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Awfully nice BannerBoo update from Boo the ghost + new templates!

29 October 2021
Hello, Friends! We did our best these months and rolled out many pleasant things. Here are a few of the most important ones:

✔️ Banner color styles — click to change the color scheme of your creative as you like
✔️ Photo and video filters — edit your visuals in Instagram style without leaving the editor!
✔️ Masks for photos and videos — now it's even easier and more enjoyable to create designs)
✔️ Gradients — where would we be without them? Fortunately, they are here. They can also be used with color styles.
✔️ Cutting an object from a photo — now even better and faster!
✔️ New vector animated shapes — for greater ad creativity
✔️ Video stocks can now be previewed on mouse hover
✔️ 6 new videos on our YouTube channel. View them and subscribe now!

Nice features, aren't they? As for me, I waited no less for them than you) We have expanded our team with new employees, and we now make many times as many templates, and we are constantly adding new functionality. Check back very soon for teamwork and the ability to import files from Photoshop!

BannerBoo Boo mascot

As for templates: since our last email, we have added 220 new templates (2630 resizes) and 5 new categories!:

✔️ Insurance
✔️ Blog & Lifestyle
✔️ Halloween
✔️ Gaming / Casino
✔️ Black Friday

If you haven't yet created an advertising campaign for the Halloween holiday, we have 20 new themed animated templates available.

Halloween Banner Ads and Halloween Design Template

The first click opens the banner for editing, the second changes the logo, the third changes the text, and the fourth saves the finished banner. It's that easy!

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