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7 most successful techniques for creating effective advertising banners

7 most successful techniques for creating effective advertising banners

Do you believe that you can get thousands of online sales from one picture? It sounds like something unreal, but in the case of banner ads, it's definitely true.

Despite their small size, the banners confidently do their job. Banner advertising makes you famous, increases traffic to your site, and "brings" new customers right to your door. A banner can be compared to a street announcer who stands on a street corner and calls out: "Hey you, our store sells your favorite ice cream!" Who can refuse such public advertising?

However, with so many advertising banners, the consumer has already begun to experience "banner blindness". Flashy, blinky banners? Yeah, they're getting tuned out faster than a car radio ad. In fact, with such banners, everything turns out the opposite, and as a result, no one clicks on them. Knowing this, you can probably ask: "How can I get my banner ad noticed?"

It's simple. Let's start with the basics.

Here are 7 tips for creating an effective banner ad that will stand out from the crowd:

1. Monitor

It's time to learn more about your competitors. Take the most popular brand in your industry and analyze a few of its banners. Think and determine what they have in common and what makes them different from others. Pay attention to the colors, fonts, images, amount of text, and how well they grab your attention.

2. Be simpler

Advertising banners with a lot of design elements and text get fewer clicks as a result, and their brand is poorly remembered. All you need are a few big, must-have elements (like your logo) and no small, distracting details. If you need banner templates, you can look here and even use them for yourself.

3. Check the texts

The expression "small but tenacious" certainly belongs to the texts of advertising banners. Large fonts and small texts will help make your ad as effective as possible. Due to the small fonts, your banner will blend in with the site's texts and other advertisements. The same will happen with boring, irrelevant texts. Be sure to use calls-to-action and don't deviate from the core idea of your brand.

4. Watch the size of the files

Regardless of whether there is a file weight limit, opting for banners that load swiftly is the smarter move. Naturally, small files download faster than large ones. 45-70kb is a good weight for an average advertising banner. The second important rule is to study your target audience before determining the file size. For example, if you sell complex software, chances are your users will make sure their computers run as fast as possible, and slow file downloads won't be a big problem for them. On the other hand, if you know that most of your consumers live in rural areas, slow downloads will surely cause inconvenience.

5. Keep the banner's placement in mind when selecting colors

Too many companies make the mistake of using the same banner ads for different sites and not paying attention to their design. The page on which your ad will appear most likely has its own style and corporate colors. Therefore, make sure that your banner fits well with the overall look of the site. Choose from other banner ads as well to make sure yours is the best! And it is not necessary that the colors fit perfectly into the color scheme of the site — sometimes the most unexpected color combinations give the best result (about this in our other article)

6. Position banners strategically for optimal impact

Your banners are like sharks in a certain sense. No doubt, sharks rule the predator game. But stick 'em on land, and they're pretty much out of their element, right? Your banners are also special mechanisms that hunt for the consumers you need, and your task is to make sure you unleash them where they can really work their magic. Before placing ads on the site, study the audience. It should be the target audience that suits you as well as possible. Not sure if this place is right for you? Ask Google Analytics, it will show what you need.

7. Show what was promised

Make sure that when users click on the banner, they see a reliable, functional and attractive website with relevant information. Otherwise, it will be difficult to convert your visitors into customers. Your resource and your banner ad are a dynamic duo, they need each other to be as effective as possible. The easiest way to check their overall success is to look at their ROI (return on investment), namely how many clicks turned into sales. This is the easiest way to tell which ads are working and which aren't.

Be observant, don't sit idly by, and soon you will be able to create effective advertising banners that will surely turn your visitors into loyal customers. And this will be a real confirmation that your advertisement is the best!

I wish you successful sales!

Author — Gracelyn Tan, Volusion. (Adaptation —

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