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30 Facebook Ad Examples That Will Inspire You (+Takeaway Tips!)

30 Facebook Ad Examples That Will Inspire You (+Takeaway Tips!)

Coming up with an idea for an advertisement design can indeed be challenging. It involves presenting a product or service, considering contemporary trends, and ensuring the advertising is comprehensible to the target audience. One effective approach to consistently have a wellspring of creative ideas is to observe competitors and analyze their results. To spark your creativity, we've curated 30 fantastic Facebook ad ideas that can serve as inspiration for crafting your own masterpiece.


Do you develop a design for advertising campaigns on Facebook? Then you definitely understand that the ideal advertisement is a mix of creativity, brevity, value and effectiveness of the information a potential buyer receives. Each layout requires significant effort and the constant generation of new ideas to hit the target and the needs of the audience every time. The level of competition on Facebook is so high that simply running an ad is no longer enough. Every time, you need to create a whole exciting story to successfully compete for the attention of millions of users literally every minute with thousands of other brands.

To truly stand out, be memorable, and avoid draining your advertising budget, it's essential to make Facebook ads that are both exciting and attractive. However, it's a well-known challenge that generating creative ideas independently for each launch isn't always a walk in the park.

Indeed, there's a solution: inspiration doesn't always have to originate solely from within. Taking simple and straightforward steps can be quite helpful. Consider examining your competitors, keeping an eye on the Facebook Ad Library, and exploring a list of benchmark brands, especially those aligning with your preferred branding strategy. This alone can spark ideas for implementation. Then, apply the chosen style to your company, personalize the ad, and voilà – you're ready to launch!

If you're currently seeking ideas for advertising campaigns, we've got you covered at BannerBoo. We've gathered a compilation of effective ads that can serve as inspiration for you to craft your own advertising masterpieces.

30 examples of Facebook ads that inspire creativity

1. Doughnut Time UK

Certain advertising formats in the food industry maintain a timeless and enduring appeal, transcending fleeting design trends. Only a bright photo guarantees the success of an advertisement. One example is Donut Time UK, who use their advertising to showcase a delicious selection of doughnuts. It is almost impossible to scroll through such an ad in the Facebook news feed.

Advertising emphasis: bright photo and an assortment of products.
What is important to remember: a high-quality image is all the client requires.

fb bright ad of donuts

* resource:

2. Treaty Jewellery

Jewellery without image of the jewelry itself? Easy! The Treaty Jewellery brand focuses on the history and philosophy of the brand rather than the products themselves. And it works because 64% of customers find advertising more engaging when it has a purpose and value (according to According to the brand itself, this style of campaign design has brought a 4.3 ROAS (return on ad spend). Cool, right?

Advertising emphasis: on the brand's philosophy and values, which are more than just buying products.
What is important to remember: don't forget to include additional benefits like discounts, free shipping, special conditions to drive conversions.

fb atmosphere ad of jewelery

* resource:

3. Olaplex

This is an example of advertising, that is not only visually appealing, but also functionally effective: this is remarketing, communication with customers, which were already on the site. On the Facebook news feed, an ad appears recommending new products that can complement the reviewed products. This advertisement is both good and useful. Olaplex promises that it will make "hair 3 times brighter compared to top shampoos." And it really works!

Advertising emphasis: personalization and offering of targeted products for the client
What is important to remember: advertising that aesthetically shows the product is memorable and stands out from the competition.

fb remarketing ad example

* resource:

4. London North Eastern Railway

The field of travel is very saturated with bright colors, landscapes of the sea, the sun, the beach and complete serenity. But the London North Eastern Railway brand fits from a completely different angle: only a laconic inscription, decorated in the corporate style and the use of brand fonts. Nothing extra, but the message hits the target: "Thinking of taking a trip?". The company promises the best price on its website.

Advertising emphasis: key value proposition.
What is important to remember: minimalism and brevity, maybe that's all your brand needs?

fb trip ad example

* resource:

5. Butternut Box

Does advertising always have to drive sales? Certainly! But does it always have to directly push for a sale? That's a question worth pondering. Take, for instance, the brand Butternut Box, which recognizes the importance of fostering friendly relationships with the audience as a top priority in their sales strategy. In this ad, they leverage an engaging meme that resonates with potential buyers, sparking laughter and encouraging sharing among friends. The outcome?

Butternut Box successfully boosts brand awareness and increases recognition, all without making users feel like they are being sold something directly.

Advertising emphasis: joking with the audience in the same language is always a good idea.
What is important to remember: think about it, maybe your advertising company doesn't have to include a "Buy" button at all?

fb funny ad example

* resource:


Promotional advertising can be simple and concise. If your sale is really worth paying attention to, then to customers, nothing else is needed. In the BURGA brand, the key part of the visual is simplicity and special color palette, and a small text that resonates with the audience request: protect your phone with a stylish case. At the bottom of the ad is the purchase motive: "Buy 2 units and get 2 extra", which encourages you to buy several units at once.

Advertising emphasis: completely on the product, and a little on the features relevant to the requests of the target audience.
What is important to remember: use the possibilities of advertising formats on Facebook because the pre-configured CTA works very advantageously here.

fb minimalistic ad

* resource:

7. Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite can be considered an ambassador for GIF advertising, as they actively use it in rotation. Short but informative animated videos are interesting, dynamic and attract attention from the first seconds. At the same time, the brand uses reviews as a social confirmation of the quality of the products, which perfectly demonstrate the value. For those who prefer not to delve into lengthy text, the marketers thoughtfully incorporated asterisks, once again hitting the mark with the message!

Advertising emphasis: an interactive and easy-to-understand advertising format supported by customer reviews.
What is important to remember: emphasize various modes of information perception among your target audience: text, visual components, images, and graphic elements — all play a crucial role!

fb dynamic animated ad

* resource:

8. Corston Architectural Detail

If anyone tells you that text plays a secondary role in advertising, just show them this ad from Corston Architectural Detail. It has a perfect combination of aesthetic images and text that encourages conversions. Stylish, timeless and refined - the characteristics of furniture that you want to buy. The main block consists of a bulleted list that shows why you should trust the quality of the brand.

Advertising emphasis: quality image, showing the brand's products and text highlighting the benefits of the collaboration.
What is important to remember: avoid blindly adhering to trends that suggest texts are not being read. Instead, experiment with diverse formats, including longreads tailored to different audience segments.

fb combination of image and text ad

* resource:


eCommerce, get ready! This ad — a classic example of promoting goods through a website, all attention is on the cart (checkout). By the way, the emojis here look great, according to various data, they can bring up to 57% additional interaction in advertising on Facebook. But use them with taste, too many emojis are distracting, and irrelevant ones are annoying. By the way, we suggest verifying the meaning of each one to accurately convey the key messages.

Advertising emphasis: direct all traffic to the site and sell through the shopping cart.
What is important to remember: emojis can be cool points of individual meanings, no matter what anyone says.

fb ecommerce ad


10. Dollar Shave Club

+1 option for creative ad submission. The Dollar Shave Club brand believes that the razor is the same for every gender and that the pink color is just marketing. The creative team chose a restrained but humorous style for the ad and complemented it with a clear accent: simply using 2 words ("His" and "Her") and the same image twice. We would like to note that the brand has a special corporate style and tone of communication, which conveys perfectly this advertising campaign.

Advertising emphasis: key meanings and philosophy of the brand
What is important to remember: develop a unified visual style and form lasting emotional connections with text, graphics and brand elements.

fb creative ad

* resource:

11. GlobeIn

What is interesting for advertising?

First, GlobeIn uses high-quality photos, minimal processing, and showcases products from various angles.

Secondly, in the text above the "40% off" image, we have a marketing example of effective promotion. The font is clear and easily readable, ensuring that the main emphasis in the news feed is easily noticeable. Nothing unnecessary!

Advertising emphasis: on product and special offers for customers
What is important to remember: if you launch a promotion and make discounts, make sure that client will definitely see them.

fb high quality images ad

* resource:

12. Nike

Nike's creative team works powerfully with advertising formats. In this example ad, each carousel card has a different background color that matches the featured (special) sneaker.

The slogan "This is my Nike ID" underscores the focal point of the new collection and is presented in a prominent typography format. At the bottom of the advertisement is a graphic element - a colored wheel that informs customers about the possibilities of personalizing sneakers, and does not take up much space.

Advertising emphasis: a dynamic carousel format enhanced by colors.
What is important to remember: personalization is the future of online advertising. With such in-depth knowledge about your audience, creating a one-size-fits-all design becomes simply impossible.

fb colorful carousel ad

* resource:

13. Asana

Do you want to win the trust of customers? Let them know they are not alone in wanting to learn more about the brand. That's what Asana's creative team did: they took a short feedback from one of their own customers and used it as image text. To enhance the effect, the ad combines text and work panel illustrations to make the design real and interesting.

Advertising emphasis: validation of the correctness of the choice from the community.
What is important to remember: add useful information and social guarantees to advertising to emphasize the confidence of the customer in buying or placing an order.

fb testimonials based ad


14. Slack

Why is a Slack ad on the inspirational list? Because using branded characters in advertising is an excellent idea. Of course, from the very beginning, we recommend analyzing the audience and making sure that customers ready for gamification of your company's business processes.

When creating an advertisement, it is worth in any way to become familiar with the client, so that scrolling through the news feed, he noticed you. Characters are the best for this, so feel free to use this idea and experiment!

Advertising emphasis: benefits of using the service for customers (corresponds to a key request).
What is important to remember: add special graphic elements, special animations or effects to create a brand image in the imagination of potential buyer.

fb characters ad

* resource:

15. Ladder

Is the insurance industry not a field for creativity? Ladder successfully breaks this myth! We chose one of the brand's strongest ads, where the graphic conveys the main message: caring for your loved ones. The black and white color scheme contrasts with the bright logo adds a special highlight. Do you still think that monochrome image - not your option?

Advertising emphasis: an emotional message through an understandable image of family and care
What is important to remember: try a black and white version of the ad (if possible in your industry), it can be a special trigger for buyers.

fb graphic accented ad

* resource:

16. PayPal

The world-famous PayPal could not fail to get into list. This particular ad is for Business in a Box, a one-stop platform for business marketing and sales. Every element is thought out: the dark background is perfect for drawing attention, while the text conveys perfectly the value proposition.

Advertising emphasis: laconic layouts that fully convey the main idea always remain in trend.
What is important to remember: perhaps it's not always crucial to fill the entire layout space with a message; leaving some space free might be equally important.

fb stylish ad

* resource:

17. Airbnb

Start an ad with a question? Why not! This is an interesting way to attract the attention of the target audience. If they mentally answer yes, there is a good chance that they will read the rest of the ad. Not only that, the audience can be involved in the dialogue in the comments or in the Direct business account. And if you have a lot of questions, you can always create a video or slideshow in several scenes.

Advertising emphasis: exact correspondence to the target audience need.
What is important to remember: experiments with text and its accents are a good way to find new ways of communicating with potential customers (and, as a result, get information about what exactly they expect from your company).

fb engaging ad

* resource:

18. Spotify

This example is perfect for anyone just starting to experiment with Facebook advertising (or has a small budget). Creating such an ad does not require detailed knowledge of graphics applications, it is easy to create with basic capabilities. A simple but noticeable advertising background helps draw attention to your brand. Not the last role is played by the text, which is as specific as possible.

Advertising emphasis: a value proposition worth taking advantage of.
What is important to remember: if you don't have the skills or budget to create various visuals, just use a colored background and bold text.

fb simple ad

* resource:

19. Amazon Kindle

If you're looking for new subscriptions and downloads, try Amazon's idea: Facebook ads that give new users a free subscription.

Why this ad is effective:

  • long time of free use (as much as 3 months);

  • emphasis on special offer;

  • direct demonstration of the product (in this case, e-books).

Advertising emphasis: forming a direct association Amazon Kindle = various books
What is important to remember: give to the client a little more than he expects and get high results from advertising campaigns.

fb promotion ad

* resource:

20. Ferm LIVING

Are you familiar with this brand? We've been closely tracking the achievements of their creative team for quite some time now, and they've accumulated quite a few successful cases! This ad in particular has some interesting ideas:

  • gift card advertising is not always the focus of the sales department (especially when the main product itself has stable purchase figures);

  • the use of words written in all capital letters to emphasize the importance of parts of the advertising text;

  • the link to the site occupies a central position (this can bring additional clicks from people who are not used to clicking on ads or call-to-action buttons).

Advertising emphasis: on a product that is not key in sales, but meets perfectly the needs of customers.
What is important to remember: try to include your site link in the body text to boost click-through rate.

fb gift card ad

* resource:

21. Headspace

The brand conducted a survey among users of its app and found that meditation helps relieve stress and increase the overall feeling of happiness. How exactly - they showed in advertising and made these numbers a certain social guarantee. In addition to high-quality and proven numbers, a sunny bright background in the brand concept and a concise font came. A classic combo that is doomed to success!

Advertising emphasis: bright and juicy colors and a confirmed social guarantee.
What is important to remember: conduct user surveys and use key findings to leverage your Facebook ads.

fb info ad

* resource:

22. N26

The brand clearly shows what their product is about: a credit card managed through a mobile app. Simple, but brilliant! N26 also lists the benefits of its product using the “✓” emoji, which makes the list easier to understand and systematizes the information. And there is one more advantage: the convenience of working with the application, when it takes only 8 minutes to register and start working.

Advertising emphasis: functionality and ease of application management
What is important to remember: showing an image of product or service result is always a good idea.

fb benefits accented ad

* resource:

23. M.A.C. Cosmetics

The limited offer and general festive atmosphere are the key success of M.A.C.'s advertising campaign. Using seasonal infomercials is a great way to add new creative to existing ad campaigns. One more point: the "Get ... for $74.50 (full value $168)" price. Such an offer creates an effect of urgency and makes the purchase look like a bargain.

Advertising emphasis: a promotional offer and a sense of urgency to purchase (in symbiosis with the festive atmosphere).
What is important to remember: test Facebook ads with seasonal messaging and visuals to increase content relevance and engagement.

fb limited offer

* resource:

24. Lyft

Will this ad be effective? Certainly! There's no better way to be honest than to include numbers that tell you exactly how much or how long the client can use the offer. You can also create a special promotional code that will give a discount only for the first order.

Advertising emphasis: attraction of new audience and creating special conditions for them.
What is important to remember: promote special offers to first-time users to introduce them to your product and encourage familiarity.

fb offer description ad

* resource:

25. Teabox

The Teabox carousel is a textbook example: first, the main message about the entire promotion, and then offers for each specific product. Of course, the highest discount percentage comes first. Then there are less interesting offers, but for each product. Instead of the standard "Learn more" CTA, the brand uses a more aggressive "Shop now". But it is justified because there is a limited time offer.

Advertising emphasis: show all promotional offers and motivate to buy right now.
What is important to remember: we recommend using CTA, which corresponds to the real willingness to place an order. Facebook has many pre-configured options.

fb carousel with main offers

* resource:

26. Scoro

Ads on Facebook intended not only for the sale of goods. For example, Scoro on Facebook advertises a job offer for a UI/UX designer. This is a good strategy for attracting the attention of people who do not browse job sites. For example, if you advertise a job offer for an SMM specialist, you can select the following interests: advertising, social media, digital marketing, content, etc.

Advertising emphasis: a job offer and emphasis on brand benefits for a potential team member.
hat is important to remember: do you have an idea of ​​what to tell about your brand? You can always make this infomercial a great advertising campaign with the right audience.

fb job vacancy ad

* resource:

27. The New York Times

This serves as an exceptional instance where 80% of the ad text is placed on the image, with minimal reliance on main text. Only "Offer ends soon" and "Subscribe today" are featured. Notably, this is a video advertisement, easily created on Facebook by transforming static images into dynamic slideshows.

Advertising emphasis: on the image, not on the text
What is important to remember: test both video and static images, to see what works best for your Facebook ad campaigns. Both options work with different segments of audience.

fb product accent

* resource:

28. Netflix

Advertising video content? Of course, only by demonstrating it directly! Netflix, for example, uses Facebook advertising as a channel to promote its new series and movies. The significant advantage of this design is its effectiveness for both new and existing audiences.

Advertising emphasis: a demonstration of a quality product in action that brings in an engaged audience.
What is important to remember: run Facebook video ads that give you a sneak peek of your content.

fb video content ad

* resource:

29. Blue Bottle Coffee

A great option for a static ad. Carousel ads sometimes have a higher cost per click, so make sure you're paying the lowest cost for Facebook ads by using multiple formats. A good product photo always guarantees attention from customers. If you don't have any know-how, hire a professional photographer to create a high-quality product gallery.

Advertising emphasis: on the perfect image and creating an emotional desire to buy.
What is important to remember: test carousel and ads with one image, to find the lowest price-per-result combination.

fb static ad

* resource:

30. Byredo

A few things that the brand combined very successfully to launch the ad:

  • all product photos look high-quality and simple;

  • the name of the product is always indicated in the title;

  • prices are listed so that people can make purchases while viewing the ad.

For some brands, including prices in ads is essential, acting as a filter for gauging purchasing power. However, this approach has a potential downside: if the product is perceived as too expensive, the client may simply close the ad, refrain from visiting the site, and avoid subscribing to social networks.

Advertising emphasis: classic product advertising, ideal for e-commerce.
What is important to remember: if you sell multiple products, test the carousel format, which allows you to display up to 10 different photos or videos in one ad.

fb high quality and simple ad

* resource:

Key tips for crafting creative ads

When dealing with advertising on Facebook, thinking outside the box is crucial. The suggested advertising options, while applicable to diverse industries, share a common trait: their effectiveness.

Choosing examples of Facebook ads, give free rein to your imagination. Remember, you must adhere to the network's advertising standards for maximum results. And also: create such ads that will resonate with the audience and create lasting associations with brand positioning.

Here are some tips for creating your own creative Facebook ads:

  • focus on the story (customers like good and interesting brand publications, not just direct sales);

  • the visual must be high-quality and aesthetic (video and image more interesting than the text);

  • choose effective combinations that already show a result (for example, we have a whole section with effective Facebook ad templates)

  • persuade and work with objections (even in the comments under the ad).

Key conclusions from advertising launched by important players of the digital market:

  • a video (even a slide show) will generate more interest and show more information than static image;

  • the text is important (both its meaning and its quantity);

  • reviews should become part of advertising campaigns;

  • hold attention with visuals and animations;

  • structure the video and add subtitles because the majority of customers watch ads without sound.

With a little creativity, you can easily create Facebook ads that will attract attention, drive communication and guarantee results. To make your job easier and start designing ads that capture the user's attention from the first seconds, use Facebook Ad Maker BannerBoo!


Get inspired by examples of well-known brand ads to improve or find new ideas for your ads. Of course, Facebook ads are the perfect tool for brands to communicate with a target audience. But this is how all companies think, so it is very reasonable to follow the activities of competitors and colleagues in the market to create your own special story.

So, get inspired by these Facebook ad examples! And before that: test different ads, messages, and formats. You'll soon start to see an increase in performance when you test the design that responds the best to potential customers.

Frequently asked questions

What are some tips for making effective Facebook ads?

  • clearly know your audience (content should resonate with their needs);

  • use compelling visual effects (to attract attention in a news feed overflowing with information);

  • choose a clear call to action (CTA);

  • write concise text and focus on key benefits;

  • optimize ads for mobile devices;

  • test and experiment with different ad elements;

  • update your ad content regularly to prevent ad design fatigue and keep it relevant.

What are good Facebook ads?

Effective Facebook ads typically combine visually appealing elements, a clear message, and an active CTA. They resonate with the target audience, effectively convey the key message, and are optimized for smartphones.

What type of Facebook ad is most effective?

The effectiveness of Facebook ads can vary depending on your goals, but carousels, video ads, and dynamic ads tend to have higher engagement rates.

How to target the best audience on Facebook?

First, define exactly who is your ideal client.

Second, use the following options:

  • custom audiences (available customer lists);

  • lookalike audiences (for wider reach);

  • narrow your audience by age, gender, location, interests, etc.;

  • target users based on their behavior, such as online activity and purchase history;

  • form remarketing strategies.

How to make a good advertisement?

  • understand your audience: tailor your message to resonate with your customers' needs;

  • use high-quality and relevant images or videos;

  • create concise and persuasive text with a clear value proposition;

  • tell users what action you expect from them;

  • make sure your ads follow the overall style for brand consistency.

Are Facebook ads successful?

Yes, Facebook ads can be successful if run correctly. The result depends on targeting parameters, ad quality, relevance to the needs of the target audience and how well the advertising aligns with business objectives.

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