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How to create and run Instagram Story ads in 2023?

How to create and run Instagram Story ads in 2023?

The story format (stories) is undoubtedly familiar to everyone who has ever used Instagram. This full-screen video format quickly gained popularity due to its engaging and user-friendly nature. With a lifespan of just 24 hours, the interactive elements and stickers have captivated users since their introduction. It's hard to imagine an Instagram feed without them!

Should you use stories in your social media marketing strategy? 100% must. In addition to having high engagement rates (which are key metrics for a business profile), these short videos can also be used effectively in advertising campaigns to increase reach and introduce a product or service to an even larger audience.

Incorporating stories into your social media marketing strategy is a must — they boast high engagement rates, which are key metrics for a business profile. Furthermore, you can use these short videos effectively in advertising campaigns to increase reach and introduce your product or service to an even larger audience.

Exploring Instagram Story Ads: What You Need to Know

This is a full-fledged Instagram ad. Stories give viewers a sense of complete immersion in a company, process, or product. A vertical photo or video that fills the smartphone screen and almost does not differ from a regular publication (with the "Sponsored" mark, but it is subtle).

Instagram Story dimensions graphic

* photo taken from

Advertising in stories is available to brands or companies with any number of followers.

Even more, this tool will help you reach even more potential subscribers, attract them to view the publication, and then visit the site or make a purchase.

In fact, 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day, and one-third of the stories with the highest views are business profiles of brands and companies. It's a continuous process: as one story ends, another automatically starts, meaning you'll have extra opportunity to reach out to friends, family, and other preferred accounts of potential buyers. In addition, advertisers can encourage potential customers to engage in dialogue using variable calls to action (CTA).

If you're worried that 24 hours is too little for a story to exist, then Instagram has solved that issue as well. Instagram Stories Highlights is a feature that allows you to save videos and photos under the biography in the profile for any time.

To highlight individual Stories, tap the circle called New (it's always on the far left). You will then be taken to the archive, where you can choose to save any story that was created and published in the last two years. Once it's selected, highlights will appear in the profile as a circle, that plays as a separate story when someone taps on it. The content is stored indefinitely until you choose to delete it.

Advertisers who want to reach as many potential buyers as possible need to be where their target audience spends their time. That's why advertising on Instagram Story is a great solution.

Why use Instagram Stories for marketing?

First, it is the most popular content format, which corresponds to the concept of brand nativeness. Stories have always gone beyond the rules and shown images or videos in a user-friendly format.

According to, 47% of users said that Instagram Stories help them be more interesting when communicating with friends and family. And for business, stories are an opportunity to show real and interactive content to engage the audience.

instagram story ad

* photo taken from

Why is it important to use Instagram Stories in marketing?

  • high coverage rates;
    Every time you post a new story, the Instagram account appears above your followers' feed with a bright ring around the avatar. This is a signal: "there is new content here, and it should be viewed." That is why the stories are hard to miss.

    It's easier for business profiles to reach people with story content than with posts. If you post several stories in a row (or at different times throughout the day), you will increase your reach on Instagram. According to a study by SocialInsiders, publishing up to five stories per day provides a retention rate of about 70%.

  • interaction with your audience;
    Instagram stories are perfectly designed for interactive communication with your target audience. Here are a few ideas to increase consumer engagement:
    • organize a survey (using the "Survey" sticker);

    • stimulate dialogues and ask direct questions (for example, through the "Question" sticker);

    • ask for feedback on a new product or line of business;

    • show how to use your product or service.

    High interaction rates in stories or posts are of great importance. In fact, this is a signal to the algorithms that the company's content is relevant and interesting, so it should be shown to potential subscribers in the organic edition more often.
  • the ability to direct traffic to your site;
    Instagram does not support the ability to leave links in posts, or rather you can leave them, but they will be inactive. But in stories — all links work and can lead directly to the site. We remember that any social networks and activities on any third-party resources should become a place of traffic to your resource. It is important!

    For example, if you have an online store, leave a link directly to the product card so that the customer can go and buy the necessary product. If you don't have a product, you can also get attention with blog posts, contests, lead magnets, or anything else you'd like to show your social media followers.

  • advertising activities in Instagram Stories
    According to, the advertising reach of Instagram users is 1.22 billion. To all of these people, you can show ads in stories to bring attention to your social media pages, website, and company. Ads on Instagram Stories are integrated between regular Stories, making them look a lot like regular posts.
  • opportunities to increase brand engagement
    Instagram Stories influence one of the most important indicators on Instagram — the relevance of the company to the audience. Stories are fun, interactive, which means they can easily and quickly engage content and build an online community.

Incorporating Stories into your marketing strategy can significantly boost your business account's relevance scores. Without Stories, your relevance scores may be lower than desired. If you're not already using this feature, now is the time to start!

What are the Instagram Story ad sizes in 2023?

The full-screen and vertical format of stories is unique and significantly different from other layouts. That is why it will be necessary to create a Story from scratch every time.

Technical characteristics of Instagram:

  • aspect ratio 9:16;

  • .mp4 or .mov for video;

  • .jpg or .png for photos and images;

  • file size is 4 GB for video

  • file size – up to 30 MG for photos;

  • 15 seconds video duration;

  • at least 5 seconds for a slide show;

  • the recommended resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels (minimum 600 pixels x 1067 pixels).

The best story ad formats

Instagram Stories ads are full screen. You can choose a call to action yourself from the list of available ones to engage customers in a dialogue. In addition, ads can include interactive elements such as video effects, face filters or stickers to attract the attention of the audience.

Instagram advertising formats:

Graphic ads This is the simplest and most popular format: one full-screen image or photo combined with the necessary text Main characteristics: size: 1080x1920px aspect ratio: 9:16.
Video advertising It has two formats: short stories (up to 15 seconds) and long videos (up to 120 seconds — IGTV). Ads can be placed on the platform among the stories of ordinary users, and also in Instagram Video (at the beginning, in the middle, or after videos) Main characteristics:
size: 1080x1920px
aspect ratio: 4:5.
Recommended video formats: MP4 and MOV
maximum size: 30 GB
maximum duration: 2 min!
Don't forget to make subtitles
Carousel A special format that is similar to a gallery of images (up to 10 pieces), each of which has its own unique URL. The only caveat is that you can place only 2-3 full-size stories, if there are more images or videos — they will have a square format (1080x1080px). Main characteristics:
image format: .JPG or .PNG
size: 1080x1920px
aspect ratio: 1:1, 9:16, 16:9 to 4:5
We recommend leaving 250 pixels at the top and bottom of the ad with no logos, text or key ad elements — functional elements will be placed there, so that may interfere with the design
Explore ads There's an entirely new advertising format. The fact is that more than 200 million users view the “Explore” page daily, and 50% of Instagram accounts use Explore at least once a month. As the network algorithms shape content according to consumer interests, it is a great idea to appear on the Explore page through advertisements. Main characteristics:
download the video in the highest resolution
video duration: from 1 to 120 seconds
video subtitles are optional, but highly recommended
Reels Instagram The format is quite similar to regular Instagram Stories, but with any duration (more than 15 seconds). Users can like, comment, save, share content. That is why the format is similar to regular posts and Instagram stories at the same time Main characteristics:
size: 1080x1920px
aspect ratio: 1:1, 9:16, 16:9 to 4:5
recommended video formats: MP4 and MOV
maximum size: 30 GB
maximum duration: 2 min

Please note that any video ad file longer than 15 seconds will be displayed as a carousel of stories, with each card showing up one after the other. Instagram will automatically display one to three ad cards, followed by a 'Continue Watching' option to view the remaining content.

instagram ad example

* photo taken from

Call to action (CTA) by adding a link

Just a year ago, only Instagram accounts with over 10,000 followers could add links to their stories. This feature was crucial, as users could swipe up to visit a website or other resource directly. Today, this functionality is available to every Instagram user. To add a link, simply click on the "Link" graphic element when creating a story, enter the URL, and select a call-to-action (CTA) to entice your viewers to engage with your link.

how to add a link to instagram story

* photo taken from the website

The most common calls to action (CTA) include:

  • Book now
  • Call now
  • Contact us
  • Donate
  • Download
  • Install now
  • Learn more
  • Listen now
  • Order now
  • Send a message
  • Make a purchase
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe

If you haven't selected CTA for your Instagram ads, the Learn More button will still appear in your ad. It will be highlighted in color (blue, black, gray or as close as possible to your design — unfortunately, it is impossible to choose the color yourself) and will become active when viewing the ad.

How to create an Instagram Story ad?

Creating an advertising story involves more than just recording a video on your front camera. You need to carefully plan the message you want to convey to potential customers, choose a visual style, and include interactive elements.

With BannerBoo, you can create engaging stories for your personal or business profile. We have a vast database of over 80,000 templates that you can use for your advertising campaigns. Our recommendation is to personalize your strategy based on your audience's interests and preferences. Identify the key benefits of your business, product, or service and showcase them in your designs and videos. With our online layout designer for Instagram, you can easily create stunning visuals in just a few minutes.

How to create an Instagram Story ad?

  1. Log in to the BannerBoo service, enter your personal profile and click the "Create banner" button.
  2. Select the required ad format (1920x1080 px — for wide-format stories, "Full HD" tag).

    choose your size of banner in bannerboo

  3. Consider the visual elements of your banner: select from a variety of templates, or create your own from scratch.
  4. Explore a wide range of effects, animations, text blocks, and stickers to enhance your design. Compose the necessary text, choose the font and style to complete your banner.

    banner creator bannerboo

  5. Add logo, buttons and interactive elements (so the story will become even more interesting).
  6. Save your video, mockup, or banner as a .jpeg, .png, or Smooth GIF.
  7. You can also create a video clip for Stories: the algorithm is the same, you just need to save the file in MP4. We have prepared detailed instructions, which are easy to find by the link in the BannerBoo knowledge base.

That's it! Your ad layout is now complete and can be uploaded to your profile or Instagram ad network.

Let's stop for a moment and remember how to download Instagram stories:

  • tap the + icon in the Instagram app to get started;

  • select "History" in the menu;

  • select a photo or video from the gallery that you want to publish on the page;

  • add stickers, hashtags, and other interactive features to your Stories.

Promoting any uploaded story is easy and simple. We'll cover that in more detail later.

How to run Instagram Story Ads?

Instagram is part of the larger Meta corporation, which means it doesn't have its own advertising algorithm. There are two ways to advertise on Instagram:

  • Promoting an existing Instagram post within the app.

  • Creating a new ad through Facebook Ads Manager.

The easiest way to launch an ad is through Instagram functionality.

How to do that?

  1. Choose the post or story you want to promote (available content published in the last 2 years).

    Important: Posts with several images cannot be promoted through Instagram. Facebook Ads Manager only.
  2. Click the Advertise button in the lower-right corner.

  3. Choose the age and gender of the potential audience for advertising, specify interests to help target more precisely.

  4. Set your budget and click the "Publish" button

  5. The ad will be moderated and placed on the advertising network.

How to run Story Ads through Facebook Ads Manager?

First, you need to set up a Meta business profile and link your Facebook and Instagram accounts to access all the advertising functionality.

Once this is done, creating an ad is simple and straightforward:

1. Go to Facebook Ad Manager

You will conduct all further actions through it, so log in to Facebook, go to Ad Manager and click the "Create" button.

facebook ad manager

2. Choose the purpose of the advertising company

What is the purpose of running an ad? Sales, maximum audience reach or increasing the number of followers? Each marketing objective corresponds to an advertising objective.

Not all targets may support Story Ads formats, so be sure to check.

We recommend that you save this table:

what formats suit to chosen objects

* the material is taken from

3. Name your ad campaign

When creating your ad campaign, it's important to name it in a way that clearly reflects its purpose, target audience, and key message. This will help you keep track of your campaigns and make it easier to analyze their performance.

4. Select the audience to display the ad

You can create demographic interest audiences by choosing the location, interests, age, gender, and other parameters that best describe your potential customer.

Additionally, use Facebook Custom Audiences to target Instagram users based on the following five segments:

  • existing customer contacts (email addresses, phone numbers or any other information you received during lead generation);

  • site traffic (targeting people who have visited certain pages of the site);

  • activity in applications (everyone who installed or interacted with the application);

  • offline activity: the number of people who interacted with your business directly in-store or by phone;

  • engagement: all people who have interacted with your content on Facebook or Instagram.

choose a custom audience source

5. Choose a place to display the ad

There are two ways:

  • automatic placements (allow advertising algorithms to show ads where the target audience is more likely to see them);

  • manual settings (only Facebook or only Instagram, if you are sure about choosing a specific location).

choose placement for your advertising campaign

6. Set the budget and schedule for showing ads

You can spend from $1 per day for one advertisement. At this stage, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on an advertising campaign on Instagram. You can set a daily cost or a budget for the entire duration of the ad. Then determine how long the advertising campaign will last: schedule start and end dates, if necessary. You can also show ads constantly.

7. Download advertising layouts and texts

The next step is to create the advertisement itself. To accomplish this, select a format (image, video, carousel) and upload all the necessary graphic materials. After adding images or videos, write a headline and ad text. Lastly, add a URL and choose a call to action (CTA).

8. Set up tracking

Enable the Facebook pixel to track ad performance.

9. Submit the ad for moderation

All that remains is to click the "Confirm" button to publish the created ad in Instagram stories. Moderation usually lasts from 3 to 24 hours. The more ads you run, the less time it takes to moderate them.

How to create a poll in Instagram Story?

Using Instagram Stories to ask relevant questions to your target audience is a simple and effective method. You can ask your audience questions or allow them to provide feedback about your business or industry. This is an excellent way to gain insights into what your followers are interested in and to optimize your content and advertising strategy accordingly.

Open-ended questions are particularly engaging, as they encourage thoughtful and detailed responses. Furthermore, they demonstrate that your business values informative content and respects the opinions of its audience.

poll in instagram stories

* photo from the website

How is the cost of Instagram Story advertising calculated?

The basis of the financial model in Instagram Story is an auction system, where advertisers are asked to determine their budget even before the start of the campaign. It is also necessary to enter information about the maximum rate that the business can pay for the target action (conversion).

At the auction, Instagram decides which ads will be most useful to users based on:

  • the value of the maximum rate;

  • conversion rates (based on already conducted advertising campaigns in your industry);

  • the quality and relevance of the ad (how interesting it is for the audience).

These are the main factors. In addition, industry, day of the week and time of year, average CPC, ad format, competition, ad length, etc. also matter.

It is almost impossible to calculate the cost of an advertising campaign in Instagram Story in advance, all data will show the average cost, which does not consider the specifics of the industry, audience, and campaign.

Research shows that advertising on Instagram Story is more cost-effective than Facebook ads, with an average CPC of $0.20 to $2. On average, you can expect to pay between $0.70 and $1 per click, and roughly $0.40 — $0.70 per engagement. This data makes Instagram Story advertising one of the cheapest social advertising formats.

How to reduce advertising costs on Instagram?

You should follow these tips:

  • use automatic bidding (trust social network algorithms);

  • use accurate targeting (the more detailed the audience is, the more effective advertising will be);

  • choose relevant goals;

  • create appropriate target pages for advertising (landing page)

  • test different formats, texts, creatives, and be sure to make adjustments to the company's advertising strategy.

Tips and ideas for Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are really a significant component of the marketing strategies of any business. Make them as effective and useful as possible for the audience.

How to do it? Here are some tips:

  • stick to the visual identity
    How should a brand look on social networks? And what about Stories? For example, you can publish material in real time without processing, or only ideal layouts created on ready-made templates. First create your identity — then start implementation.

    company identity in instagram stories

    * photo from

  • publish new content constantly
    Aiming for success by publishing just one story a week is a failing strategy. Research by shows that 58% of Instagram users become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories. Therefore, it is crucial to post as frequently as possible.
  • invite customers to interact
    What can be done?
    • conduct a survey using stickers;

    • spend the whole day with the "question-answer" format;

    • use GIF files for interactivity;

    • ask subscribers to write you questions;

    • create stickers for products to add links to the site and direct all traffic from the business account there.

  • use a CTA
    Be specific about the actions you want viewers to take after watching your stories. Provide clear instructions or calls-to-action (CTAs) to encourage engagement.
  • plan your activity in stories
    To maintain consistent activity, it's essential to establish a content strategy and stick to it. This plan will assist in organizing your work, partially automating it, and staying in regular communication with your audience.

    instagram stories ad example

    * photo from

  • ask customers to create content
    Your followers can create content about your brand that you can share in your Stories. If they haven't done so already, consider motivating them with a small discount or bonus as a good incentive.

    use customers feedbacks in stories

    * photo from the website

  • use Instagram Stories Highlights
    This way, you will increase your reach and expand your audience even more. Such saved stories can be very useful for users.
  • Instagram stories are a story about your brand
    Keep in mind that the visual aspect should take precedence over sales. Share your story in a truthful and transparent manner, and your audience will surely respond positively.
  • create content for your target audience
    Discover what resonates with your potential customers and create content that caters to their interests. It's important to note that interesting content is not necessarily what you (designer, marketer, or business owner) like, but rather what your potential customers genuinely care about.
  • track trends and test ads
    Some story content trends go beyond simply showcasing a product. They include tutorials, framework, user-generated content, and lots of animation.
  • use text as much as possible
    Including captions and descriptions in your ad is important to ensure that it is accessible to everyone, including those with hearing impairments and users who may be watching your Stories without sound.

Advertising on Instagram Stories will be most effective if you follow the tips above.

Let's summarize

Advertising on Instagram is a fantastic opportunity to creatively share information about your company, products, or services.

With BannerBoo, make your advertising standout with vivid and eye-catching visuals and layouts. Create ads in just a few minutes, tailored to your campaign objectives, using pre-designed templates and required structures. Then launch your ads to reach even more of your target audience.

It's essential to measure the performance of every ad and layout, no matter how well-designed they are. Analyze your ads to see where you can improve and save money. You may find that one ad gets five times more conversions than ten others, or one particular ad placement results in lower costs. These insights should be taken into consideration.

Experiment with Instagram Story advertising and achieve high performance!

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