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Perfect color combination ideas and tips for different business industries

Perfect color combination ideas and tips for different business industries

Have you noticed that some billboards or banners attract your attention like a magnet? The irresistible desire to look at the details forces you to put aside all current affairs to enjoy the richness of shades and the harmony of color combinations. Although a modern person views on average from 4000 to 10000 advertisements, only a few manage to leave a lasting impression. What affects our perception? The secret lies in the skillful use of colors! The main thing is that everyone can create such combinations! That is why we will consider how, through the art of color combination, to convey a certain idea to the audience, cause associations, convey a mood and even inspire action.


Colors are an important part of a person's everyday life. They create a mood, help emphasize the individual style of each individual person, and also influence our decisions and actions. According to recent surveys, 85% of buyers consider color to be one of the main factors influencing their consumer behavior. As visual creatures, humans rely on colors as a form of communication, evident from road signs to storefronts. Utilizing color effectively becomes a powerful non-verbal tool in crafting advertising campaigns that evoke emotional responses from the audience.

The role of color combination in design

As color is a tool, designers use it to achieve practical goals. Choosing certain color combinations can improve text readability, draw attention to important elements, and create a sense of visual hierarchy. Here's how it might look in practice:

  • Branding: Companies often choose specific colors for themselves to create an easily recognizable brand identity. For example, the combination of red, yellow and black colors are associated by millions of people with the McDonald's restaurant chain. A combination of white and green? This is Starbucks!
  • Visual hierarchy: whatever you're working on, from app design to banner ad, visual hierarchy will help you highlight the most important elements. That is why you can often see how buttons with calls to action or the most important messages are highlighted in a contrasting color.
  • Emotions and mood: colors can evoke emotions or help set a certain mood. Thus, the combination of white and blue evokes a feeling of peace, harmony and relaxation because they are associated with the sea coast.
  • Readability: in order for your text to be read to the end, you need to make sure that the reader can do it without undue stress. That is why there should be a high contrast between the text color and the background color.
  • Accessibility: Color also helps make sites, apps, and ads more accessible to people with vision problems.

These are just a few examples of how color can influence design and development. By understanding the psychology and theory of color, designers can effectively use it to create attractive and comfortable designs.

Principles of color theory

Anyone can learn to perceive and use colors as a working tool. For this, you don't even need to have a special artistic flair, to begin with, it is enough to simply understand the principles of color theory.

Artists and graphic designers often use a vocabulary that is not always clear to a person far from art. Basic terms related to color theory are:

  • The tone (hue) of what color the object is (for example, blue or green).
  • Chromaticity (chroma) whether there are impurities of white or black.
  • Shade indicates how much black was added to the base color.
  • Tint indicates how much white was added to the base color.
  • Tone determines how much gray is added to a pure color.
  • Saturation indicates how strong the color is.
  • Brightness (value) is an indicator of how dark or light a color is.

The nature of colors has always intrigued physicists and artists. Thus, as a result of experiments with a prism, Isaac Newton discovered that sunlight contains all colors except purple. After that, he arranged them in a circle. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple made seven unequal sectors. In the 20th century, the Swiss artist Johannes Itten refined the color wheel, increasing the number of colors. His circle is still used by designers and artists.

color circle

*Itten's color wheel

How to use the color wheel?

The standard color wheel contains 12 colors. Among them are:

  • main (primary colors): red, yellow, blue
  • additional (secondary colors): purple, orange, green.
  • combined (tertiary colors): this is the mixing of adjacent colors.

If you are not sure how to combine colors, the theory of color harmony will help you. While diverse color combination techniques exist, most designers favor complementary, analogous, triadic, and monochromatic schemes. We will consider each of them separately.

Complementary color scheme

How to determine complementary colors on the color wheel? They are located opposite each other. Thus, blue will match orange, red will match green, and purple will look great paired with yellow.

Analogous color scheme

Analogous colors nestled closely together on the color wheel, are often favored for their harmonious appeal, especially when opting for softer hues. Their prevalence in nature and their pleasing effect on the human eye make them so popular.

Triadic color scheme

If you look at the color wheel, then triadic colors will be located at the same distance from each other. For example, red, blue and green.

Monochromatic color scheme

Monochromatic colors are colors that are derived from the same base hue, but may vary in their shade, tint, or tone. In other words, a monochromatic color scheme consists of different tones and shades of a single color.

This knowledge will help you create unusual color combos.

Psychology of colors

Color psychology delves into the intricate relationship between human perception and visual stimuli. While color preferences may vary among individuals, there exists a universal language of color that evokes a spectrum of emotions and influences our perception of the world around us. Using knowledge of color psychology, designers and marketers can communicate more effectively with users.


Red evokes the strongest emotions in people, both positive and negative. The first ones include love, passion, attention, energy and strength. If we talk about negative emotions, then this includes anger, aggression, war.


This vibrant color is often associated with happiness and joy. It also symbolizes hope for the best and self-confidence. If a brand wants to inspire its customer to believe in the future and optimism, they will most likely choose yellow.


Orange is the color of adventure and youth. Calmer than red, it is very cheerful and warm, and it is also loved by extroverts.


The blue color evokes in people a feeling of calmness, reliability and confidence. Blue can often be seen in the identity of banks and insurance companies.


Green is about life. It is the color of renewal and growth. Just look around, nature itself proves this point. That is why we associate green with harmony and inner peace.


The pink color is often associated with innocence, naivety, optimism and pacification. This color also evokes gender associations because, until recently, it was considered exclusively a feminine color.


Violet can be different. These are lavender, lilac, and purple shades. It is interesting that each of these shades causes different psychological reactions. Purple is associated with wealth, power and wisdom. It is the color of creativity, which is why it is especially loved by brands.

100 ideas and examples of color combinations

Creative block can strike even the most seasoned color experts. To rekindle inspiration and discover fresh color combinations, look no further than the world around us. Nature, art, and everyday objects provide a treasure trove of color palettes waiting to be unearthed. So now we bring to your attention 100 color combination ideas. You see most of them almost every day.

  1. Peace and tranquility: desert sand, wenge wood, blue sheet.
  2. Floral and cheerful: cranberry, melon, green-blue leaves, jade.
  3. Brown and green: mint ice cream, chocolate drops.
  4. Snow and sunlight: a calm and warm shade of yellow, cold brown, rich blue.
  5. Farmers Market: Brown, Green and Orange.
  6. Sea coast: soft blue, light pink, white, green.
  7. Tuscan vineyard: yellow tea, blue, green.
  8. Sunset in the desert: plum, marigold, indigo, persimmon.
  9. Energy of nature: shades of blue and orange.
  10. Snow and water: white, blue, royal blue.
  11. Emerald garden: mint, green, dark green.
  12. Pink and red roses: soft pink, bright red and rich dark berry color.
  13. Pumpkin mood: different shades of orange, green and black.
  14. Bright November: rich red, orange and purple.
  15. Fresh citrus fruits: yellow-hot, orange, bright red.
  16. Citrus punch: red, yellow.
  17. Tropical fruit ice cream: red, green, orange and peach.
  18. Life in pink: different shades of pink.
  19. Strawberry milk: red, white, silver.
  20. Sky and steppe: light blue, blue, light brown, brown.
  21. Fresh pastries: various brown tones.
  22. Bright night: dark red, soft orange and yellow accents.
  23. Gentle lilac: lilac, blue, green.
  24. Fluorescent carousel: purple, orange, blue.
  25. Pizza Party: Muted dark red, rich orange, calm orange, pastel red, yellow-gray.
  26. Morning calm: gray, green, white.
  27. Ripe grapes: light yellow, purple.
  28. Oriental Bazaar: deep pink, dark orange, bright orange, dark red.
  29. Western: rich brown, beige, light yellow, red-brown.
  30. Pink powder: light brown, light pink, light pink-red.
  31. Neon electro: lilac, purple, dark purple.
  32. Turkish coffee and sweets: copper, chestnut, emerald, warm brown.
  33. Multicolored whirlpool: pink, berry, blue, turquoise.
  34. Snake skin and scales: lime color, slate gray, dark blue
  35. Corner kaleidoscope: sand, steel blue, orange-brown, pastel red.
  36. Raspberry tart: pistachio, raspberry, blueberry, purple.
  37. Berry brightness: pink and various shades of red.
  38. Sunny mornings: shades of yellow of different brightness and white.
  39. Festive wrapping paper: neon red, pastel pink, pastel green.
  40. Analog retro: yellow, turquoise, pastel blue, neon purple.
  41. Tropical flowers: neon pink, neon orange, blue, gray-blue.
  42. Shades of gems: purple, yellow, red, lilac, blue-green.
  43. The coast of Santorini: azure, blue-green, white.
  44. Red coral and sea blue: red, blue.
  45. Warm paint: orange, extra light red.
  46. ​​Peacock feathers: green, blue, blue.
  47. Sea anemone and clown fish: blue, orange.
  48. Ice stones: ash-blue, gray, yellow, gray-blue.
  49. Linen palette: gray, pale pink, brown.
  50. Desert variety: emerald, green, green-blue.
  51. Vintage vibe: orange-red, blue, bronze, orange-yellow.
  52. Central Park Breeze: misty gray, olive, yellow, beige.
  53. Street flowers: pink, yellow-green, blue-green, black.
  54. Warped abstraction: electric, purple, cobalt blue, royal blue.
  55. Neon accents: brick red, fuchsia, eggplant.
  56. Rain and city lights: red-orange, gray, orange, blue.
  57. Colorful flowers: pink, lilac, blue.
  58. Pastel cakes: light pink, light blue, light yellow, pale brown.
  59. Cobalt caves: golden-yellow, azure, purple.
  60. Bright cityscapes: pink, green, orange, gray.
  61. Waves by the pool: beige, red, yellow, dark blue.
  62. Italian houses: yellow, pink, green.
  63. Colored sea scallops: yellow-hot, orange, red.
  64. Pastel patios: soft pink, soft blue, yellow, terracotta.
  65. Fresh and spring: peach, blue, pink.
  66. Summer getaway: blue, gold, crimson, indigo.
  67. Macaw feathers: yellow, red, green and blue.
  68. Spring sortie: amber, pink, green.
  69. Pond with carp: gold, orange, dark gray or light gray.
  70. Terracotta marble: copper, light red, dark red, orange-brown.
  71. Sushi plate: pink, black, green.
  72. Bird in the shade: dark orange, yellow, beige, gray.
  73. Simple and traditional: beige, orange, brown, green.
  74. Natural stone: different shades of gray and blue.
  75. Gold and grass: golden, green.
  76. Mountain lakes: blue + dark shades.
  77. Refined warmth: yellow, orange, red and neutral white.
  78. Bright red accent: bright red + any other contrasting color.
  79. Golden gate: orange, red, blue.
  80. Warm and neutral: different shades of gray, pastel red.
  81. Calm in the spa: beige, cream, light gray.
  82. City life: gray, brown, green.
  83. Modern city: black and white colors.
  84. Flower boutique: pink, red, green.
  85. Japanese gardens: pink, olive, orange, black.
  86. Wine corks: dark crimson, pastel orange, black, pastel pink.
  87. Bare birch trees: soft blue, golden, black.
  88. Purple story: a combination of different shades of purple.
  89. Modern gray: gray, brown.
  90. The embodiment of tenderness: pale pink, light gray.
  91. Wedding bouquet: pink, green.
  92. Palm trees and the color pink: pastel shades of pink, blue, red.
  93. Lavender fields: light pink, pink, light purple and purple.
  94. Spring: purple, yellow, blue, orange.
  95. Pink beach: pale pink, green, black.
  96. Holiday extravaganza: bright pink and deep green.
  97. Golden hour: beige, orange, brown.
  98. Mystic Night: Gray, Antique Brass, Blue (#1D1D2A, #C89E70, #57A7AB, #4E8394).
  99. Autumn masquerade: green, brown, gray.
  100. Quiet luxury: gray, pastel brown, dark cyan, dark brown (#9FBBB9 #070909 #866A48 #654B2D)

As we wrote, all the above combinations can be found and seen in ordinary life. If you are not sure about this or that combination, just think if there is something similar in nature or urban space. With a high degree of probability, you will still find the combination you need. And now we suggest viewing visual examples from our palettes.

1. Peace and tranquility
peace and tranquility

If coziness could be described with the help of colors, then we would definitely choose them! Use this combination in your design projects, if you want to convey an atmosphere of softness and comfort.

2. Floral and cheerful
floral and cheerful

A cheerful combination that can be often seen in advertising before the start of the spring-summer season. Choose these colors if you want to convey a bright and optimistic mood!

3. Brown and green
brown and green

Brown and green are a match made in heaven. When using this combination, remember one secret: brown acts as an accent against the background of various combinations of green.

4. Snow and sunshine
snow and sunshine

At first glance, it is a rather calm combination, but dynamics and power are felt in it. Often used in graphic design.

5. Farmer's market
farmer's market

The combination of brown, green and orange creates a fresh color scheme that looks great in food advertising.

6. Sea coast
sea coast

Light and bright colors are ideal for reminding the audience of carefree summer days, as well as for advertising banners with summer offers.

7. Tuscan vineyard
tuscan vineyard

A combination that is the embodiment of autumn aesthetics. Blue and green go well with warm colors, adding balance to the image. A great choice for creating a visual identity for a wine shop.

8. Sunset in the desert
sunset in the desert

A dreamy combination that sets you up for a calm and relaxed time. This palette has captivated and inspired generations of interior designers.

9. Energy of nature
energy of nature

Variations of blue and orange are reminiscent of a spring or summer sunset. Fashion designers like to combine blue with orange.

10. Snow and water
snow and water

Cold blue shades exude a sense of tranquility and harmony, making them a popular choice for companies that prioritize fostering trust and confidence in their clientele. While this palette evokes a wintry ambiance, its rich contrasts render it adaptable to a wide range of design applications.

11. Emerald garden
emerald garden

The combination of delicate shades of light green with rich emerald is a real pleasure for the eyes. The calm and life-giving energy of these colors is especially suitable for ecological brands.

12. Pink and red roses
pink and red roses

You can immerse yourself in the fairy-tale atmosphere of the most romantic holiday of the year with the help of a pink-red color combination. In this case, a small amount of black adds balance. The perfect solution for promotional banners for Valentine's Day.

13. Pumpkin mood

pumpkin mood

No other color can convey the autumn atmosphere like orange does. Black and green colors add to the palette earth tones.

14. Bright November

bright november

Bright colors united in this palette so that we can enjoy a warm autumn look. Every fall, graphic designers around the world use it in their work.

15. Fresh citrus fruits

fresh citrus fruits

Such a bright fruit color palette makes the design playful, youthful and attractive.

16. Citrus punch

citrus punch

These bright red colors on a pleasant yellow background are invigorating at first glance! Designers especially like to use their cheerful effect in summer advertising campaigns.

17. Tropical fruit ice cream

tropical fruit ice cream

Bright fruit colors combined with a dark blue background to enhance the contrast. It can often be seen in advertisements for summer cocktails and desserts.

18. Life in pink

life in pink

A similar monochrome color scheme is actually quite multifaceted. It fits both advertising of clothes and accessories, as well as themed parties. In general, 2023 is the year of rethinking pink.

19. Strawberry milk

strawberry milk

This cheerful blend of colors instantly sparks nostalgia, evoking memories of beloved childhood treats. Its widespread use in organic food store advertisements is a testament to its ability to evoke feelings of wholesomeness and natural goodness.

20. The sky and the steppe

the sky and the steppe

Calm, natural colors that evoke a feeling of harmony and freedom. An ideal palette for an advertising campaign of clothes made of natural fabrics or psychological courses.

21. Fresh pastries

fresh pastries

Brown tones perfect for advertising anything related to working on the land or vacationing in the country, and it also resembles fresh baked goods.

22. Bright night

bright night

This color combination resembles the northern lights and conveys the atmosphere of something unusual, mysterious and mesmerizing.

23. Gentle lilac

gentle lilac

Nature-inspired shades of lilac and a calm blend of blue and green inspire optimism and faith in the best. It is also a color associated with creativity, so it will suit creative applications.

24. Fluorescent carousel

fluorescent carousel

A dynamic, bright combination that conveys the carefree atmosphere of an amusement park and summer evenings.

25. Pizza party

pizza party

These rich and earthy tones evoke a sense of abundance and freshness, instantly stimulating the appetite. This is why restaurateurs have long favored these hues.

26. Morning calm

morning calm

A harmonious combination of colors that conveys the atmosphere of a relaxed morning and comfort. Yoga instructors love to use this palette to design their personal blogs.

27. Ripe grapes

ripe grapes

The elegance and majesty of this combination has a positive effect on a person's emotional state.

28. Eastern bazaar

eastern bazaar

Bright colors for bold design solutions. This combination is also used by web designers for online stores of nuts and spices.

29. Western


A palette of warm, rich brown tones. The variety of shades makes this scheme practical and versatile.

30. Pink powder

pink powder

A cute combination of pale pink and soft gray colors, perfect for advertising cosmetics.

31. Neon electro

neon electro

Neon hues are making a triumphant comeback, and pairing them with noble purple color, you can capture the attention of the audience with this bright accents.

32. Turkish coffee and sweets

turkish coffee and sweets

Color combination to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere. It is quite expected that interior designers often use it in coffee shops.

33. Multicolored whirlpool

multicolored whirlpool

Such combinations help to create a dynamic design and convey a sense of movement.

34. Snake skin and scales

snake skin and scales

An original combination of colors that will look great in advertising fashion clothes and accessories.

35. Corner kaleidoscope

corner kaleidoscope

The use of intricate patterns with many colors is a new trend. Such complex motifs are well-suited for use as a background.

36. Raspberry tart

raspberry tart

This tetradic color combination will make anyone dream of a slice of such a tart. Bright and rich, and most importantly natural, they easily evoke associations with summer fruits from the farmer's market.

37. Berry brightness

berry brightness

This fiery palette exudes an irresistible allure, evoking the vibrant energy and passion of summer. It's no surprise that this color combination is a staple in advertisements for swimwear, cosmetics, and other summer essentials, as it instantly transports us to sun-kissed beaches and carefree getaways.

38. Sunny mornings

sunny mornings

Joy, happiness and positive emotions radiate from the color palette dominated by yellow.

39. Festive wrapping paper

festive wrapping paper

Bright pastel colors evoke a feeling of joy and childish delight. Similar combinations can be used as a background.

40. Analog retro

analog retro

If you want something vintage, but not too old at the same time, this retro color combination will take you back to the crazy 90s!

41. Tropical flowers

tropical flowers

A bold color palette, where all bright colors are harmoniously combined with each other. It creates a summer mood and makes you want to travel to exotic countries.

42. Shades of gems

shades of gems

Bright shades of precious stones mesmerize people. If you want bold combinations, do not hesitate to choose such combinations.

43. The coast of Santorini

coast of santorini

Santorini gained particular popularity thanks to its white azure color scheme. Such a combination not only creates a feeling of absolute peace, but also gives a sense of space.

44. Red coral and sea blue

red coral and sea blue

Red is a bright color. Add blue to it, and you will definitely receive a beautiful, rich palette that makes any design stand out.

45. Warm paint

warm paint

Even subdued hues, when paired thoughtfully, can create amazing scenes. This harmonious blend fosters a sense of comfort and tranquility.

46. Peacock feathers

peacock feathers

This combination of colors can add energy and extravagance to any design.

47. Sea anemone and clown fish

sea anemone and clown fish

Orange and blue are a great pair. Both colors are full of energy and, when used in several shades, create a bright palette.

48. Ice stones

ice stones

These gentle and calm colors, despite their delicacy, can enhance any design. Suitable for interior use.

49. Linen palette

linen palette

These neutral tones can create a sense of calm and comfort to your design. It's a growing trend of using similar combinations in interior design.

50. The diversity of the desert

diversity of the desert

Incorporate the vibrant hues of desert cacti into your next important announcement and watch it capture attention like never before. The rustic charm of these colors evokes the spirit of old Western landscapes, creating a unique and memorable visual impact that will leave a lasting impression.

51. Vintage vibe

vintage vibe

This palette of muted rainbow hues evokes a sense of sweet nostalgia, perfectly capturing the essence of a retro aesthetic.

52. Breeze of Central Park

breeze of central park

Analogous colors convey perfectly the peace and harmony prevailing in nature. This combination is suitable for a mental health app or a positive habits calendar.

53. Street flowers

street flowers

A classic combination of complementary colors, where the proximity of pink and green makes them visually brighter. Such solutions are especially popular in interior design.

54. Deformed abstraction

deformed abstraction

Electric blue injects a burst of energy into this color palette, harmoniously balanced by its calmer companions. Consequently, this interplay of colors creates a dynamic and visually stimulating palette, with electric blue emerging as a captivating accent color.

55. Neon accents

neon accents

Neon light adds originality to typography and simple lines. This combination looks retro, but also a bit futuristic at the same time.

56. Rain and city lights

rain and city lights

These complementary colors can make your design deeper, more interesting and brighter.

57. Colorful flowering

сolorful flowering

You can immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of romantic May simply by using these gentle pastel colors, which are so reminiscent of lilac blossoms.

58. Pastel cakes

pastel cakes

Gentle, airy shades create a sophisticated color scheme. You can use them as a background for your Instagram ads, and also to decorate your business page on social networks, especially if you are a pastry chef.

59. Cobalt caves

cobalt caves

Such a color combination not only fascinates, but also inspires creativity and self-discovery.

60. Bright cityscapes

bright cityscapes

If you want to create a really cheerful and energetic design, try combining pink, green and orange colors. We guarantee that you will get an optimistic and aesthetic design!

61. Waves by the pool

waves by the pool

A bright summer combination that warms even in winter! Perfect for designing banners with information about hot summer offers.

62. Italian houses

italian houses

A Roman vacation is the dream of many people, so such combinations are especially appealing to them. The colorful, bold and sunny palette will look great in both interior design and banner design.

63. Colored sea scallops

colored sea scallops

A warm and sunny palette that will help you create such a design that even the biggest lover of sea beaches will hold their breath for a moment.

64. Pastel patios

pastel patios

A rainbow palette of colors not only pleases the eye, but also improves mood. Thanks to the calm atmosphere, such a combination is suitable for both branding and interior design.

65. Fresh and springy

fresh and springy

Pastel colors are not only delicate, but also juicy and bright. Richer options can be used for layouts or ad designs.

66. Summer getaway

summer getaway

These colors seem to literally radiate energy. Original and unusual, they can awaken the adventurer in you! And you can often meet them in advertising, interiors and even movies.

67. Macaw feathers

macaw feathers

If you're developing an app for kids, consider using this tropical palette. Her boisterous, cheerful energy is especially liked by babies.

68. Spring outing

spring outing

Use shades of spring flowers in any design to convey that feeling of delight when you first find yourself in the bosom of spring nature after winter. They are also suitable for the design of cards, posters or posts on social networks.

69. Pond with carp

pond with carp

The colors are inspired by Japanese carp ponds and best convey the feeling of peace and harmony. They will fit both for the design of personal blogs and advertising banners.

70. Terracotta marble

terracotta marble

Marble has an original structure, and its intricate lines and patterns delight people. For a long time, it was associated exclusively with luxury. Now, artificial marble of original colors is used in interior design.

71. A plate of sushi

plate of sushi

The bright color combination, which is so reminiscent of seafood, looks very appetizing! Similar colors are often chosen for restaurant applications.

72. A bird in the shadow

bird in the shadow

This monochrome color scheme, which combines pleasant pastel colors from light to dark, suitable for all types of design.

73. Simple and traditional

simple and traditional

If you are looking for a timeless color combination where calm shades are enhanced by bright accents, this option should suit you. If your activity is related to traditional crafts, such as farming, you can use these colors for branding. Traditional style is also a hit in interior design.

74. Natural stone

natural stone

While these colors appear understated, they possess an inherent harmony, blending seamlessly to create a visually appealing harmony. This tranquil color palette exudes a sense of serenity and composure, resulting in a strikingly balanced and visually intriguing palette that has become a popular choice for interior design, with its calming and harmonious appeal.

75. Gold and grass

gold and grass

A sophisticated combination that represents harmony and renewal. A good choice for advertising invitations.

76. Mountain lakes

mountain lakes

The cinematic combination of rich dark shades and calm blue evokes an irresistible desire to climb high into the mountains. A great option for branding a company that develops equipment for tourism.

77. Refined warmth
refined warmth

For a modern and sophisticated combination, try pairing warm colors with neutral whites and grays. Such calm and warm combinations are often used to design personal pages in social networks.

78. Bright red accent

bright red accent

If you need to create a dynamic and interesting picture, try placing a bright accent color on a calmer background. This method of attracting attention you can found in advertising of clothing and advertising of accessories. The use of red, which itself additionally attracts the attention of the viewer, makes the combination more emotional.

79. Golden Gate

golden gate

The bright orange color combines with gray and blue in the best way. If you want to convey to the viewer an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance and harmony, definitely try this option.

80. Warm and neutral

warm and neutral

Gray colors become a great background for red. The combination is suitable both for branding and for use in interior design.

81. Peace in the spa

peace in the spa

Neutral colors, if they are chosen correctly, will give you a feeling of peace and comfort. Such combinations are well suited for branding spa salons and massage parlors.

82. City life

city life

A neutral color palette, where there is usually one bright accent. A calm and pleasant combination, which is often found in interior design recently.

83. Modern city

modern city

Black and white is a classic color combination that is still in fashion! This palette is ideal for creating an elegant and modern look, which is why it is highly valued by fashion designers.

84. Flower boutique

flower boutique

Bright and cheerful colors of fresh flowers inspire customers to make spontaneous purchases and romantic gestures. Such a beautiful color combination will be perfect for an online store of flowers, desserts or gifts.

85. Japanese gardens

japanese gardens

A magical palette consisting of energetic olive green, orange and pink, and deep black adds balance. Such natural colors give a person a feeling of emotional stability and kinship with nature. Relaxation app designers can feel free to use this palette.

86. Wine rinds

wine rinds

A warm and saturated palette, which owes its appearance to wine. Such colors are valued for their warming effect. It can be used both in the design of an online store and for advertising banners.

87. Bare birches

bare birches

The golden color occupies a central place in the composition, and the soft blue and contrasting black only emphasize its warm atmosphere. Such a palette will look great in the interior or in an advertising campaign for warm clothes of the autumn-winter season.

88. Purple story

purple story

A subtle and delicate color scheme of various shades of purple proves that minimalism can be interesting. Purple is usually associated with tenderness and innocence, so such colors are often found in the interior of rooms for teenage girls.

89. Modern gray

modern gray

Gray is a color that looks best in modern designs. It is also a great background for warm colors. Such a palette is often used both in clothing design and advertising.

90. The embodiment of tenderness

embodiment of tenderness

Dreamy and somewhat even infantile, this is how pink is usually described. Try to combine it with other contrasting neutral colors, and you will get a clean and gentle palette. An ideal option for branding a nail studio, cosmetic office or creative studio.

91. Wedding bouquet

wedding bouquet

The color palette, which consists of pink and green, is often reminiscent of spring and evokes a feeling of happiness and awakening after winter. A similar combination is suitable for branding a flower shop.

92. Palm trees and pink color

palm trees and pink color

Really sophisticated colors that create a relaxed, somewhat dreamy atmosphere. Pastel shades are increasingly common in the interior of coffee shops.

93. Lavender fields

lavender fields

A somewhat fantastic palette that evokes a sense of delight in the beauty of nature. Because these colors are often associated with creativity, they are often used in branding and graphic design.

94. Spring


Pastel colors are synonymous with the vibrant hues of spring. Infuse your spring promotions or design elements with a palette of pastel colors to embrace the cheerful energy of a vibrant mix of pastel colors.

95. Pink beach

pink beach

A summer color palette that evokes associations with sunny days and immerses you in the atmosphere of a seaside party! An advertising banner designed in such colors will definitely not go unnoticed!

96. Festive extravaganza

festive extravaganza

Nothing conveys the atmosphere of the long-awaited holiday better than juicy and bright colors! After this year's triumphant return of Barbie, this pink and green palette will definitely be featured in interior design.

97. Golden hour

golden hour

Warm colors are particularly cherished in autumn, as they embody the season's essence. They not only evoke a sense of comforting nostalgia, reminding us of cozy autumn days, but also provide a sense of warmth and cheerfulness that can help combat seasonal blues. Moreover, warm color palettes are frequently employed in mountain hotel designs, where creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere is paramount.

98. Mystical night

mystical night

*example of a Halloween template by BannerBoo

Do you want to give your customers a feeling that something important is about to happen? Then you will definitely need a palette of yellow-hot and blue. If the first color can cause a feeling of anxiety, then blue, on the contrary, has a calming effect. If these two colors are combined, we will get a mystical atmosphere of the most mysterious night of the year. Perfect combination for a Halloween promotion!

99. Autumn masquerade

autumn masquerade

Inspired by the tranquil hues of nature, calm autumn colors possess an innate harmony, making them exceptionally soothing and aesthetically pleasing. Their inherent elegance makes them a perfect choice for graphic designers, particularly when crafting an autumn menu design for a bakery.

100. Quiet luxury

quiet luxury

*example of a Jewelry template by BannerBoo

A sophisticated combination of deep, serene colors against an elegant gray backdrop exudes timeless elegance. This harmonious palette evokes an ambiance of tranquility and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for creating a sense of calm and refinement. Beyond its application in graphic design, this versatile palette can serve as the foundation for creating a tranquil and sophisticated study or living room.

Tips for choosing the right color combinations

Even when you have a grasp of color theory and understand the impact of different shades on mood, selecting the ideal color palette for your design can still be a challenge. To help you navigate this process, we've compiled some practical tips to guide you in making the best color choices.

  1. Consider the goals of the project and your target audience.
    First, you need to revisit the ideas you have envisioned for the project and consider the target audience for whom you are developing it. Let's imagine that we are working on creating a ballet studio for children from 3 years old. Would you choose black as your primary brand color in this case? Unlikely! That is why you need to have a clear idea of ​​who your audience is.
  2. Experiment with different shades and variations!
    When the initial decision proves challenging, further experimentation is necessary. While we've explored the most common color schemes, there exists a vast array of unexplored combinations waiting to be discovered. Try out various combinations using complementary, triadic, analog, or monochromatic schemes. Bear in mind that even colors that appear harmonious in theory may not always translate harmoniously in practice.
  3. Be aware of special opportunities for web design and graphic design.
    If you lack basic tools, BannerBoo offers additional ones that provide extra opportunities for creativity.
  4. A/B test your color choices.
    BannerBoo makes it possible to conduct A/B testing of different colors in your banners. This is an opportunity to determine which combination best resonates with your target audience and increases engagement.
  5. Get inspired and explore color trends.
    When dealing with color, it is critical to work on training the eye. In addition to watching movies, visiting museums and watching competitors, we advise you to use the library of BannerBoo templates. All our templates are created by real design professionals who know how to master any color, making it much easier to remember the combinations.

Tools and resources for color research

Today's aspiring designers are fortunate compared to their predecessors because there are now numerous tools available for exploring colors.

For example, there are many online tools where you can match colors.

  1. Color Muzli is a platform where you can check whether the colors you have chosen go well together and create a beautiful color scheme. If you are looking for a color palette for an application, then on the same platform you can check how they will look in the interface.
  2. is a place where you can browse a large number of palettes for color inspiration or create your own using the color palette generator.
  3. Canva has an interesting tool that allows you to choose a color palette based on a photo. This is very convenient, especially in cases where you are looking for an exact shade code.
  4. will help you choose a color scheme in real time.
  5. Adobe Color is a free online platform that enables you to explore a range of color schemes, either based on pre-selected palettes or by creating your custom palettes using RGB values.

In addition to platforms where you can familiarize yourself with various palettes, it is worth working on the ability to notice successful combinations of colors. The best places where you can do this are:

  1. Pinterest is a photo hosting for inspiration and finding ideas.
  2. Behance is a platform that is especially popular among designers and artists.
  3. Official Instagram account.
  4. Adobe Stock, iStock, Getty Images, Pixabay, and Unsplash are stock image platforms where you can find fresh ideas for yourself.
  5. Colorleap — a service where you can see how colors change over time.
  6. BannerBoo library and blog is your go-to place for the latest trends in banner design.


Finding the same perfect color is quite a difficult task. Even after studying all 7 color schemes, it is not always possible to choose exactly the palette that exists in the imagination. However, all the efforts invested in the creative process are 100% worth it because the choice of color is a search for another way of communication with the client and an additional way to reveal the potential of your product. Remember that you can always look for inspiration in the BannerBoo background library, and in cases where creativity is completely lacking, use a template. Train your skills to see and create beautiful things with us!

Frequently asked questions

What three colors go together?

Red, yellow and blue are a classic triad.

What is the rule of three colors?

This is the rule according to which clothes cannot contain more than three primary colors. This is how 2 neutral and 1 bright colors are most often combined.

What two colors make pink?

Pink is formed by white and red.

What color will you get if you mix blue and yellow?

By combining blue and yellow, you get green.

What colors go with red?

Yellow, white, green, blue and black

How to combine colors in design?

To combine colors, artists and designers often use the color wheel.

What are the 7 color schemes?

Distinguish monochromatic, complementary, split-complementary, achromatic, analog, triadic and tetradic schemes.

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