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Flex Lifetime Deal & Pro Lifetime Deal 2019 by our partners NinjaOutreach

21 November 2019
NinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing and outreach platform. Whether you want to find bloggers, Instagram influencers, YouTube channels or TikTok stars for a collaboration, NinjaOutreach has you covered.

As a sweet Black Friday offer, they propose a lifetime deal to the FLEX plan for $360 and to the PRO plan for $720. These lifetime subscriptions will also have some great expanded features. You can grab your discounts here.

1. FLEX Lifetime Deal 2019 - $360

- 4,000 contacts to manage at a time

- 4 seats / team members

- 4 connected emails

- Max emails per month - 10,000

- Max emails per day - 1,500

2. PRO Lifetime Deal 2019 - $720

- 6,000 contacts to manage at a time

- 6 seats / team members

- 6 connected emails

- Max emails per month - 15,000

- Max emails per day - 2,000

NinjaOutreach is an Influencer & Blogger Outreach platform that can help you generate traffic and business through various types of outreach campaigns.

There’s tons of value:

It will save you at least 20+ hours a week per team member using it - 20 hours is HUGE. There's a ton of things you could do with this extra time.

  • You could let go of some redundant apps. Since NinjaOutreach already has lead gen, data crawling, email automation, analytics, etc., you can cut costs.

  • You get a big contact database of social influencers, bloggers, resource pages, product reviews, and millions of more websites. Emails, engagement scores, SEO metrics, etc., are appended. 

  • There’s email scheduling with auto follow-ups. Custom fields auto-populate with data from each lead and there’s also a built-in email template word spinner. 

  • You can import anything from Google search and the tool automatically appends emails, SEO, and other data. 

  • Campaign analytics and CRM are built-in. 

  • You can get expanded features as you scale up.

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