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What are HTML5 banners and how do I create them?

31 January 2021

Banners are often used as advertisements on various Internet sites — bright blocks with text and images. The very first banner appeared in 1994 on HotWired.com. It was an incredible success — 44% of site visitors clicked on it.

With the development of internet marketing and technology, banners have lost significant conversions. But such advertising still remains effective and relevant. According to WordStream, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking to buy an item online!

An example of banner ad sizes

To date, banners have gone through a rather long evolutionary path: they have been divided into various formats that provide more opportunities for advertising. What banners are and how they differ from each other, we will talk about in this article.

What are banners?

There are static and animated banners. Static ads have one image with advertising text, and animated advertisements have moving elements and animation effects.

Animated banners include the following formats:

  • GIF;
  • Flash;
  • HTML5.

At the moment, the first two technologies for creating banners have become less used: GIF has rather limited capabilities, and Flash will soon no longer be supported on any platform. So let's take a closer look at popular and widely used HTML5 banners.

An example of GIF ad created in BannerBoo banner editor

An example of GIF ad created in BannerBoo banner editor

Differences between HTML5 banners and other formats

HTML5 vs Other Formats

HTML5 banners consist of images, videos, animations, text, and HTML code. They have a number of advantages that have propelled this technology far forward:

  • such ads are perfectly adapted to both mobile devices and desktop ones;
  • the format assumes ample opportunities for the integration of pictures, animated objects, and links;
  • due to the small file size, they do not slow down the loading of the pages on which they are located;
  • have high-quality images and clear graphics;
  • their effectiveness can be tracked using analytics;
  • the ability to edit an already-published ad.

How to create HTML5 banners

An HTML5 banner is a combination of images, text, links, HTML, and CSS3 code. In order to place it on any site, you need to use the “iframe” tag.

Creating banners of this format without special tools is a difficult task, especially for a beginner. For these purposes, many programs have been developed, most of which are complex graphic editors. To understand them, you must have at least a basic knowledge of the HTML language.

We solved this problem and created the leading online HTML5 banner maker — BannerBoo! Look at the banners that have already been made with our tool: (examples).

The example of banners created in BannerBoo

The example of banners you can create with BannerBoo editor

Why use BannerBoo?

This HTML5 ad builder is specially developed so that everyone can create banners on their own and launch online advertising for their product in search engines and social networks.

Create HTML5 banner with BannerBoo

This is BannerBoo:

  • simplicity — clear interface and hints;
  • convenience — everything you need in one place;
  • professionalism — a wide range of design tools.

In our constructor, you will find the ability to create one banner for all sites at once, 7000 ready-made professional templates, various effects, and animations.

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