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How great visuals can boost your small business?

How great visuals can boost your small business?

How can visuals help a business speak to its real and potential customers? As video, graphics and banners not only attract attention, but also convince the client to use your services in the future? All these and many other secrets of building a modern and effective marketing strategy with the help of attractive visual tools in our article today.

People grasp the world through visual perception. While we lack the unique ability to hear ultrasound or have a flawless sense of smell, it doesn't hinder our understanding of the world; we simply achieve this through the medium of images. From ancient rock paintings to traditional art canvases, and now with platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok videos, individuals continue to narrate their stories through the art of visualization.

The human brain is "to blame" for the fact that it is easier for us to perceive images than sound. 90% of all information processed by our brain is represented by a visual component. A few more numbers that prove that image processing is our superpower:

  • the brain is only needed 13 milliseconds, to process the image;

  • the image is perceived in 60,000 times faster than the text;

  • people remember almost 65% of what was seen and only 10% of what was heard;

  • 95% B2B buyers claim that video content plays an important role in the decision to buy or not to buy a certain product.

Absolutely, attention spans are shrinking, and the preference for visual content is on the rise. In fact, 82% of consumers lean towards videos and concise posts over extensive textual content. It's a clear signal for businesses and marketers to adapt their strategies to cater to this shift in consumer behavior.

coca cola image

Implications of the visual revolution for marketing

Back in 2011, Google conducted global research, where it was found that before purchasing a product or service, potential buyers turn to search engines and conduct their own research. As a result, marketers began to pay more attention to the selection of relevant keywords and optimization for search engines. In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, merely existing on social networks no longer suffices. The surge in popularity demands a shift towards a more proactive approach – enter social media marketing. This, in turn, sparks a visual revolution, where the power of captivating imagery takes center stage. Consumers no longer want to search for the product they need on their own, they expect the manufacturer to find them himself and tell them about their benefits with the help of video, photos or infographics. Recent studies prove, that 9 out of 10 people would like to see more video from brands.

The visual component is decisive not only for sales using social networks. Visual content important for all forms of Internet activity. Take a look at this data:

  • 60% consumers are willing to give a chance to a business whose visuals they find with help of search engines;

  • 53% of buyers believe that the photo says more about the product than reviews and ratings;

  • 63% of consumers believe that photos are more important than product descriptions;

  • The average user reads only 20% of web pages, but views all photos.

Statistics prove that visual aids are a powerful tool for communication with the consumer.

bannerboo fitnes template

*example of a Retail template by BannerBoo

Small business obstacles to an effective marketing strategy

Small businesses face many obstacles. Unlike corporations and large firms, 47% of small business owners engage in the development and implementation of digital strategies by themselves. As a result, it is difficult for them to track the performance indicators and understand which of the elements of the marketing campaign didn't work. The main obstacles can also include:

  • lack of qualified personnel, physical or financial resources and time;

  • lack of understanding of how to increase brand awareness and generate quality leads;

  • choosing a platform to promote your brand;

  • compliance with the sequence of marketing activities;

  • content creation and promotion;

  • following trends and technologies;

  • lack of understanding of how to work with influencers;

  • not understanding whom to ask for help.

These obstacles, no matter how serious they may seem at first glance, fall more into the category of tactical problems than strategic ones. For instance, the creation and promotion of content need not be daunting if you select a tool that enables you to both develop creative campaigns and monitor their effectiveness. Below, we will delve into one such service.

BannerBoo online generator is the savior of your visual

71% of small and medium-sized businesses use social networks, to promote their products. 52% do daily publications on their pages. It is apparent that they all need reliable and high-quality tools that would simplify the process of creating content for social media marketing. BannerBoo online generator is exactly the tool that will help small business owners cover 2 needs at once: creating a visual and tracking the effectiveness of its impact.

So what do we offer?

  • Functionality for users of different levels

    Whether you're a professional designer or a novice with no prior design knowledge, we've got a toolkit for you. Specialists can harness the full functionality of the graphic editor, while beginners can take advantage of user-friendly templates.
  • A diverse assortment of quality templates for banners and stock photos
    You no longer need to hire a photographer or waste time on stock services because at BannerBoo you will find a unique library that contains 12,000 ready-made templates, thematically distributed among 30 different categories.
  • Ability to quickly start advertising

    Need an advertising banner right here and now? You can easily make it here! Choose a template to your liking, add a logo and text, and you're ready to launch an advertising campaign.
  • Ability to diversify content

    Any static layout can be easily turned into an animated video.

BannerBoo is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to create quality advertising campaigns without sitting in front of a laptop 24/7. This is where you can find references, choose a template, and in a few minutes have a high-quality banner for your social networks.

bannerboo gaming template

*example of a Gaming template by BannerBoo

Visual content for small business: what it is and why it is needed

Visual content encompasses more than just videos and photos; it includes all information that can be effectively conveyed through images. The diverse range of visual content empowers marketers and entrepreneurs to articulate the value proposition to both their existing customer base and potential clients.

What type of visual content best suits the needs of a small business?

  • Banners and media advertising

    It seems like banners have been around forever, since the dawn of the internet age. However, they have changed in many ways. First, the number of their varieties increased. You will find: animated, interactive, static/standard and video banners. They are still used by such companies as Netflix, Google and Starbucks. They are still, and will be for a long time, a powerful marketing tool to increase loyalty among your audience.
  • Graphics of social networks

    Social media graphics encompass a wide array of visuals, spanning from Instagram stories and Twitter banners to Facebook videos—it's all about graphics. Among the most popular types are photos, images, videos, stories, covers, infographics, quotes, blog images, GIFs, lists, screenshots with arrows, charts, thumbnails, posters, and logos.
  • Email visuals

    Emails also need high-quality visual design, especially when it comes to email marketing. Feel free to use images, infographics, video, photos of the product and interactive maps.
  • Infographics and data visualization

    Infographics allow you to present complex and statistical data in an attractive and understandable way. By the way, you can use infographics during cooperation with influencers.
  • Images of products and services

75% of online shoppers rely on images and view product descriptions more as a source of additional information. It is important that photo and the images you use were of impeccable quality. The same rule also applies to stock photos. A potential buyer may not notice a less-than-ideal product description, but they will definitely pay attention to a poor-quality image.

A carefully crafted visual component is integral to a successful brand strategy. BannerBoo recognizes the imperative for business owners to have swift access to high-quality visual materials for the rapid launch of advertising campaigns. This is why our clients always enjoy access to a library of templates and exclusive stock photos.

Create eye-catching visuals with BannerBoo

Your potential client needs just 0,05 seconds to decide whether they like your product or not. While this might appear challenging for a novice entrepreneur, there's more hope than meets the eye at first glance. Creating attractive visuals for social media posts is not difficult; you don't even need to engage advertising agencies. To start, all you need is a convenient content creation tool, such as BannerBoo.

Before diving into creating your own visual, we recommend taking a peek at your competitors. Explore the advertising tools they use, what makes their ads unique, and identify their target audience. Once you've gathered insights, you can confidently embark on your own project using BannerBoo. We endorse this service because it's an all-in-one platform equipped with everything you need to craft a compelling advertising campaign.

Some tips on how to create effective visual elements:

  • choose colors, which emphasize the character of your brand;

  • if you are not sure of your choice, it is better to choose a simple design;

  • all attention to typography: an important message must be visible;

  • we use only high-quality photos.

It's all quite straightforward. When you find yourself in need of instant visual materials for social networks, turn to BannerBoo's ad templates. Our library boasts over 12,000 stylish templates covering a variety of topics. Templates are especially useful when uncertainty clouds your artistic vision— they already look fantastic; just personalize them with your logo and text!

bannerboo game template_2

*example of a Gaming template by BannerBoo

Branding and the importance of maintaining visual consistency

Successful businesses have at least one thing in common: strong brand identity. What is it about? A brand identity is a unique set of visual elements that help you stand out from the competition and attract the attention of potential buyers. When we talk about branding, we also mean those tangible and visible elements that make your brand look and sound a certain way.

For example, this includes the colors you choose to decorate your website or social media pages, as well as the style of communication with the client.

That is, branding includes such aspects as:

  • logo;

  • brand name;

  • color palette;

  • typography;

  • image;

  • design style;

  • slogan;

  • brand voice.

It is especially important for small businesses to maintain their own visual identity because strong branding affects:

  • customer loyalty;

  • trust in the brand;

  • brand recognition;

  • attracting new customers and taking care of your loyal customers.

Consider that using your signature colors can improve brand awareness by 80%. Isn't that reason enough to invest effort in the visual consistency of all elements of your visual identity? Especially with BannerBoo, it's incredibly easy to achieve!

Storytelling through visual tools

It is quite possible that you do not know absolutely all the preferences of even your most loyal customers. However, there is one fact that you can be 100% sure of. All buyers love stories, that's just how the human brain works. Of course, it is much easier to tell the story to your buyer with words. In our context, articulating the description of the product or service you offer.

Practice proves that this method no longer works. The text looks uninteresting, especially when we have such means of information transfer as videos, photos, illustrations, GIFs, infographics, audio recordings and even virtual reality. For example, if you use just text, it's quite possible that no one will notice it. Text + photo will increase your chances of success by 14%, and the combination of text + photo + video by 48%.

Small businesses also actively use storytelling tools with tools of visual content to diversify your marketing campaigns. Let's consider a few examples:

  • Tell about your values ​​with the help of a short video.
    Acknowledging and catering to the largest segment of online users, namely Generation Z or Zoomers, is essential for any online business. 32% of all users of social networks belong to this generation, and they especially appreciate businesses with clearly defined values.
  • Share your knowledge!
    77% of small businesses actively utilizing social networks regularly incorporate educational and entertaining videos to engage their audience. This approach effectively showcases the process of working on your product, creating a more immersive and informative experience for your audience.
  • Show the process of working on your product.

    Whatever you do, from cakes to car repairs, it can all be shown with the help of video content.

Storytelling is an additional opportunity for business owners to convey the value of your offer to potential customers.

Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of visual content

Creating quality visual content is only half the job. In order for this digital marketing tool to work as you plan, you need to track its effectiveness. What indicators should you pay attention to first and foremost?

  • Engagement rate

    This is a key component in determining the effectiveness of visual content. The indicator shows what percentage of your followers are responding to posts.
  • Impressions

    This is the number of views of your content, including multiple views by individual users.
  • Reach

    Reach is the number of unique users who saw the ad at least once.
  • Conversion

    This percentage represents users who have taken a specific targeted action, such as following a link, adding a product to the cart, or engaging with content by liking and sharing videos.
  • Bounce rate

    The percentage of users who visited your page once and quickly left without taking any other action.

In addition, you can track the number of likes, views, shares, comments and new subscribers.

BannerBoo recommends making tracking an integral part of your marketing strategy. View click-through rates, impressions, and conversions to gain insight into how your visuals are performing.

main kpis

Small Business Success Stories with BannerBoo

We often repeat that high-quality visual materials are the key to success. Video, photos, banners and many other forms of visual content help you stand out from the crowd of competitors. Today, we would like to show how services like BannerBoo help you create custom visuals in a matter of minutes.

The BannerBoo platform is used by completely different users. Among them are small entrepreneurs, publishers, marketers, and, of course, photographers.

Working on content with BannerBoo, they stand out such advantages of our service:

  • intuitively simple and clear process of working on video;

  • animated banners and videos are created literally in a few minutes;

  • the ability to reduce costs for banners and videos;

  • ideal export formats of video.

BannerBoo is a platform created by real professionals for different categories of users. That is why our services are used by both beginners and experienced marketers. Make sure that quality visual content is easy.

bannerboo jewelry template

*example of a Jewelry template by BannerBoo


Modern business cannot do without it visual content. The audience wants to compete for their attention, and this can be done with the help of visuals. If your content is valuable, then you will not only attract attention, but also convince a potential buyer to become your regular customer.

Frequently asked questions

What is a personal brand and do I need it?

A personal brand is the image you create for your audience or customers. A strong personal brand is essential if you plan to scale your business.

How to use video to build a more effective marketing strategy?

To build an effective video marketing strategy, you need to:

  1. determine your target audience;
  2. determine the purpose for each video (educational videos, marketing videos, entertainment, etc.);
  3. work on video quality;
  4. add a creative signature to each video;
  5. use different platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram);
  6. track performance indicators (KPI).

How to create a high-quality visual identity?

For this, you need:

  1. clearly define who you are, what values ​​your brand is based on;
  2. evaluate what you have today, what visual content you possess already;
  3. conduct a study of your audience;
  4. familiarize yourself with the trends, as well as see how your competitors are building their visual identity;
  5. choose tools that facilitate the process of working on visual content.

Video marketing for small business – where to start?

To create a high-quality video, you can leverage a smartphone. However, before you start shooting, it's crucial to have a clear purpose (whether it's to expand your reach, reach a new audience, or boost sales), understand your competitors' approach to video content, and identify the platforms you are targeting.

Why should a small business engage in video marketing?

Every business, especially small ones, benefits from video marketing to enhance brand awareness, boost conversions, improve online presence, and foster trust among potential buyers.

How to shoot a marketing video quickly for a small business with a limited budget?

Creating a marketing video is possible even with a limited budget. The simplest approach is as follows:

  1. see which videos are trending now;
  2. opting for a brief video, even one without sound;
  3. shoot on a smartphone in natural daylight;
  4. use free editors (like BannerBoo).

How can video be used to promote your new business?

Instead of writing several posts about your new business for social networks, you can use one quality promotional post video.

What is presence in social networks?

Social media presence is a brand's visibility on social media and the connections it creates with its community.

Why is presence on social networks important for a brand?

The presence and activity of a brand on social networks helps to establish and maintain a permanent connection with its own client base.

How to create a video marketing strategy?

To create the foundation for a video marketing strategy, you need at a minimum:

  1. define goals;
  2. choose platforms where you will post videos;
  3. choose the type of video;
  4. create a content plan;
  5. do not ignore post-production (all filmed material is brought to order);
  6. promote the video;
  7. analyze KPI indicators.
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