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Digital Advertising: Types, Benefits and Examples (Beginner's Guide)

Digital Advertising: Types, Benefits and Examples (Beginner's Guide)

Are you looking for the most effective methods of promoting goods and services? Digital marketing is gaining more and more popularity because it is aimed at promoting products using digital technologies — social media, mobile applications, blogs, television advertising. Digital advertising allows you to display messages in various formats and attract a larger number of consumers, build loyalty to your brand and get the desired financial results.

Read more in the article about the various types of digital advertising and discover how to create captivating ad layouts with BannerBoo's online editor.

With the development of technologies, advertisement moved to a new level. Marketers today are adapting to changes, using digital channels to promote their products and services, developing effective marketing strategies, and experimenting with message variations, calls to action, and layout layouts to capture the attention of potential consumers.

This is not surprising because a large part of the target audience uses various gadgets, spends a lot of time on the Internet, and all these channels are components of digital advertising.

Digital advertising – is a field of marketing activity where the promotion of goods, services, companies or brands takes place with the help of digital technologies. These include smartphones, tablets, television, various digital screens, city lights, billboards, etc.

The use of new tools forces brands and companies to compete for consumer attention, create engaging messages, experiment with placement channels and search for the most effective solutions to obtain the desired result.

In the contemporary landscape, merely airing a television advertisement falls short; it's crucial to captivate the audience, crafting a memorable message that propels them to the next stage in the funnel—making a purchase.

A significant role in this is played by the design of banners that companies show to their consumers. Their development takes a lot of time and effort because the result of the digital marketing strategy depends on their appearance.

BannerBoo can help with the creation of attractive layouts for various promotion channels. Using an online service in your business allows marketers and marketing novices to create captivating and vibrant images for various digital channels in just a few clicks. BannerBoo offers many templates, quality photos, fonts and assets to make your ad unique and most importantly, effective.

bannerboo thanksgiving template

*example of a Misc template by BannerBoo

The business landscape of digital advertising

Digital technology has utterly revamped the game of advertising. Leaving behind the static billboards, newspaper spreads, and bus ads, marketers have embraced a dynamic new era of customer engagement.

Such a transition is due to the use of the Internet and various social platforms by many consumers. Specialists needed to quickly react to changes and adapt to them.

With the help of digital advertising, you can reach a large part of the target audience, demonstrate different products to individual segments of consumers, plan different marketing campaigns at the same time and, most importantly, track their effectiveness. Traditional advertising does not provide most analytical data. With its help, you can only calculate the potential coverage, and the latest methods provide accurate information.

It is important for marketers to engage with the target audience, and digital advertising provides the opportunity to engage consumers both online and offline through various placement channels. This increases the likelihood of conversions and their conversion into financial results.

Digital marketing acquired a large scale. Today, a consumer can see from 10 to 100 advertising messages from different brands without even leaving home. Traditional advertising does not guarantee such results.

The use of online advertising and promotion with the help of digital technologies provides great opportunities that should be used to the maximum. This does not mean that traditional advertising should be abandoned. The main thing is to find a balance and give preference to more effective tools.

Types of digital advertising

Digital advertising is a powerful marketing tool that allows marketers and business owners to reach large audiences through online and offline methods. It contains various tools that can be used to interact with potential customers, promote products and services, and increase visibility. Among the most popular types of digital advertising are the following.

Display advertising

Display advertising — a type of advertising aimed at attracting the attention of consumers by placing messages in media sources, such as television, monitors, online platforms, social networks.

Display ads are most often presented in the form of various banners or short videos that you can see when you get to various sites: blogs, online stores, online media and others.

display ads example

The biggest advantage of this promotion method is reaching many consumers at the same time. The main thing is to choose relevant and popular channels for placing display ads.

Search engine advertising

Search advertising – type of advertisement, which marketers place on the Google search engine. Often it is text ads, which correspond to specific key consumer requests.

search ad example

Unlike other methods of promotion, search ads attract only interested consumers who were looking for a specific product or service.

Search ads also include commercial ads that show the consumer a product photo, price, and a brief description of the product directly as a result of a search.

search product ad

Product ads provide high conversion rates because users immediately see the offered product and make a decision to buy it.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising — promotion of goods, services or brands using popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok. Social media ads can come in a variety of formats and sizes. These can be static images or videos that best showcase your product.

facebook ad examples grin

Social media ads are cost-effective way to target specific audiences. Platforms provide an opportunity to set up detailed targeting, to segment the audience by demographics, geography, interests and other indicators, which increases the effectiveness of advertising several times.

Video advertising

Video advertising — a type of promotion of goods, services or brands with the help of posting video content on social platforms and other media. The most popular social platform, which supports video format — YouTube. Here you can demonstrate your company from the best side, show the process of using the product and emphasize its main advantages.

You can also use the platform to attract customers by providing interesting and educational content.

youtube ad

The most important advantage of this type of advertising is its suddenness because while viewing the necessary content, the consumer unwittingly becomes a witness to your video.

Native advertising

Native advertising is method of promotion that is gaining popularity among marketers and business owners. Its essence is to demonstrate a product or service naturally, without imposing it on the consumer.

native ads

The main advantage of advertising is its flexibility in adapting to different platforms. Consumers respond positively to such promotion of goods and services because the advertising message is harmoniously integrated into the content, demonstrates the value of the product, and does not cause rejection.

Email advertising

Email advertising is a method of promoting goods and services using personalized mailings. This form of direct marketing allows consumers to learn about news, promotions or special offers.

email marketing example

Marketing by email increases consumer loyalty because it creates trust in the information provided and guarantees the probability that your message will be read.

Content marketing and sponsored content

Content Marketing — a method of attracting customers through the distribution of useful and interesting information in various communication channels. It can be social networks, blogs, forums and others.

Sponsored content is a part of content marketing where brands and companies create or fund the development of information and various articles and messages to promote their products and services. Such promotion is unobtrusive, does not bore consumers, and is easy to perceive.

As you can see, digital advertising plays an important role in marketing and allows brands to implement effective marketing strategies to attract many potential customers.

Benefits of digital advertising

Digital advertising offers great opportunities for marketers and advertisers. Users spend a lot of time on the Internet, using gadgets and various applications. With the help of advertising in these channels, companies can reach numerous consumers, talk about their products and services, and increase recognition.

Digital advertising has several advantages that make it popular to use.

Targeted coverage and audience segmentation

With granular targeting, you can segment the audience and tailor advertising to specific consumers. Settings may include: demographics, geography, various interests, device usage, and more. This allows you to more accurately hit the target and attract the attention of those consumers who will definitely be interested in your product.

Economy in marketing

The costs of digital advertising are significantly lower compared to traditional methods of promotion. Advertisers can control their marketing budget, allocate it correctly, and analyze the effectiveness of advertising channels and messages.

Real-time data and analytics

The majority of digital advertising platforms offer comprehensive statistics on campaign performance. This data enables you to monitor the cost of customer acquisition, gauge user interest in your content or ads, and assess the outcomes of different channels or campaigns. Such insights play a crucial role in making informed decisions, optimizing advertising efforts, and fine-tuning your overall marketing strategy.

Brand presence and recognition

Digital advertising allows brands to increase your presence and visibility in various channels. Regular engagement with your audience on various platforms helps build long-term relationships and increase brand loyalty.

Increased engagement and conversions

By using different marketing channels for promotion, you can reach a larger part of the target audience and thus get better results in the form of conversion.

Digital advertising is a powerful marketing tool that offers various tools to implement marketing strategies and achieve desired results, creating loyal and long-term relationships with consumers.

Getting started with digital advertising with BannerBoo

The visual appeal of your digital advertising, be it banners or videos, plays a pivotal role in capturing the audience's attention. Crafting high-quality, original, and engaging layouts is key to standing out in the competitive landscape and maximizing the impact of your brand, product, or service promotion across various channels.

bannerboo retail template

*example of a Retail template by BannerBoo

Marketers, preparing a promotion strategy, need to spend a lot of time analyzing the feasibility of placement, choosing the most suitable platform that guarantees better results, as well as developing content, to run ads.

BannerBoo is a user-friendly ad builder that can assist you in creating original layouts for social media and other promotion channels. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use, catering to both beginners and experienced users. With BannerBoo, you can streamline the process of designing eye-catching banners to enhance your brand's presence across various platforms. The service offers:

  • convenient and intuitive interface for work;

  • many templates to use (images and video ads);

  • library of graphics and assets;

  • the possibility of creating banners from scratch, using your own graphic elements.

Let's take a look at a step-by-step instruction for using the online editor.

Step 1: Sign in to BannerBoo or create an account

To fully use the service, you need to create a personal account. This is easy to do with Facebook or Google accounts.

Once you get on the professional panel, you will have the opportunity to use all the functions provided by the service. Please note that some of them are free and some are only available to paid users. Familiarize yourself with all the conditions of the constructor and choose the option that suits you best for the implementation of your plans.

Step 2: Choose a digital ad format

BannerBoo provides the ability to create banners and video ads for various platforms and social media. Therefore, before development, choose the sizes and formats you need and only then start working.

choose size of banner

Step 3: Create your digital ad with BannerBoo's features

Having chosen the necessary format and size, you move to the most interesting and creative stage — creating a layout. Using the online service, you can create a banner from scratch, use your own graphic elements, corporate style, high-quality images of products and services. If you have difficulty with the combination and style, you can always use the templates offered by BannerBoo.

Ready-made layouts are designed by professional designers to simplify your work. Among the large list, you can choose the option you like best and edit it for your needs — change the product photo, captions, calls to action, add animation, and more.

BannerBoo offers a large gallery of quality images, graphics and assets. It is enough to go to the necessary tab and choose the element that is more suitable.

graphic library

Creating mockups with the help of an online banner generator is a quick, easy and fun process that will not only give you attractive and unique content to promote, but also save your resources.

Step 4: Download the finished promotional materials to your device

When the banner or video ad is ready, it remains to place it in the appropriate resource. In the BannerBoo service, this can be done in several ways:

  • choose the required format and download the file to the device;

  • export the file to the appropriate resource using the link and the "Publish" button.

BannerBoo ad builder is a unique tool for creating all kinds of banners and layouts, which allows you to save time, resources and experiment with images, elements and graphics to get the desired results.

bannerboo jewelry template

*example of a Jewelry template by BannerBoo

Best Practices for Beginners in Digital Marketing

Want your banners and layouts to echo in consumers' minds long after they see them? Dive into these essential tips and unlock the secrets of unforgettable visual marketing.

1. Define your target audience and advertising goals

Studying the requests and needs of consumers is necessary to understand what to offer in your advertising. Knowing these points, it will be easier for you to form a clear and understandable message that will clearly present the solution to the users' problems through the goods or services you offer.

Before delving into banner creation and launching ads, it's crucial to establish clear goals. This way, you can monitor the effectiveness of your promotion efforts and determine whether your marketing strategy is delivering the desired results. Setting specific goals provides a framework for evaluating performance and enables you to make informed decisions about optimizing and adjusting your approach.

bannerboo christmas template

*example of a Christmas template by BannerBoo

2. Create interesting and visually appealing ads

Every day, the consumer sees various content, including advertising. Sometimes clients don't accept most of the layouts. This process is called "banner blindness".

To stand out among the various images and videos, you need to think about how to create such an advertising message that is guaranteed to attract the attention of a potential client.

Attractiveness to your layouts can be given by:

  • use of corporate style and elements;

  • high-quality images that show the product or service from the best side;

  • right selected colors;

  • readable fonts;

  • animation;

  • a clear and understandable call to action.

Before developing an advertising message, analyze the advertising of competitors, see what other companies related to your activity offer, choose the options you like and try to reproduce the design or improve it.

Finding options for advertisements will help search engines, or online advertising, launched by other advertisers on social media.

bannerboo gaming template

*example of a Gaming template by BannerBoo

3. Test and refine your ads

Unfortunately, there is no clear strategy that is guaranteed to produce the desired result. Marketing and advertising are rapidly evolving, changing depending on the development of technologies, requests, and trends. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly react to changes and never stop.

To achieve the best effect, you need to look for options that ensure success. Advertising messages are no exception. What worked yesterday may not work today. Marketers and business owners must be willing to constantly experiment and improve.

Building true brand loyalty starts with understanding your audience. By actively testing ad formats, identifying and engaging with niche customer segments, and tailoring product/service offerings, messaging, and CTAs to their specific needs and preferences, brands can cultivate meaningful connections, expand their reach, and attract a loyal customer base.

bannerboo retail template fitnes coach

*example of a Retail template by BannerBoo

4. Track and analyze ad performance

It's not enough to run an ad or make posts on social media. It is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of all marketing actions and observe how it changes conversion rate.

With clearly defined goals guiding your advertising campaign, analytical data transforms from mere numbers into a roadmap for success. It empowers you to analyze results with precision and confidently decide on optimization strategies.

Most digital advertising tools provide analytics where you can find information about reach, engagement, interest of your content to potential consumers, cost per acquisition and more. This information helps to save the advertising budget and correctly distribute it not only between promotion channels, but also between advertising campaigns as a whole.

bannerboo jewelry template arctic design

*example of a Jewelry template by BannerBoo

Trends sprint, not stroll. Marketing and advertising must be nimble sprinters too, constantly adapting and crafting content that ignites engagement before fleeting trends fizzle out.

Track your target audience's preferences, what content appeals to them and what they respond to. Use additional resources or mobile apps that can provide information about trends and tailor your advertising to them.

Using these simple tips will help you create interesting, attractive and modern advertising layouts that are guaranteed to be remembered by consumers, build loyalty to your brand and provide financial results.

bannerboo travel template

*example of a Travel template by BannerBoo

Measuring the success of digital advertising

Tracking and measuring the results of advertising campaigns is one of the main stages of implementing a marketing strategy because its success depends on the obtained indicators and your actions. After the launch of the ad, it is necessary to monitor the analytical data because they provide information on how effective the promotion is.

The main performance indicators include:

  • click-through rate — shows how consumers react to your advertisement and what percentage of users out of all those who viewed the advertisement reacted to it;

  • conversion rate – shows how many consumers responded to your ad;

  • click cost indicator – shows the cost of attracting one consumer;

  • engagement rate – provides information on how much your content is interesting to the target audience;

  • ROI is an indicator of cost recovery. It demonstrates the profitability of advertising campaigns and provides information on whether the marketing strategy needs optimization and changes.

The obtained information will help you determine which advertising campaigns and channels are effective, which bring the desired result and attract potential customers, and which should be turned off. Analytics also help determine whether you are allocating your budget correctly and whether your efforts are being converted into financial results. This is necessary for making subsequent decisions about the formation of marketing costs and the expediency of using the advertising channel as a whole.

It is worth remembering that each advertising channel has its own performance indicators. If the results do not live up to your expectations and do not meet your financial and business goals, it is worth making changes and looking for new ways of development.


Digital advertising is an important component of marketing because with the development of technologies, the promotion of goods and services has moved to a new level. Consumers are spending more and more time online, using various social media platforms and resources for work, study and entertainment.

For marketers and business owners, being present in all these channels is a unique opportunity to get to know your target audience, create a positive impression of your brand, showcase your products and services, and encourage users to buy.

Digital advertising boasts a multitude of advantages, making it the go-to and most effective choice for businesses. From display ads to search engine marketing, social media advertising, and product/service promotion through email newsletter, these strategies have become integral aspects of most consumers' daily experiences.

Every day, Internet users see from 10 to 100 different advertising messages. Some they respond to, and some remain beyond their attention. For marketers and business owners, the most important thing is to create attractive content and choose the most relevant promotion methods to engage customers and get the desired results.

It is also important to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign after the launch of advertising and, based on the received data, make decisions about optimizing the marketing strategy and effectively allocating the budget.

The BannerBoo banner builder will help you save resources and create unique layouts for memorable ads. It provides many features to create banners from scratch in different formats and sizes. You can use ready-made templates created by professional designers, taking into account all the rules. The platform offers an extensive library of high-quality images, graphics, fonts, and assets that ensure your advertising messages stand out from the crowd, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Excited to launch an ad? It's the perfect time to explore the full potential of the BannerBoo ad builder. Craft your initial design and experience firsthand the speed and simplicity that make the platform a time-saving and resource-efficient solution, allowing you to create compelling content for your advertising endeavors.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of digital advertising?

Digital advertising has many advantages, but the most important are:

  • target audience coverage and segmentation;

  • saving the marketing budget and its rational distribution;

  • the ability to analyze the received data;

  • increasing brand recognition;

  • attracting consumers and increasing conversions.

What is digital marketing?

It’s a type of marketing activity that involves the promotion of goods and services using digital communication channels to interact with the target audience. Among such channels can be: blogs, forums, mobile applications, social media, advertising on television, external and internal advertising on monitors.

Is digital marketing easy for beginners?

For beginners, working in digital marketing can seem complicated, but after understanding the details and analyzing the advertising channels, everything becomes much clearer.

The main thing is to study in detail all methods of promotion that exist in digital marketing, analyze the target audience, choose relevant methods of promotion and create attractive content for advertising. After the launch phase, it is necessary to monitor the results and make decisions about the need to optimize and adjust the marketing strategy.

Don't forget to test different message formats and options, and follow news and trends. Considering all these details, digital marketing will be simple and straightforward for you.

Name six types of digital advertising

Digital advertising is a broad concept that includes various methods of promotion, the main ones of which are:

  • display advertising;

  • search advertising;

  • social media advertising;

  • native advertising;

  • email advertising;

  • video advertising.

What are the three advantages of digital technology?

Digital technologies guarantee:

  • Speed ​​and efficiency. Technologies allow us to process, transmit and receive various information.

  • Convenience and accessibility. Consumers can find the necessary information using the Internet from any point.

  • Development of innovations. Technologies contribute to the development of new goods and services.

What is the most common type of digital advertising?

All types of digital advertising are popular among marketers, but most often you can see advertising messages on social media because there is many potential target audiences who spend a lot of time on applications every day.

What is the meaning of digital marketing and advertising?

Digital marketing and advertising is all about promoting goods and services using digital technologies. Also, advertising on social media, mobile apps, on television can increase brand awareness and boost conversions.

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