x312px for a computer or 640x360px for a mobile device.

How to make a good banner?

Which banner is considered "beautiful"? One that has the following elements:
  • clear title and text that can interest the target audience;
  • bright image and attractive background color;
  • visible company logo;
  • active call to action.
Make sure your images, colors and text convey all the emotional components of your brand.

What types of banners are there?

In BannerBoo, you can choose business ad templates in the following formats:
  • animated banners or GIFs;
  • HTML5 and AMPHTML format;
  • static image and text;
  • videos and full-length stories for Facebook or Instagram.

Where to get business banner templates?

Log in to BannerBoo's online banner design service and access business banner templates to create ad layouts that are sure to be remembered attract potential customers and bring high conversions.
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