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Exciting Blog & Lifestyle Banner Designs, Blog Templates, Blog Banners!

Stunning blog and lifestyle banners are a great way to boost your blog publications online and promote your services. Unlike ordinary advertising banners, our premium blog & lifestyle advertisement templates will help you promote your posts and services in a highly coveted real space, making it easier for customers to see and decide to buy.
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10 tips for creating effective Lifestyle banners

Before you get down to creating your banner, check out some tips to help you get the most exposure and enhance your blog's aesthetic.

Use a readable font

The audience should immediately understand what your post is about. The font should be at least 16 points, and Arial, Georgia, or EB Garamond are the easiest to read.

Consider the structure of the blog

Start by choosing a niche for your blog and create a well-thought-out content strategy for your posts.

Make the blog easy to read

Write short paragraphs, use headings and subheadings, submit lists with bullet points. This makes reading easier and more interesting.

Only high-quality images in banners

High-quality images are at the core of banner art. Combining visually appealing banners with relevant text yields higher engagement rates compared to text-only blogs.

Use compelling calls to action (CTAs)

What action do you expect from your subscribers after viewing the content : go to the site, write a message, leave a comment, etc.

Engage readers in dialogue

Create compelling content that inspires sharing, commenting, and interactive engagement in every possible way.

Use branding

Create a unified visual concept: use unified design elements and corporate style color scheme.

Engage your audience to increase awareness

A blog should be developed considering the needs and expectations of subscribers.

Use simple menu icons and illustrations

Every graphic element carries significance. Avoid cluttering the space and opt for simple and lightweight illustrations whenever possible.

Generate blog banner design ideas

Constantly look for new formats and ways of presenting information that will help create a creative environment and expand the audience.
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What banners can you create with BannerBoo?

Lifestyle Blog Banner Templates

Lifestyle Blog Banner Templates

Creating captivating banners is a vital aspect of online blog marketing. Banners serve various purposes, such as introducing the influencer, showcasing their areas of interest, managing business accounts, or promoting websites. Lifestyle blogs should be visually appealing, inspiring, and easy to comprehend. That's why we have developed numerous options tailored to different niches, including fashion, beauty, style, travel, aesthetics, and more. With our wide selection, you can find the perfect banner that suits your needs. While the design is creative, it maintains a clear structure and minimal distracting elements to ensure the potential subscriber's attention is focused on the content.
Animated templates and banners for Lifestyle blog

Animated templates and banners for Lifestyle blog

Get creative with BannerBoo banner templates! Use professional animated templates to create content you want to share. From scratch or adaptation of a ready-made design – it doesn't matter. The main thing is that creating a banner will take only a few minutes and will help generate visually attractive content that will 100% interest the potential target audience. Choose a template, create an idea for your designs using images or photos, icons, logos, brand fonts, and other elements that look complete and organic. Create, save and share your designs easily and in minutes with BannerBoo's online banner creator. By the way, it's free!
Blog banner templates in HTML5

Blog banner templates in HTML5

HTML5's banners are the perfect blend of code and images, making them an excellent choice for both mobile devices and websites. They are created in a special HTML environment. A collection of free ready-to-use animated HTML5 banner templates is now available at BannerBoo. We know for a fact that HTML5 animation is not an easy task, so we have created more than 12,000 ready-made designs without code or technical complications. Choose the one that suits you best, customize it according to your needs in a few clicks and start advertising today. You will be able to place banners in Google Ads or any other social network: Twitter, LinkedIn, AB, Adroll, Instagram, Facebook, and many others.
Lifestyle blog ad banner GIF templates

Lifestyle blog ad banner GIF templates

GIF banners are a highly effective tool for developing a blog community. With users being accustomed to many GIFs in messaging apps, such content is highly appreciated, especially in the Lifestyle niche. Create an animated banner for your post and see for yourself how the engagement rate is gaining momentum. In addition to the fact that users love GIFs, banners of this format are also universal (suitable for any advertising networks), interactive (causing interest) and have little "weight", which means they do not overload the gadget when played. This is very valuable because blog subscribers are mainly users of mobile versions of applications.
Social media blog and lifestyle blog banner templates

Social media blog and lifestyle blog banner templates

When it comes to planning an event on Facebook, creating a website, updating the design of your YouTube channel, or giving a final touch to your LinkedIn page, BannerBoo offers the optimal solution with its versatile banners. Create an attractive and cool banner in minutes using the online banner creation service. Go to the gallery of templates and choose the one that fully corresponds to the business task. It doesn't matter what your design experience is, we at BannerBoo have created an environment where everyone can become a creator: just upload text, images, logos, and get the perfect lifestyle banner. We have templates for any social media illustration.
Banner template design for lifestyle blogs

Banner template design for lifestyle blogs

The most successful banner design ideas are those that have a story behind them, not just a "Buy Now" promotional content. Create your own unique concept with BannerBoo templates – just choose the most appropriate banner and adapt it to the business goals of your blog. Banners are an ideal option for a content strategy:
  • interesting for the audience and engaging in dialogue;
  • universal: suitable for stories and publications in the news feed;
  • increase the recognition of the blog and form a positive image;
  • inexpensive as marketing assets that increase the value of content ;
  • help you reach your target audience and increase engagement with your content or blog.

Choose creative and stylish banner designs to create a unique visual concept for Lifestyle blogs.

Free lifestyle blog ad banner templates

Free lifestyle blog ad banner templates

To create an advertising banner for the network, it is not necessary to spend half of the marketing budget on working with a creator. You just need to visit the template library to choose a banner that fully matches the style and concept of your blog. Consider having a Lifestyle banner display the message that is the focus of your marketing strategy. Most likely, your potential followers see interesting promotional content and videos to subscribe to your blog and keep following it. The banner will tell about your channel and provide more useful information.

Frequently asked questions

How to make a banner for your blog?

Everything is simple:

Step 1: Login to BannerBoo and click "Create Banner".
Step 2: Choose one of 12,000+ templates for your blog, specify its dimensions and start editing.
Step 3: Change the photo and image, maybe even the color solution, adjust the animations and visuals.
Step 4. Upload the banner to any social networks in the desired format.

How to make a banner for a lifestyle blog?

First, determine what type of banner you need:
  • tell a story or engage with content;
  • present a product or service in a favorable light, formulate advantages;
  • show the concept of the blog and make accents;
  • create a loyal community and a new channel of communication with potential consumers.

Next, choose one of the BannerBoo templates (or several) and create an effective content strategy for your Lifestyle blog.

What is a blog banner?

This is any visual layout (image or video) that is published on social networks, on the website, or on third-party resources.

What should a blog banner contain?

A good blog banner is one that has a thoughtful design, quality graphics, and well-structured text. Ideally, it should also use colors that match the business concept and blog theme.

How to create a banner for your blog?

Create a unique and creative banner easy and simple:

1. Start by looking for inspiration

BannerBoo has thousands of professional templates to inspire you to create your masterpiece. Search the online service for a suitable banner by style, task, aesthetics, mood, or color.

2. Adapt the banner to your business

Customize and personalize every aspect of your template with ease. Modify texts, company fonts, images, photos, animations, and visual elements to transform the template into a unique representation of your blog's emotions and style. Let your creativity flow and make the template truly yours.

3. Strengthen the visual component

In BannerBoo, it is easy to add uniqueness to the finished banner : add animated GIF stickers, update text animation, write code or style. Don't worry, we've made sure that all the technical aspects don't get in the way of your creativity.

4. Choose the desired size

There is no need to remember all the required sizes of banners anymore. Simply create a design and adapt it to any social platform.

5. Save and publish the new banner to the blog

When the design is ready, all that remains is to select the required banner format to download to your device.

Where to get blog banner templates?

You don't need to search for templates anymore! Log in to BannerBoo, choose a tariff plan, and dive into the creative process of creating unique banners for Lifestyle blog posts and ads.
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