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17 December 2021
Hello Friends! New Year's holidays are the most magical time of the year, and for us, it's another chance to please our clients with a variety of updates!

With very little time passing, a new update with new features and bug fixes has already been released. Here are the highlights:

 — Pop-up window with a link to download the banner
 — Icons on the toolbar are grouped for your convenience
 — Added objects mirror flip feature
 — Added the ability to edit borders and make rounded corners
 — You can add hyperlinks to all objects in the banner (HTML5)
 — Added the ability to edit numbers in the animated SVG library

Additionally, we have added 20 new unique templates (480 resizes) and a Christmas category:

20 new unique templates and a Christmas category

The holidays are just around the corner, so use the new themed animated templates in different sizes for Christmas and New Year!

Time to make holiday ads!

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