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BannerBoo Updates — Guides, Grid, Smooth GIF

Hello friends!

While most of the changes remain behind the scenes, there are some which you can see and nearly "feel".

Look, what we’ve updated:

Snap Objects to a Grid

Snap Objects to a Grid

There is a new "Interface Settings" button in the left tools panel. You can invert canvas background here and also turn on the pixels grid. Objects snapping is a default option, but, if you press and hold "CTRL" key, snapping will not work.

Guides on a Timeline

Guides on a Timeline

There are new vertical guides on a timeline — now you can align layers with ease, so the animation of your objects will end simultaneously.

New ZIP Download Features

New ZIP Download Features  

We added a couple of additional fields to enhance the flexibility of export settings because every ad network has often its own code requirements.

Smooth GIF (Beta)

Smooth GIF (beta)

The new beta version of smooth GIF export is ready for a test. It works unstable, so try to export lightweight banners with simple animations. We are working on a stable release.

So go ahead and surprise your customers with professional looking ad campaigns!

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