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Video ad editor for Facebook

Create Facebook ad videos in an online creator BannerBoo is fast and easy!
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Create effective video banners for Facebook ads

Do you need to increase the level of traffic to social networks or your website? Easily!

Create a video ad in BannerBoo's online builder and run it on the social media platform Facebook!

Developing a video clip has never been easier: find an idea (or choose a ready-made template), create a video sequence, text and set animations — and the video clip is ready to be uploaded to Facebook Ads Manager.
Fill your Facebook business page with relevant content that engages consumers, increases engagement and tells a unique story about your product, service or business.

BannerBoo Facebook video ad builder makes it easy and simple to make a GIF animation or a full video sequence in just a few clicks.

The service has the functionality of content optimization for social networks, a huge selection of templates, colors and texts that collect a lot of likes, comments and applications. Thousands of customers are already creating videos with BannerBoo — join us!
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video ads for Facebook

Video advertising is suitable for any purpose and any business! It doesn't matter if you have a summer or winter sale, a new product launch, a new line of business or a new collection — promotion on advertising networks should be an integral part of your business's marketing strategy.

We have created a bank of video templates for any — what a business! Drive sales with bright and creative videos that sell. The BannerBoo team has accumulated the experience of thousands of customers to create such video clips that attract the attention of consumers from the first seconds. Choose your specialty and start creating!

Advantages of video advertising on Facebook:

Remember the time when only traditional advertising formats were available to businesses: newspapers/magazines, outdoor advertising, radio and television? At that time, creating a commercial was a real task with an asterisk, and also resource-consuming.

Nowadays, Facebook videos are the perfect way to introduce your product to your audience. With BannerBoo's online builder, it's easy to create effective ads anywhere, anytime. All you need is an idea and a brand.

More effective than television advertising

Social media users prefer watching videos over images (unless it's a photo of friends and family, of course). Facebook algorithms know about this and support activity in every possible way. Rest assured, video ads are guaranteed to be shown to all the target audience you choose.

If you have thought about creating a video clip, with BannerBoo you can do it like a pro without spending a lot of money and time.
Small investment, high efficiency

Small investment, high efficiency

In the BannerBoo service, it is easy to create professional videos and GIFs, and attract a growing audience on social networks every day for a small investment (from $1-2 per day). All you need: 15-20 minutes a week, cool ideas for promotion and a small advertising budget. You don't need a lot of creative experience at all — we recommend starting with video ad templates.

It's an easy way to create your first videos and gain valuable experience with your audience in no time.

Facebook video ads that don't scroll

Advertising is very similar to mathematics: follow all the rules and you will get the expected effect! Trial and error is fine, but why when we at BannerBoo have tons of video templates that you can adapt to your business in minutes?

How to make an ad that sells?
  • stick to the goal
  • when choosing an advertising goal (brand awareness, site traffic, engagement, lead generation, or app installs), the video should show that content.
  • When you ask to subscribe to the page, it will not be correct to show the product and emphasize the "Buy" button.
  • play by Facebook's rules
  • there are a whole bunch of rules about what can and can't be in a video. In general, don't insult anyone, don't make false statements, and don't advertise anything illegal.
Increases consumer loyalty to the brand

Increases consumer loyalty to the brand

Video advertising on Facebook introduces potential consumers to a company, product or service in an easy and simple way. The most creative formats immediately become viral, and the audience actively likes, shares and shows them to their friends.

Use video whenever you can and your audience will respond with loyalty and engagement.
It's not just an ad, it's a story

It's not just an ad, it's a story

Users of social networks come into contact with advertising messages every 2-3 minutes.

Think about whether they remember all the companies whose ads they saw? Of course not. Among such a large amount of informational noise, what remains in the memory is that which carries an emotional component.

Video is about emotions and stories that you want to watch and be a part of.
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Create effective ads in 4 easy steps

Creating videos is easy and simple with BannerBoo!
  • 1
    Choose the size of the banner for the Facebook video in the service (1080*1080px for the feed and 1920*1080px for stories)
  • 2
    Add your logo, brand font, color, text to be added, and choose the required video animation
  • 3
    Check the operation of the animation, set its duration, style, effects that emphasize the main accents of the video
  • 4
    Check the look and duration of the video clip and save the file in the format you want to download

Create a banner for free in BannerBoo

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From free access to a professional environment, choose a format based on your marketing goals
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How to create a video ad: practical tips

BannerBoo's online builder has everything video creators need to run successful Facebook ad campaigns and test results.

Find the best footage for your ad

Running out of visuals to create a Facebook video? No problem! BannerBoo has a library of 8000+ different image, photo and video templates that you can easily use in any format.

Choose a style and visual design

Keep a neutral line — don't overload the video with all possible animation tools. Add "air" between the text, make smooth transitions — such a file will be perceived more easily and more fully.

Sound is not the main thing, create subtitles

Surely you know that about 85% of videos are watched without sound? Create subtitles — make sure the customer can easily understand the ad with the sound off.

Keep your videos short

Customers don't have a lot of free time to watch 5 minute ad videos. Did you get their attention? Super! Now briefly and quickly tell about your offer so that the customer makes a decision to buy. Successful Facebook videos are 30 seconds or less and get to the point quickly.
By the way, to increase the chances of success of the video, determine the best time for its publication. When is your audience online: weekdays or weekends? When are people likely to search for the content they need? See when is the best time to post videos on Facebook to get even better results!

Facebook video ads FAQ

How to create video ads on Facebook?

There may be several options:
  • the editor of the Facebook Ad Manager platform (helps to create simple video files or slide shows from photo or video files and add simple animation);
  • third-party applications for creating videos (there are a lot of them — choose and test the most convenient for use);
  • online creators for creating videos (the most convenient format for marketers and designers, and the simplest and most understandable is the BannerBoo service).

What is the best video maker for Facebook?

If your task is a unique and dynamic video file, then the BannerBoo service is the optimal solution. Designed specifically for marketers, designers and business owners who want to create authentic and useful content.

How to create an animated Facebook ad?

In order for an ordinary banner to turn into an animated advertisement, you must:
  1. Go to the panel for animation (look for it at the bottom of the workspace);
  2. Select the required layer (for convenience, all elements are placed in separate layers, they can be scrolled up and down);
  3. Choose the duration of the animation in seconds (for Facebook — up to 15 seconds);
  4. Choose the main element that will attract attention to the advertisement and enable the necessary animation style for it;
  5. Choose an animation for each required element;
  6. To check how the banner will look — use the "Preview" button;
  7. Save the banner in the required format for uploading to Facebook.
If you are more of a visual person, we recommend watching the video instruction from the Knowledge Base.

How to make a Facebook video with images and music?

You need to log in to the BannerBoo website and click the "Create banner" button.
  1. Select the template and size of the required banner
  2. Browse ready-made video templates, choose or create one from scratch by choosing a predefined size from the library.
  3. Make the necessary banner settings
  4. Edit any banner to suit your needs or turn a static ad into a video clip with just a few clicks.
  5. Export banners
  6. Download animated ads and use them in popular advertising and social networks.

How long should Facebook video ads be?

Analyzing the articles and publications of marketers, we can conclude: the optimal duration is 5-15 seconds. Such a video is easier to create and interact with. Of course, in each case, consider the company's marketing goals.

MOV or MP4 is better for Facebook

MP4 is better for Facebook. Requirements and specific working conditions are important here.
In general, MP4 can be used in more devices, operating systems and media players. This format can provide high image quality and small file size. Many online platforms prefer MP4 over other video formats, including MOV.

The MOV file format is mainly used in the professional environment for QuickTime Player. MOV is inferior to MP4 when comparing the compression level of these two files.

How to upload good quality videos to Facebook?

In order to download a video, you need to save it in maximum quality. Use BannerBoo's ready-made video download tools and save it to your computer. Next, upload the finished file to Facebook Ads Manager.

What are the Facebook video requirements?

The Facebook advertising network provides the following specifications for video ads :
  • File type: MP4, MOV or GIF
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 (suitable for desktop or smartphone) or 4:5 (mobile only)
  • Resolution: minimum 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Video duration: from 1 second to 241 minutes
  • Maximum file size: 4 GB
  • Minimum width: 120 pixels
  • Minimum height: 120 pixels

Is video advertising effective?

According to marketing agencies, video ads show higher engagement rates than static images or text. Users pay more attention to a dynamic and active video series, which means that the company has more chances to remain in the memory of a potential client.

What is the maximum video size for Facebook?

The maximum file size for correct uploading to Facebook is 4 GB.

Are video ads on Facebook expensive?

No, not more expensive than the static image or carousel format. It often happens that it is even cheaper, because the indicators of interaction and relevance of the content are among the key factors when forming a bid for a click or viewing of an advertisement.

What are the 3 most important parts of a video ad for Facebook?

Please note that video ads must contain:
  1. a simple and clear goal that is read from the first seconds of viewing;
  2. subtitles and textual information that duplicates the sound sequence;
  3. active call to action (CTA) — the activity that must be performed after viewing a video advertisement (call, visit the site, subscribe).
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  • One of the best banner creation softwares
    The interface is simple and intuitive, the website is created so that everyone should feel comfortable using it.

    BannerBoo allows you to create interesting and creative banners.

    There's a big library of ready-made templates that you can quickly edit and adjust to your needs.
  • HTML5 with no code needed
    I use BannerBoo to create beautiful banners (designed by templates, not me) and make them HTML5 (by the app, no t me) so I can send them as email marketing.
  • Now I create HTML5 banners of all sizes so fast, sooo fast with zero design skills!
    It's been fantastic so far; their customer support team is very helpful, fast, and responsive. The tool and UI are continuously improving.
  • Impressive templates
    It's easy to use, has really simple design, and they are animated. What could be better than that? Create animated ads for marketing campaigns quickly, and you get a great deal of animated templates for your money. Customer Support is also good. Roadmap also looks promising.
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