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We celebrate 100,000 banners and give a huge discount

27 June 2020

Did you know that a female octopus can lay more than 100,000 eggs at a time? We are not a female octopus, but we have something in common — after all, our users have created more than 100,000 banners since the existence of Bannerboo!

Celebrating, friends! And in honor of this momentous event, we give you an incredible discount of 45% on all Bannerboo monthly Plans. (If you have a Paid Plan, then one more month will be added). Such discounts are available only on Black Friday, and then not always. So hurry to buy now — the action is limited in time. (Only 4 days left!)

Just enter your DISCO45 coupon at checkout.

And a couple of lines about what is in Bannerboo’s Paid Plans:

  • An unlimited number of banners and templates

  • Export of animated banners to GIF, MP4, and HTML5

  • Automatic GIF optimization for a given size (Plus Plan)

  • Your personal branded page to demonstrate created ads to customers (Plus Plan)

  • Ability to download banners for any ad network (Google etc).

If you’ve waited a long time to start creating great selling banners —  right now is the time!

Get a discount now!

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