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BannerBoo November Updates and New Templates

23 November 2021

Hello, Friends! 

We move along at a good pace and continue to delight you with updates: 

  • Import PSD files (Photoshop) to BannerBoo

  • Even more new vector animated shapes

  • Ability to view animated templates in the editor on mouse hover

  • 4 new tutorial videos on our YouTube channel. Watch and subscribe now!

Additionally, we have added 40 new unique templates (480 resizes) and a CyberMonday category:

New unique templates and a CyberMonday category

By the way, there is a great opportunity to use new themed animated templates in different sizes for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Based on the reviews of our users, no one else on the market has templates like ours! Just check it out!

Let`s try the updates!

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