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Exciting Christmas Banner Ads and Design Templates

Stunning Christmas and New Year banners are a great way to boost your business online and promote your services. Unlike ordinary advertising banners, our premium Christmas advertisement templates will help you promote your posts and services in a highly coveted real space, making it easier for customers to see and decide to buy.
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How to create an effective advertising banner for Christmas?

Our designers have experience designing banners for many different industries. We will tell you how to create bright and effective banners that will help achieve high rates of coverage and build loyalty for your brand.

Use familiar visual images

Christmas has a special style that can be easily interpreted in advertising layouts (the main thing is to pay attention to where your audience lives to consider all the peculiarities of the mentality). Bet on emotional factors to capture the interest of a future buyer or subscriber.

Write an interesting text according to the structure

Of course, advertising layouts have their own scheme: title, main text, links and CTA. Keep the information simple and to the point, but add something traditionally "Christmassy": a greeting, a quote, a message, etc. This is how a stable association is created in the minds of consumers.

Communicate with your audience

Your customers are the most valuable asset of your brand! Make use of advertisements as a platform to engage with your audience. Encourage them to ask questions, and ensure prompt responses. This approach will foster effective organic growth of your posts and showcase the professionalism of your team.

Systematically develop brand communities

Situational marketing is important, but it's best to plan as much as possible in advance. Prepare the audience for the promotion, tell what the discounts and conditions will be, thereby creating delayed demand. Such advertisements will show much higher performance indicators.

Use a variety of content types

Each advertising network has its own characteristics, so it is important to consider them before developing a strategy:
  • the Facebook audience better perceives text content, where the banner only complements the main information;
  • Instagram users actively respond to videos and animated full-size banners;
  • LinkedIn is a professional network, so your banner should be discreet;
  • Twitter is special in that it requires very short but very to-the-point texts (and on the banner as well);
  • for TikTok, the text is not important at all, the video rules here, and the more unformatted, the better;
  • for Google Ads, there should be adaptive banners that are made according to special rules.

We recommend constantly looking for new formats of communication with potential consumers to be interesting to new segments of the audience.

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What banner formats can be created in BanneBoo?

Create effective designs for Christmas: advertising or greeting banners for your business. Choose templates that can be easily edited to suit your needs.
Animated Christmas banner templates

Animated Christmas banner templates

Christmas holidays are an active time for sales. These days, customers receive hundreds (if not thousands) of advertisements from a variety of brands. Your banner should stand out from the competition and be remembered by its visual component. Make your design animated and interactive. Don't know how? We will teach without any problems! At BannerBoo, we have more than 12,000 ready-made template options for any business. Our designers have thought through every element: animation, texts, images, so that you spend a minimum of time on development and focus on business development. By the way, it's also free!
HTML5 banner templates for Christmas holidays

HTML5 banner templates for Christmas holidays

Any marketing activities should be posted not only on social networks, but also on the website. In order for your site to work properly, complying with all SEO laws, make sure that the banners are HTML5. This format combines high-quality images, special code, texts and links. All of them are designed in a special HTML environment. Therefore, they are highly trusted by advertising networks, perfectly adapted to playback in mobile applications and do not load the site. At BannerBoo, we have prepared ready-made HTML5 banner templates, which only need to be adapted to the needs of your brand.
Christmas GIF banner templates

Christmas GIF banner templates

GIF files are very popular on social networks. Users like to use them in communication, so they are very loyal to such advertising integrations. A Christmas greeting GIF will definitely make you stand out from the same static images with a Christmas tree. Create an animated banner in BannerBoo for your brand that can be adapted to run on any ad network. They are interesting, original and "easy" to download through mobile applications.
Christmas social media banner templates

Christmas social media banner templates

Social networks are a field for creativity of any brands. Each publication should reflect the style and character of the brand, be interesting and interactive. We at BannerBoo have created a large collection of Christmas social media banner templates, where you can choose any (absolutely free) and adapt it to your ad campaign. Explore, choose the best option, adapt it to your brand's needs and share it on all the platforms you need in minutes.
Free Christmas Banner Templates

Free Christmas Banner Templates

Creative layouts, and for free? Choose professionally designed templates from the design team to create a post or advertisement that grabs attention from the first seconds of contact. Follow the marketing strategy of brand development, choose the most effective designs. With BannerBoo, you get access to thousands of images, icons, fonts and other graphic elements to make the whole design look more interesting and interactive. Easily create, save and share designs from the online designer in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

How to create an advertising banner for Christmas?

The ideal banner displays key information about a Christmas sale or special offer.
  1. Find a banner idea (check out BannerBoo's templates and look for options that match your task, aesthetic, mood, or color).
  2. Adapt the template to business needs (change the texts and font, then, if necessary, the image (to your own image or stock photos), animations and transitions).
  3. Add emotions (we have taken into account all technical options, so your task is to focus on accents and the visual component).
  4. Save the layout (press the "Publish" button and share your banner with your target audience).

How to make a Christmas banner for your company?

Everything is simple:
  1. Log in to BannerBoo and click the "Create Banner" button
  2. Choose a template by style, character and visual component.
  3. Customize your ad with your own text and images, vectors and illustrations to make your design unique.
  4. Save and upload the finished design to the site or to advertising networks.

Where to get Christmas banner design templates?

It's simple: create a BannerBoo account, choose a tariff plan and start working on advertising layouts.

What should advertising banners for Christmas contain?

To be an effective marketing tool, any banner ad should contain
  • high-quality photos, videos, logo (preferably in vector format), brand slogan;
  • basic information: about the promotion (sale), terms and conditions, deadlines;
  • a clear CTA and all contact information;
  • links to social networks or the site.

How to design a banner for Christmas?

If you already have an idea for a banner, it's just a matter of time: with BannerBoo, the whole process takes a few minutes, and the result can be downloaded in any format.

Let's start work:

  1. View ready-made templates that can be easily and simply edited.
  2. Choose the appropriate banner design and start adapting it to the needs of your brand.
  3. Change photo and image, color solution, adjust animation and visual elements.
  4. Upload the banner to any social networks or website in the desired format.

Where to download Christmas banner templates for free?

You can simply create an account on the BannerBoo service and get access to 12,000+ designs that will help your company generate interactive content to communicate with your audience.
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