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Social Media Trends 2024

Social Media Trends 2024

Looking to boost your brand's visibility and captivate potential consumers through social media in 2024? It's crucial to be well-versed in the nuances, rules, and trends shaping user behavior. These factors play a key role in engaging users with your posts or videos. And hey, ever heard of BannerBoo? It's a distinctive platform that lets you effortlessly craft eye-catching banners to promote your offerings. Dive deeper into the details in the upcoming sections!


Year after year, the social media user base continues to expand, with platforms effectively bringing together diverse generations by catering to their unique requests and needs. Gen Z, in particular, effortlessly embraces trends and responds promptly to the emergence of new applications. Meanwhile, for millennials, social media platforms serve as both a tool for acquiring fresh information and a versatile marketplace for discovering and purchasing goods and services.

In the realm of digital marketing, professionals need to be attuned to these nuances, diligently explore shifts in trends, swiftly respond to them, and seamlessly translate insights into action to elevate their brand and take a proactive stance in the competitive arena. It's a dynamic environment where adaptability and strategic agility are key to maintaining a robust market presence.

Today, social media has changed significantly compared to, say, 2016. Nowadays, short videos seem to dominate, catching the eye with quick, engaging content. Simultaneously, there's a heightened focus on quality content — something intriguing, appealing, and authentic. Content that not only grabs attention, but also resonates and piques interest stands out in today's dynamic social media scene.

But these are not all the trends that appeared in 2023.
The first thing to note is that the total number of social media has increased. So we got these social platforms, such as X and Threads, which are actively gaining popularity among consumers.

The second is that social media have unwittingly become so-called search engines. Most users often use TikTok, Instagram, Facebook to meet their needs and search for necessary and relevant things with the help of text descriptions or hashtags.

Also, social media users pay more attention to videos that can be both educational and entertaining, and marketers use this to promote their products and services.

We should not forget about artificial intelligence, which is constantly developing and sets certain trends, allows marketers not only to create interesting and original content, but also to stand out among competitors.

Of course, in 2024, some social media trends will remain from the previous period. Among them may be:

  • short-form videos;

  • photo;

  • searching for goods and services;

  • bloggers and micro-influencers and their impact on the potential target audience.

Anticipating the ever-changing landscape, we're confident that this year will unveil new trends for marketers to skillfully incorporate into their strategies for promoting goods and services on social media. Let's take a glimpse into the future and attempt to predict what aspects demand attention now. Crafting a unique and effective content strategy is pivotal to capturing the maximum number of consumers.

bannerboo christmas template

*example of a Christmas template by BannerBoo

With the development of digital technologies, appear new trends, which marketers actively use in their activities to attract new customers and increase brand recognition among consumers.

Today, social media are a source of information, inspiration, an opportunity to observe the lives of your subscribers and share the events that are happening in your life. Also, with the help of various platforms, you can promote your goods and services, or find what you need.

The bottom line for marketers and the entire brand promotion team is that using apps for consumers is normal and therefore not scary. You can experiment with content, study how consumers react to certain offers, create and test the most effective strategies.

But it is worth remembering that to successfully promote your own brand, you need to consider all the key factors that create interest in your account and the services you offer.

Let's consider the main predicted social media trends of 2024.

Personalization based on AI

The appearance and development of artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the use of information and its application in any field of activity. And social media marketing is no exception.

Today, social media strategy not only can be created with the help of artificial intelligence, but thanks to it and taking into account the personal data of users.

With the help of AI, you can quickly and effortlessly create captions for posts and stories that are guaranteed to appeal to your target audience, or create a content plan for social media, taking into account the demographics and requests of your potential customers.


Also, artificial intelligence will help in communication with potential customers through chatbots because it quickly generates answers to any questions and can help in solving the problems facing the consumer.

It is worth noting that creating content with the help of artificial intelligence has also become easier. It easily generates not only pictures according to your requests, but, for example, can offer interesting ideas that the team will independently implement into reality and will interest consumers with its uniqueness and originality.

AI has completely changed idea about creating and analyzing not only content, but also advertising. With its help, you can analyze launched advertising campaigns and get recommendations for their optimization. All this greatly simplifies the work of the marketing department and provides better indicators because artificial intelligence collects information about competitors, analyzes requests and consumer behavior, and, based on this, gives results.

We are sure that the use of artificial intelligence — will be one of the main social media trends in 2024, so we advise everyone who wants to familiarize themselves with its possibilities and think about how to use its functions to promote their own goods and services.

Integration of augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a new trend in 3D marketing that can and should be used in social media.

We have already talked about the fact that social media are a common, even routine matter for most smartphone users. It is an inseparable part of their life, where you can find everything you need, have fun and show yourself from the best side.

But in the case of augmented reality, we are more interested in the process of shopping on social media because the integration with AR takes it to a new level.

Just imagine, you can "try on" clothes or glasses without visiting a store or optician, but only by viewing them in mobile applications, such as, for example, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and others.

augmented reality

You can also see and decide whether this sofa "suits" your interior, or how certain wallpapers will look in your room. Agree, it's like a completely different reality, but in your smartphone.

augmented reality interior

This is a fascinating and innovative feature that brands can utilize to captivate consumers. People are increasingly willing to invest more for the chance to experience augmented reality, as it not only offers novelty and uniqueness but also provides remarkable convenience.

If you are interested in the idea of ​​using AR, then you should be prepared for the fact that it is not simple and requires significant marketing, design and financial efforts.

We suggest you consider a small guide that will help you understand augmented reality in more detail and properly integrate it into your social media.

  1. It is necessary to understand the difference between virtual and augmented reality. The fact is that virtual reality lives only in VR glasses, and augmented reality lives in smartphones, which are used by almost 80% of the population.
  2. Determine why you want to use AR.

    Any activity must produce a result, and whether it is effective or not depends on the goal. The use of augmented reality can pursue the following goals:

    • image, where AR will surprise the client and create a WOW effect;

    • practical, where augmented reality helps the client decide on a product or service and understand all its advantages and the need to purchase;

    • pragmatic, where the product uses AR to independently talk about its advantages in the form of an interesting game or story;

    • navigation, where augmented reality helps the consumer to find everything he needs without much effort and brings him closer to the purchase;

    • entertainment, where AR creates a mood for social media users and distracts them from everyday problems.

    It is worth noting that the use of augmented reality in advertising campaigns can cause a sensation because the consumer will be interested in watching what is offered to him.

  3. Clearly analyze your target audience and, depending on the data received, think through the content format that will demonstrate AR.
    Content is the most important thing because it is what the consumer sees when they get to your social media account. Carefully consider the script and determine the format in which you will broadcast.
  4. Plan content duration to achieve desired results and track performance.
    If the developed content did not have an effect, analyze what can be improved and start from the beginning because augmented reality is 100% a trend that will radically change the social media landscape in 2024.

Are you planning to be creative and unique? Then AR is exactly what you should study in detail and apply to promote your brand on social media next year. You'll see, it will be really cool.

Development of niche platforms

To gain a deeper understanding of consumer requests and needs and tailor content accordingly, niche platforms are emerging. These platforms are designed to bring together specific audiences with shared interests, demographic traits, or other common characteristics, allowing for a more focused and personalized approach.

The development of niche platforms will allow:

  • Join communities and allow users to interact more deeply with each other as they share hobbies, interests or experience. Consumers communicate, give advice and actively support each other.

  • Increase consumer engagement because given that the platform is dedicated to a specific topic or interest, it provides an opportunity for marketers to show more relevant content that keeps the attention of consumers.

  • Expand the possibility of communication because all users of the social media platform have common interests or other characteristics. It will be easier for them to establish contact with each other and with the project manager, and for businesses it is a great opportunity to get answers to all the questions that interest them.

Niche platforms are an ideal option to gather all potential customers in one place, provide them with interesting content, communicate and interact with consumers as much as possible. These are significant opportunities for development and creation of small business, the main thing is to carefully and thoroughly study your target audience and provide high-quality, unique content that will set you apart from the competition.

bannerboo real estate template

*example of a Real Estate template by BannerBoo

Video continues to dominate

Consumers enjoy following the unfolding of events, and the video format excels at capturing these moments. However, it's worth highlighting that in 2023, short video content gained substantial momentum. This format keeps viewers engaged without fatigue, efficiently conveying the essence of the story and showcasing products or services in the best light.

In the present day, a majority of users, marketers, and SMM specialists have honed their skills in video creation and editing. With these abilities, they can artfully showcase their offerings, engage consumers, and effectively advertise their brand.

To stay afloat and stand out among competitors in 2024, special attention should be paid to the following areas:

  • video reviews;

  • live broadcasts;

  • personalized video advertising;

  • series of videos with consistent and interesting storytelling.

The main thing to remember is that the created content should be bright, interesting and unique because the consumer sees and interacts with numerous publications every day, and the main task for the brand is to "stop the customer's gaze" and arouse interest in its story.

If you decide to master this direction and choose it as the "main vector of development" in 2024, analyze your target audience, determine requests and needs, think about what information will be interesting for them and do not forget to analyze promotion channels. TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, etc. can be singled out among the most popular video-format social media.

BannerBoo: Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing

Indeed, all the predicted trends for 2024 revolve around content creation — interesting, consistent, and in substantial volumes. However, for marketers and promotion specialists, this demands a considerable amount of time and adds complexity to the development process. Striking the right balance between quality and quantity can be quite the challenge.

Getting to know BannerBoo

But there is a way out. So, for example, BannerBoo's professional banner creation tool offers many professional templates, which you can use to create your own content.

Here you will find ready options for static posts, animated images and videos.

You can also add the necessary elements to ready-made banners, or create layouts from scratch.

Constructor BannerBoo offers a large library of graphics and assets to create original and interesting content. With its help, your team will be able to quickly and effortlessly generate the necessary content to promote products and services and stand out from the competition.

It is worth noting that the BannerBoo constructor is easy to use. After registering on the platform using a Google or Facebook account, you get to the professional panel, where everything is intuitive and convenient. Literally, in a few minutes, you will understand all the functions and be able to use them to realize your own plans and desires.

bannerboo business template

*example of a Business template by BannerBoo

AI banner generator

Taking into account all the predicted trends for 2024 and the trends that are at the peak of popularity now, BannerBoo adapts all its ready-made templates and functions to the demands and needs of consumers and to the requirements of digital marketing.

Here, you can create:

  • original and interesting video storytelling;

  • interesting, entertaining and educational videos, where you will demonstrate your product or service from the best side.

Therefore, your whole team cannot worry about the relevance of their own content.
You can also improve your own social media marketing with BannerBoo:

  • Banner maker offers different templates depending on the topic and interests of consumers;

  • AI banner generator can create graphics and copy based on keywords related to your advertising campaign;

  • You can quickly and without much effort create several different banners and conduct testing;

  • Automatically adapt banner sizes and formats for different platforms and advertising networks;

  • If necessary, you can quickly and easily make the necessary changes to the designed layouts.

Using a modern and maximally adapted banner maker in your activity is an ideal and convenient solution for brands, marketers and beginners. Using the generator, you can create interesting, original, and most importantly, unique content that will be remembered by consumers and set you apart from your competitors.

bannerboo gaming template

*example of a Gaming template by BannerBoo

Challenges and opportunities of social media in 2024

The evolution of technology not only gives rise to new trends but also occasionally adds complexity to the work of marketers, presenting challenges that must be navigated to achieve the desired results.

We suggest considering the main one of them.

Data privacy

The matter of user data privacy on social media has remained highly relevant for several years. Increasingly, control is shifting into the hands of consumers, empowering them to choose what information to disclose to PPC specialists and what to keep confidential.

Privacy makes it difficult to collect data for marketers and, accordingly, it becomes difficult to analyze target audiences, queries, demographics, geography and interests. Also, information about when the consumer visited the site, which goods they put in the basket, which pages they visited will also be unavailable. Marketers and ppc-specialists can receive inaccurate indicators, which, accordingly, affects the decision-making on the optimization of advertising and changes in the marketing strategy.

Even though privacy policies may add complexity to the process of brand development and promotion, it's crucial to recognize that these conditions also pave the way for new opportunities. Implementing and adhering to them not only fosters greater trust from the target audience but also cultivates loyalty towards enterprises.

Opportunities for brands and influencers

If influential persons and brands comply with all the rules of the privacy policy — this is the so-called guarantee of success, which forms a positive attitude of users and trust in them. In this way, consumer loyalty develops, and marketers can use it in their own interests.

Among such opportunities may be UGC – user-generated content rather than professional marketers or content managers. This includes various formats, such as texts, photos, videos, memes created by the target audience and posted on their own social media.

Since all content is mostly based on product recommendations and reviews, other consumers are more engaged and receptive to the process.

You can often see a clear example on TikTok.

ugc cerave

The affordable skincare brand CeraVe faced challenges meeting the surging demand for their facial cleanser after it gained immense popularity on TikTok. This buzz seemed to originate from influential skincare reviewer Hyram Yarbro, who had featured CeraVe products in several of his posts. However, when a couple of TikToks showcasing the product went viral, sales experienced a remarkable spike. The $10-12 face wash, easily accessible at local drugstores, became a sought-after item virtually overnight.

For brands, influencer marketing holds significant importance, rapidly gaining momentum on social media. When delving into this realm, it's crucial to bear in mind that users will endorse your goods or services in their promotion only under specific conditions. Among them may be:

  • high quality of products;

  • low price or one that corresponds to the quality;

  • exclusivity;

To get consumers to share your content, create campaigns that encourage sharing experiences. These can be master classes, webinars, contests, special offers, etc.

ugc content lays

User-generated content is a unique opportunity for brands to promote their products and services based on recommendations from ordinary users and increase their visibility while investing resources in other areas of marketing activity.


Social media marketing is evolving and gaining fresh momentum each day. To stay afloat, distinguish themselves from the competition, and attract new customers, businesses must not only immerse themselves in the social media space, but also craft compelling content. This content should align not only with consumer demands, but also with the trends that emerge periodically.

When promoting your brand through social media, don't forget the "search engine" function, because most users perceive posts and publications as an opportunity to find the necessary goods or services. Make a quality product description and use hashtags for convenient navigation in your account.

Also, pay attention to the format of posts. 2024 is the period of short video content that attracts the attention of consumers, does not bore, and shows your products and services from the best side.

If you want to surprise your target audience, consider using artificial intelligence and augmented reality in your marketing activities, create unique content that is guaranteed to be remembered by the consumer.

And the BannerBoo online editor will help in the development of banners and videos for publication. The service provides a large library of ready-made templates, graphics and assets developed by professional designers for your use. In the banner generator, you can create layouts of various formats and sizes, using all the necessary functions.

This greatly simplifies the work process and saves money.

BannerBoo also provides the ability to test content and quickly make the necessary changes to ready-made banners and videos.

With the BannerBoo online editor, your layouts and videos will look bright, original, and most importantly, will be unique and identical.

See for yourself, sign up for BannerBoo and try out all the features for creating content for social media.

Frequently asked questions

What type of content is most viewed on social media?

Today, the most popular content on social media is the format of short videos because they are better perceived by the target audience.

This is not surprising because with the help of the video format you can:

  • it is more interesting to tell the story and attract the attention of the consumer;

  • demonstrate the product or service from the best side;

  • create a video review and tell in detail about the characteristics of the product;

  • interest customers with the help of storytelling.

What are the media trends of 2024?

The new year brought new challenges to the field of marketing, and, accordingly, new opportunities. Among the most popular trends, for which you should be maximally prepared, will be:

  • social media = search engine. Consumers want to search for the goods and services they need by spending time on social media apps. Think of the right description for your posts and use hashtags, as this makes navigation much easier and ensures that the customer finds exactly what they are looking for in your account.

  • content optimization using artificial intelligence (AI). The development of AI has changed the way we think about marketing, SMM, PPC advertising and more. With it, you can generate interesting content, learn more about your potential customers, and optimize your ads to get the results you want.

  • using augmented reality (AR). This is a unique opportunity that allows the client to visually evaluate the product or service that you offer. AR demonstrates the product in real conditions and convinces the customer of the need to purchase. And augmented reality is interesting and original, and everything new quickly attracts the attention of consumers.

  • UGC content created by ordinary users without the help of professional content creators or marketers. The main point of this trend is to do everything possible to make customers want to create content using your products or services. Create quality products, invite to visit your office or café because if subscribers like it, they will want to share their own experience. And the brand will receive "free" advertising and recommendation.

What is the trend in content in 2024?

The new year promises some shifts in content, with the key ones being:

  • more short videos;

  • live broadcasts showing the real life of users and brands;

  • custom content with products and services of brands, where you can see personal recommendations of influential people for you;

  • hashtags are making a comeback because they allow you to search the web and simplify navigation.

Which social media platform was most used in 2023?

In 2023, the most popular social media platform is Facebook. In second place — WhatsApp and YouTube, and in third place — Instagram.

Which social media platform will grow the fastest in 2024?

Given that video content is growing rapidly, it's safe to say that video-focused social media will grow the fastest. These include: YouTube, TikTok.

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