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20 most impressive examples of digital out-of-home advertising campaigns

20 most impressive examples of digital out-of-home advertising campaigns

One of the most creative and informative formats is DOOH advertising, which shows a high level of interaction with the audience for various business industries. This format is considered cost-effective and large-scale, which is why many companies literally compete for the best display places. But not only the location guarantees effectiveness, the brand's task is to create a creative advertisement that will be noticed by the target audience.

The well-thought-out marketing strategy of the brand focuses not only on general digital activities, but also considers local activities in places with the largest concentration of people (UN and DOOH tools). Add a local flavor to advertising campaigns to cover the entire Custom Journey chain (every step of a potential customer's contact with the company).

The format of advertising depends on the brand's objectives: localization of the product range, response to local events and activities, product personalization for the needs of individual regions. If you actively work on introducing the company and implementing previous experience in places with the highest traffic in cities and locations, the marketing strategy will become as complete and comprehensive as possible.

We have selected 20 creative examples of DOOH advertising that will inspire you to create your own unique advertising. Let's go!

What is DOOH?

DOOH or digital outdoor advertising is familiar to everyone. You see it on digital screens when you pass a bus stop, go to work on the subway, wait for a flight at the airport, go up the escalator in the shopping center.

Gone are the days when replacing a billboard or poster was a lengthy process. Now, you can easily switch digital images, even every 5 seconds, and customize advertisements based on the time of day, month, or season. This level of flexibility enables the creation of highly targeted and captivating advertising for each specific audience segment.

Also DOOH is:

  • dynamism and versatility of advertising formats;

  • the possibility of rotating several ads at the same time;

  • monitor the activity of the displays and turn them off when no one is around to save resources.

So, dive into the world of interactive ads for digital displays, and we'll tell you and show you how.

bannerboo dooh advertising

Why are external digital media formats effective?

The company strives to be close to potential customers at every step. When a person leaves his home, puts down his smartphone and closes his laptop, he should not lose touch with the brand.

Digital outdoor advertising is very effective and becomes exactly the unobtrusive element that accompanies the client wherever he is: choosing products in a shopping center, waiting for a train or plane flight, driving on the autobahn.

Advantages of outdoor advertising:

  • cheaper than advertising on television or radio;

  • more concentrated, helps to more accurately form the audience's perception of the brand;

  • has the ability to select a location;

  • guarantees wide coverage;

  • communicates with different groups of people for the same cost.

Cons of outdoor advertising (yes, yes, they also exist):

  • impossibility of audience segmentation;

  • less access to instant brand or product information;

  • customers can simply forget about the advertising message as soon as the ad disappears from the field of view;

  • cannot offer personalized formats (unlike digital advertising with tracking cookies).

When utilizing external digital advertising, it's crucial to be prepared to craft a compelling advertisement that will leave a lasting impression on the target audience.

Examples of inspiring outdoor advertising:

#1 McCafe ad that responds to weather changes (McDonald's)

McDonald's in Great Britain advertised two frozen drinks – strawberry lemonade and frappe. The campaign was adapted to weather conditions: when the temperature rose above 22 degrees Celsius, the advertisement appeared on the digital screen. And when the temperature is over 25 degrees, the name of the city and the temperature value were added to the announcement. Summer drinks from McDonald's were promoted much more effectively than with the usual placement of an advertising poster, and the audience received relevant, timely and useful content.

bannerboo mccafe dooh ad

the material is taken from the resource

#2 Rituals Eindhoven and personal delivery

During the lockdown in the Netherlands, the Rituals store organized a personal delivery. The point was that the customer could choose everything in the store during the consultation and get the order delivered to the address. The service is simple, fast and very individual. But it has a special advertising meaning because the workers who deliver the products are dressed in a special uniform, and thus become a unique tool of communication with their audience right on the streets of the city.

#3 Acadia SUV advertisement

Acadia GMC used facial analytics technology to create engaging digital signage with dynamic content. Cameras on the digital display, using artificial intelligence algorithms, could determine audience demographics (age and gender), and based on this, show the viewer one of 30 possible targeted video ads.

This campaign was one of the first to show the potential of machine learning in outdoor digital advertising. GMC used the power of DOOH to personalize its content and create personalized advertising messages.

bannerboo acadia dooh example

the material is taken from the resource

#4 Royal Caribbean with Mother's Day ad

For their Mother's Day campaign, the marketing team came up with typical "mom phrases" related to experiences that can happen during a cruise. While Royal Caribbean did not originate the idea, they successfully tailored the content to suit the market of each specific country, considering the overall concept and mindset. This ad campaign is an example of a smart social media strategy, analyzing local markets to localize and personalize content.

bannerboo royal carribean dooh example

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#5 "Make the most of summer" (Google)

Responsive digital advertising from the brand was placed in the UK. The campaign highlights Google's Search and Maps features, showcasing popular locations and seasonal search terms such as 'best ice cream in Glasgow' or 'parks near you'.

This responsive digital ad is a prime example of DOOH advertising. Also, it shows how the campaign really reflects and shows how Google Search and Maps can help people make the most of these opportunities.

bannerboo google dooh example

the material is taken from the resource

#6 Localized menus at McDonalds

This is simply a textbook example of local digital marketing of the international fast food McDonalds, when the range of products is adapted to the needs of various markets: in Spain there is "Patatas Deluxe", in India – "Dosa Masala Burger", in the Netherlands – "McKroket", and in South Africa standard barbecue sauce has been replaced with McBraai sauce. All these advertisements are placed in crowded places and offer to join a community of lovers of delicious fast food.

bannerboo mcdonalds dooh example

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#7 LASIK MD and their elevator pitches

Lasik MD's marketing team asked themselves: Can a social platform identify elevator users who wear glasses and then serve them different advertisements to promote the service? The artificial intelligence technology recognized whether the user was wearing glasses and updated creatives accordingly. At the same time, the content of the ad changed depending on the types of glasses.

The result: 11 million targeted impressions, a 17% increase in engagement among the target audience. The advertising technology also recognized age and gender, allowing Lasik MD to further segment its results and develop strategies.

bannerboo lasic dooh example

the material is taken from the resource

#8 Pepsi Max created an incredible bus stop

The Pepsi Max company actively uses digital signage in a creative format. They turned London's bus stops into a whole gallery of images with various scenarios. The screens used cameras and acted as a window, using the space of the street to show the "unbelievable" happenings around these stops.

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#9 Dallas Cowboys and their photo booth for posing with professional athletes

In 2019, the Dallas Cowboys installed interactive "Pose with the Pros" kiosks in the concourses at ATT Stadium. Interactive screens invited fans to take pictures with virtual members of the Dallas Cowboys. You could choose up to five of your favorite players, and then the AR program would overlay photos of the players around the individual in the image. The new photo could be shared via social networks or sent by e-mail.

bannerboo dallas cowboys dooh example

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#10 GIFs from Netflix France

This ad campaign was billed as "the first to be created entirely with GIFs", highlighted the development of the GIF trend and showcased a truly unique format. Netflix's advertising in France did not take into account the location of the screens. The campaign unfolds in several locations and works with a variety of audiences.

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#11 PLUS created a monopoly in a separate city

How to turn the town into a real game? Marketers of PLUS supermarkets in a small town in the Netherlands offered an action: residents could play Monopoly, make offers about streets and buildings. This is a great example of outdoor advertising at the point of sale, encouraging communication and implementing gamification in real life.

#12 Hjärtat and their smoking ads in Sweden

By uniquely combining digital campaigns with smoke detectors, Hjärtat was able to market anti-smoking products directly to smokers in Sweden. It worked like this: when a smoke detector detected a smoker, it would trigger a digital sign to show that someone was coughing. The relevance and resonance of the campaign are at the highest level.

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#13 Bavaria brand and carnival celebration

The Dutch beer brand Bavaria created a special campaign for the Dutch carnival. Marketers created an online petition to declare people off for the holidays. The campaign was widely distributed across all social media channels and was supported by national television advertising. Thanks to this, Bavaria won the trust and support of many residents.

The results: over 4 million impressions and hundreds of thousands of likes, comments and shares.

the material is taken from the resource

#14 Collection of sports cards in Jumbo supermarkets

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has created a whole collection of digital images of sports teams that can be collected. For every €10 spent at Jumbo, customers received one set of sports cards. This is a great example of local marketing where a brand really takes into account the interests of the local community and supports local sports clubs.

#15 "Waste Wave" on Corona brand billboards

In 2018, Corona created an advertising integration about environmental issues. Artist Andy Billet created a three-dimensional "wave" from plastic waste collected in the UK, combined with an image of surfer Chris Hemsworth. The billboard is designed to show the horror of environmental problems and the amount of plastic that ends up in the oceans. Citizens were urged to recycle waste. The same companies were held in Melbourne, Lima, Santiago, Bogotá and Santo Domingo.

bannerboo corona dooh example

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#16 UNICEF "Give meaning to Halloween"

Since 1950, UNICEF has been sending the well-known orange donation boxes to children during the collection of goodies. Since last year, the company has completely switched to digital technologies and replaced the boxes with a QR code. People can make donations, communicate on social networks, learn more about UNICEF. The campaign is aimed not only at children (as before), but also at generation Z and millennials, who are actively involved in volunteering and social activism.

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#17 Corona ad that depends on the position of the sun

The beer brand found an unexpected concept with the help of the sun. The creative begins with an ordinary beer bottle label applied to the wall of a house painted in Corona's signature yellow color. In a special period of time between 18:30 and 18:45, passers-by see the billboard in its entirety. It features a bottle of Corona beer and the text "made by nature". Thus, the manufacturer indicates that the beer contains only natural ingredients. Location: Brighton, Great Britain.

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#18 Nike and a new product – Halloween sneakers

Special Edition of Nike Halloween-themed sneakers? Why not! The Nike Dunk Low comes in black, cream and orange with a glow-in-the-dark overlay, illuminated soles and a creepy spider graphic on the insole. Advertising posters and billboards with the new model flooded cities and streets, which means that advertising will hit the target.

bannerboo nike dooh example

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#19 Piz Buin showed the effect of the sun on the skin

The Piz Buin brand decided to clearly show what happens to the skin if you don't use sunscreen. And they used the perfect combination: outdoor advertising plus environmental analysis. As the sun sets, the picture on the billboard begins to be illuminated by ultraviolet light, and sunburns become visible.

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#20 Ikea developed a separate marketing strategy to promote the new Malaysian store

For the local campaign, the urban dialect, Hokkien, is used. Many Hokkien words end in "Kia", which rhymes with IKEA. The campaign was launched across digital, print, social and DOOH platforms.

bannerboo ikea dooh example

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#21 Lego

Billboards and bus stops feature a unique Lego image that fits perfectly with the exterior. The board is a portal to another dimension that is made entirely of Lego. Certified Lego artist Nicholas "Blackbulb" worked to create three separate bus stop signs: "Whale", "Monster" and "Caterpillar".

bannerboo lego dooh example

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Where to create DOOH advertising?

The functionality of the BannerBoo online banner builder will be perfect for you. We have created a creative environment for marketers to help develop HD ad formats for a variety of businesses.

Follow the algorithm:

Step 1. Start with inspiration

Get inspired by the examples of creative presentation and marketing approaches to developing promotional materials that are given in this article. Plus, check out 12,000+ ready-made professional templates at BannerBoo. This will help you choose a design based on style, task, animation, aesthetics, mood, or color.

Step 2. Log in to the BannerBoo service

All you have to do is enter your email and come up with a password to get access to collections of templates and a complete toolkit for creating banners from scratch.

Step 3. Start creating

You have two options: create a new banner in HD format, or choose one of the templates.

bannerboo banner creation

Step 4. Develop an advertisement:
  • if it's a new banner: implement all ideas in a simple and clear graphical interface, where all the tools are thought out for your convenience.

  • if you chose a template: adapt it to your business needs. Change colors, text and brand fonts, images and photos, preview animations, and visuals. You can completely change the template beyond recognition, but so that it conveys the emotions and style of your brand.

Step 5: Add animations and interactive elements

Animated GIF stickers and decals, text animation, written code, or style. BannerBoo has everything you need. Don't worry, we've made sure that all the technical aspects do not interfere with creativity.

Step 6. Save the banner for placement in DOOH ad networks

Choose the desired banner format to download to your laptop and transfer it to place, print and publish.

Creating advertising banners has never been so simple and convenient. Choose BannerBoo and save resources to make the most of all DOOH opportunities


As machine learning and artificial intelligence become more and more accessible, it is already clear that this trend will only improve. AI allows companies to create interactive and creative personalized advertising that will precisely hit the target and win the attention of the potential consumer.

According to, DOOH accounted for 28.3% of all outdoor advertising in 2019 and is projected to reach 38.3% by 2023. So, don't miss the opportunity to add this promotional tool to your company development marketing portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

Give examples of outdoor advertising

Read the new article "Inspiring examples of outdoor advertising"

What is digital DOOH?

DOOH uses opportunities to broadcast content to audiences through digital screens in elevators, airports, train stations, street advertising, billboards, and television programs. You can read more about DOOH by the link.

How effective is DOOH media?

According to, DOOH accounted for 28.3% of all outdoor advertising in 2019, and by 2023 it is predicted that this figure will increase to 38.3%. We recommend brands not to lose such an active and interactive tool of interaction with the target audience.

Name 5 types of outdoor advertising

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear "outdoor advertising" is huge billboards. But there are different forms of advertising:

  • radio;

  • TV;

  • publications in newspapers;

  • publications in magazines;

  • direct mail.

What are three tips to consider for DOOH advertising?

Want DOOH to be effective and targeted?

  1. carefully analyze the target audience and determine the needs that your brand can work with;

  2. choose a high-quality location where there is a high concentration of potential buyers;

  3. create a quality and creative advertisement.

Which DOOH advertising campaign is the most successful?

DOOH advertising activities are guaranteed to bring high results when:

  • will respond to the requests of the target audience;

  • will actively communicate with potential consumers;

  • will be personalized and will differ from the activity of colleagues in the market.

What makes a DOOH ad good?

Three key aspects that help DOOH campaigns become successful:

  • adaptability (technologies that manage content);

  • a minimum of text on the screen (it should float or move slowly so that viewers can read the ad);

  • relevance of ads (relevance to requests and needs of the audience).

How is DOOH measured?

Campaign results are usually evaluated by comparing KPIs (sales, registrations, downloads, etc.) before and after the campaign is launched. However, you can also add:

  • mobile data analysis to move to location-specific analysis;

  • special promo codes or QR codes to track the number of users who use them.

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