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10 must-have SaaS tools for marketing agencies in 2024

10 must-have SaaS tools for marketing agencies in 2024

Do you have a team of marketing agency specialists? Then you know exactly how important it is to optimize and adjust the work of each participant in the creative process for high results. Discover SaaS tools to create a marketing strategy, engage customers, and enhance ad performance to scale and improve customer service.

Managing creative processes is not an easy task. When it comes to management itself, it is important to control everything at once: strategic issues, work with clients, sales promotion, internal communication, etc. It is, of course, difficult. Fortunately, the current level of development of the business environment has automated solutions for almost any task. SaaS tools help control a number of aspects of business and focus on the most important goal: to create a comfortable workflow for the team and a guaranteed result for customers.

Digital marketing has long evolved into a dynamic ecosystem where trends and tools change rapidly, and consumer behavior is variable and dependent on many factors. In this regard, agencies must have tools that simplify processes, increase productivity and help achieve the desired results.

Whether you're just planning a social media posting schedule or looking for an effective content strategy tool, you can find an automated solution that will save significant time and resources for the entire team. Learn more about them.

Online Marketing Management Tools: Why Use Them?

The main reasons are: to save time, accumulate effect and increase work efficiency.

Although online marketing is dynamic, some processes still take a lot of time. Think about:

  • the number of emails you need to prepare, track their conversions, clicks and form the following leads;

  • the number of blogs that need to be created and published each month for the development of the site;

  • number of posts and stories to be active on all major social media platforms and more.

If you don't have the right strategy and tool to help you organize it all, it's going to be a waste of time.

However, SaaS tools take over part of the routine process. This helps the entire team manage work tasks better because all data is systematized and organized in one place. This leaves opportunities and resources for the important things: brainstorming, generating hypotheses, analyzing performance, conducting testing and developing further strategies for optimizing advertising campaigns.

SaaS tools for marketing agencies needed in 2024

Of course, a separate team works in a separate convenient format. Each new tool should help each participant to work efficiently and quickly, and not become an additional barrier when approving the launch of advertising activities or an obstacle in the communication of colleagues. If you're new to automation tools, we recommend talking to the team first to find out their needs and challenges. And only then start looking for a solution.

In this article, we talk about convenient marketing tools that we use, inviting you to also discover their benefits. Test and choose the most appropriate option for your tasks.

Tools for creating and generating content

Content, content, content. It's not just about surpassing competitors, it should convey the meanings and philosophy of the brand, and also show high interaction rates. If the time to create it is limited, and there are lack of ideas, try to learn about trends and create a content with the help of these applications.

Semrush Topic Research Tool


Professional tool to quickly find content ideas. It helps you effectively create content strategies and plan topics by entering business field and geographic location. The service provides a list of potential ideas, covering key queries and activity on them.

Semrush picks keywords to assist websites in gaining visibility on search engines. It collects data and gives an accurate idea of ​​how to rank and position for a particular keyword and what kind of competition a business may be facing.

Basically, the Semrush Topic Research Tool scans the top 10 Google results for a target keyword, looks for related terms, and categorizes them by topic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial focus for any marketing agency engaged in content marketing. But there is much more to SEMrush for marketing agencies: for PPC, content and social media publishing.

Prices: from $129.95 per month. There is a test period.

Google Trends

google trends

This is a free tool from Google that shows the popularity of a keyword, search term or topic among users. Analyzing this data helps you find relevant topics in your customers' niche and gain user engagement. With Google Trends, it's easy to stay relevant and in line with the latest trends.

Before publishing your next blog post, use the service to make sure it fully meets the needs and requests of readers and search engines. Perhaps it is worth changing something so that the content becomes viral and receives high interest from the audience.

Prices: free of charge


A dedicated platform helps you generate content that will not only be relevant to your audience, but also properly optimized for search engines. not only optimizes sharable and workable texts in real-time, but also searches for examples of competitors' articles.

You can use the service as a separate tool for working with text and key queries, as well as to analyze competitors and their content marketing activities.

Prices: from $15.00 per month. There is a free tariff for one user.


bannerboo main page

It is a universal online platform for creating advertisements, designs and any graphics.BannerBoo – a comprehensive solution for modern businesses of any size: from small companies to large digital marketing agencies, here you will find scalable solutions for all advertising needs.
Besides, it's:

  • convenient and simple drag-and-drop functionality;

  • 12,000+ templates, ready for use;

  • opportunities for optimization and adaptation of graphics for various platforms;

  • shared workspace for creative teams;

  • convenient integration options with advertising networks.

Complementing the content with graphics is necessary because the visual is a strong motive to continue reading instead of scrolling through your ad, blog, website or social media page.

Prices: from $15 per month. There is a free tariff with limited features.

Social media marketing tools

If the company is not using social media, it loses the opportunity to communicate with the target audience. In order to effectively and efficiently conduct activity on the pages, it is necessary to devote a lot of time to the generation and publication of materials. Would it be possible to somehow optimize this process? Yes, and we will tell you how.



It is a social media management platform for agencies that allows you to engage with clients through multiple social media channels. Sendible increases productivity, saves time and takes over routine posting processes.

Features include:

  • scheduling social media posts for multiple channels;

  • cooperation with the team and quick approval of activities;

  • digital marketing data analytics and customer post analysis for reports;

  • tracking mentions of the brand on social media.

In short, Sendible is a powerful tool for streamlining your entire social media management workflow.

Prices: from $29 per month. There is a test period.

Digital marketing and automation of work processes

Streamline agency workflows by automating those that matter most with digital reporting tools. These tools are critical for overall business scaling.


act on

Multifunctional marketing automation tool that helps you improve:

  • level of awareness (maximize customer awareness and turn each potential customer into a real one);

  • interaction with the audience (segment, evaluate and develop different target groups);

  • sales efficiency (use analytical information to increase sales and revenue, minimizing the time it takes to make a purchase decision);

  • analysis of ROI by individual marketing campaigns that directly impact the revenue and growth goals of clients.

Conversion optimization tools

It's one thing to launch an ad to get conversions, but it's quite another to know exactly which marketing tool or ad converted the interest into a transaction.


what converts

It is a tracking and reporting software, including call tracking and lead action analytics, helps agencies reach leads of all conversion types.

WhatConverts also has keyword call tracking for clients' PPC ads, showing which campaigns are performing best. Simple tracking of calls will not always tell the whole story, it is necessary to analyze all received data in detail. The service collects a lot of this data, thereby improving marketing and advertising strategies.

Prices: from $60 per month. There is a test period - 14 days.

Google Analytics

google analytics

An analytics tool for agencies that manage clients' websites. As a digital agency, you can use the platform to better understand your client base and track various data, including new users, sources or completed purchases.

Additionally, it offers:

  • custom reports such as monetization, purchase and engagement;

  • user and segment research to understand customer behavior;

  • support for JavaScript libraries, SDKs for mobile applications and any connected third-party system.

Google Analytics is free to use.

Project management and collaboration for creative teams

The agency achieves the greatest results when all processes are optimized and thought out. Communication and project management are an integral part of this process, and it is important to find the service that best suits your team and your tasks.



This project management tool helps teams track their work and accomplish tasks. It is simple and easy to use by creative departments, but also has great potential for a corporation with specific needs. Asana is free for teams of up to 15 people, has its own apps for iOS and Android devices, so it guarantees access to work tasks from anywhere in the world.



It is considered one of the best tools for remote work, allowing communities, groups or teams to work together. Slack has a multi-level format, you can create channels for each client, for each task, to exchange messages quickly and directly.

Team members can communicate without using email or group messages. Slack can be integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Heroku, Trello and other major platforms to keep your team running smoothly.

Prices: from $7.25 per month. There is a free tariff with limited features.

What other services should be considered for work?

These services can improve your team's marketing efforts and help you reach the next level of development.



Allows you to view recorded sessions of site visitors and analyze heatmaps to find out what's working better and what needs to be improved. Thanks to this information, you can get higher conversion rates in the future.



Assists with website development, social media management, blog hosting, CRM contact management, offering tools for list building, segmentation, and workflow creation. Since Hubspot offers many free services, even at the beginning of the development of the agency, it can be easily integrated into your business.



A powerful tool that helps businesses improve their site performance by analyzing user behavior, identifying potential roadblocks, and making data-driven decisions that optimize the user journey.

How to choose marketing SaaS tools for your agency

Of course, each service is not a universal magic pill. Some people like it, some people don't, some people need to make improvements so that the service meets the needs of the company.

So, where to start choosing services for business?

Think about what your marketing team needs most and whether one tool can solve all tasks or if you need to involve several services. Analyze in detail the available options in each service, especially paid tariffs.

Always focus on these questions:

  1. What is your agency's goal to best serve its clients? (Creating traffic on the site, increasing the number of potential customers, managing social media, etc.)

  2. Does the price justify the value that the agency will receive from using this service?

  3. How quickly will I receive a return on the invested amount?

  4. Is there a trial period to try out the tool before committing to a full subscription?

  5. Will this tool work for most of your client's campaigns, or just a few?

Having assessed these key issues, you can easily make a conscious and informed decision to integrate a service or tool into your own work processes.

Important! If you have more than one person in your team, take the time to write instructions and explain the reasons for using an additional tool in your work. This will give a good result.


The world is developing too fast, which means that powerful automation tools based on artificial intelligence are being created every day, which can help you in various marketing activities.

The whole point is that spending time on routine processes instead of developing and scaling the agency is not a good idea. 10+ tools from our list will be able to facilitate processes and save your time and energy.

Choose the best tools for marketing agencies to help you scale effectively and create the perfect customer experience. Use them consistently so that the results are predictable and systematic. Of course, there are many variations of these tools, so make sure you search carefully and find what works best for your team's long-term goals.

Frequently asked questions

What are SaaS tools, and how do they work?

SaaS (short for Software as a Service) is a software delivery method that allows data to be accessed from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Software providers are responsible for servers, databases and code, while users pay to use the features.

What are some examples of SaaS tools?

Some of the best examples of SaaS tools are Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite), Salesforce, SAP Concur, Cisco WebEx, and Dropbox, among many others.

Why use online marketing management tools for your business?

Using SaaS tools helps you save time, resources and be able to do your work better. They will help the team to better manage the work processes because all the necessary data is in one place. Instead of searching and routine, the team can focus on really important indicators of development cooperation with customers or scaling capabilities.

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