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How to create an effective advertising banner for the entertainment industry?

The entertainment and events industry is very competitive! You need to be brighter, more visible and more professional than your colleagues in the market. Here are the tips to help you create an event ad that motivates you to buy a ticket and reserve a table.

Focus on the target audience of the business

Think clearly: who is the person who will see your banner? What are her tasks, problems and goals? Why is your event the perfect place to spend a Friday night or weekend? As soon as you answer all the questions accurately, the advertising layout will hit the target!

One banner – one accent

If you have several events planned, it is better to create several separate banners, do not try to put all the invitations in one post. Such diversification will help to interact more effectively with the audience, better meet the needs and tasks of the business.

Provide contact information

Ensure that clear contact information is provided for clients to make reservations, including the phone number to call and the email address to write to. Additionally, it's essential to have a responsive team in place to promptly address inquiries and handle phone calls. Double-check that you have dedicated staff available to handle customer communications effectively.

Follow the structure

There is an effective structure for presenting information on the advertising layout: the first emphasis is on the headline, then additional text. Use fonts that are easy to read and at least 16 point. Develop each banner within this framework.

Use quality images

It is difficult to perceive small graphic material: blurred elements, illegible text or low-quality photos can reduce the effectiveness of advertising or spoil the company's reputation in general.

Keep the balance in colors and animations

Don't bore potential customers with overly active animations or flashy design colors. There should be a measure everywhere, but be sure to consider the needs of the audience. The banner should attract attention with its design, and not make you want to switch it immediately.

Follow a single visual concept

Banners on the website, advertisements, publications on social networks should look harmonious and in accordance with the corporate style of a certain event. Events look very stylish, where everything: from the badge to the entrance ticket and the decoration of the hall is made in a single design.
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What banner formats can be created in BanneBoo?

Choose a ready-made design to promote entertainment industry events in the format you need.
Animated banner templates for the entertainment industry

Animated banner templates for the entertainment industry

Animated banners stand out prominently in social media news feeds, captivating the attention of users. Do you still believe that only professional designers can create animations? We are here to dispel that myth and provide our customers with a user-friendly solution for creating diverse animated advertisements with BannerBoo! Users enthusiastically share creative content with their friends, helping expand your audience and extend your reach effortlessly.
HTML5 banner templates for the entertainment industry

HTML5 banner templates for the entertainment industry

If announcements of events are placed on the website, then all banners should be made in HTML5 or AMPHTML format. These are high-quality stock images, tests, links combined with special code in the HTML and CSS3 environment. To place the finished banner design on the site, an iframe tag is required. Also, this format works best on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn advertising networks.

HTML5 and AMPHTML banners:

  • adapted to display on mobile devices (and users of social networks often use smartphones);
  • perfectly display images, animated objects, links and texts;
  • faster pass the moderation of advertising networks;
  • do not delay the loading of pages, which is important for the SEO of the site.
GIF banner templates for the entertainment industry

GIF banner templates for the entertainment industry

GIF files are an international language of communication that is understood on any continent. For the entertainment industry, they are simply necessary! Social networks optimize and rank GIF impressions well, so you can count on good advertising coverage for your event. We all come across thousands of GIF files in messengers every day, so why not integrate this effective format into your marketing strategy? Here at BanneBoo, you can use hundreds of creative GIF banners, which will definitely bring high results of reach and interaction.
Social media banner templates for the entertainment industry

Social media banner templates for the entertainment industry

Do you need to announce the event on social networks? BannerBoo's banner creator has a whole library of professional designs for any of them. Templates are easy to adapt to your business needs and get high engagement results. Entertainment social media banners come in a variety of formats, so choose a suitable template from our library. All designs are created by the BannerBoo design community for the development of your business.
Free banner templates for the entertainment industry

Free banner templates for the entertainment industry

Can you get creative banner templates for free? With BannerBoo – absolutely! In the event and entertainment industry, there is a constant need for a wide range of designs: for websites, social media, promotional campaigns, and customer newsletters. Save time and money by avoiding the need to collaborate with designers. Create eye-catching banners to attract your potential audience using our service.

Frequently asked questions

How to create a banner ad for the entertainment industry?

Have you come up with a great event? Create a creative ad layout to promote it! With BannerBoo it's simple and easy:
  • choose a design idea among 12,000+ ready-made templates;
  • choose the required format: animated banner, GIF, video or story;
  • edit the ready-made design according to the needs of your business: change text, images, design elements, animations, etc.;
  • upload the banner to advertising and social networks.

How to make a banner for your entertainment industry company?

Working at BannerBoo is a pleasure. We have selected professional banner templates for our users, and also optimized all technical points. You only have to:
  1. Log in and select the "Create banner" option.
  2. Find your perfect online banner for presenting events and entertainment.
  3. Adapt the ready-made design to marketing tasks: replace the background image, stock photos, graphic elements.
  4. Save the banner and publish it on social or advertising networks.

Where to get entertainment banner design templates?

Choose from 12,000+ banners that are available to every BannerBoo user.

What should banner ads for the entertainment industry contain?

We recommend placing the following information on the banner:
  • company name and logo;
  • links to the site and business pages of social networks;
  • high-quality images, video files, and design elements;
  • well-thought-out advertising text for the presentation of events;
  • accurate and short CTA.

How to design a banner for the entertainment industry?

You need to do just three steps:
  • choose a design from the available ones and go to the editor to start editing;
  • customize the layout according to the need to place information about the company or brand (site link, event details, phone numbers, etc.);
  • save the banner and download the finished design in JPG, PDF or PNG format.
That's all! The whole process will take a maximum of 10–15 minutes.

Where to download entertainment banner templates for free?

BannerBoo has a free plan that is fully sufficient for creating effective banners.

How can I create a personalized banner ad for my clients?

If this is a personal invitation to the event, be sure to consider the style and design that this person likes.

Then everything is simple:

  • choose a design from available or create a banner "from scratch";
  • go to the workspace for editing;
  • adapt the banner to the tasks of the business: replace all the necessary information: link to the site, details of the event, invitation, phone number, etc.;
  • save the banner and upload it to social or advertising networks, or send it to e-mail.
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