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Choose effective BannerBoo templates for X/Twitter ads

Are you already conquering X/Twitter or just thinking about this social network as a platform for promoting your brand? Set up stylish and modern ads based on the free templates of the BannerBoo service to effectively launch advertising campaigns.
Choose effective BannerBoo templates for X/Twitter ads
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Features of Advertising on X/Twitter

Nothing lasts long on X (formerly Twitter). The hot topic of this morning may be completely forgotten by the evening. Tracking trends is very difficult, as there is constant communication and trend updating. However, the audience is interesting and very promising, and replies, retweets, and likes can become excellent marketing resources for your brand. You can advertise on X/Twitter:
  • your product or service;
  • announcement of events or training sessions;
  • personal brand.

Try creating ads based on BannerBoo templates without needing any design skills. Browse the gallery to find examples of X (Twitter) ads that will effectively communicate with your audience. You have fractions of a second to make an impression about the brand, which means that you need to work carefully on the banners you are placing.

Twitter (X) users are used to short, but trigger-like info drives. They want to know what they need right now and quickly move on to the next relevant issue. Therefore, advertising must hit the target and meet the needs of the audience that is your focus!

Features of Advertising on X/Twitter
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Which ad formats to choose?

X offers advertisers a variety of formats to showcase their content.
Promoted Ads

Promoted Ads

This could be:
  • image ads (one photo);
  • video ads;
  • carousel ads with images or videos (up to 6 cards);
  • text ads (with all elements of standard publication).
Vertical Video Ads

Vertical Video Ads

It accounts for ~20% of the total daily time spent on the platform. Your brand can tell its story in an engaging way and attract users to your website or app.
X Amplify

X Amplify

Amplify Pre-roll allows advertisers to choose one of 15+ categories where the advertisement will be displayed. Amplify Sponsorships allows two brands to collaborate on one audience.
X Takeover

X Takeover

They provide brands with exclusive ownership rights to place advertisements in certain positions. Both on computers and on mobile devices. This allows to maximize coverage and stimulate sales in exclusively important audience segments.
X Live

X Live

Allows broadcasting your advertisement in real-time. From product presentations and conferences to viewing parties and fashion shows, X Live helps brands maximize the coverage of live content and stimulate communication with the audience.
Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads

With DPA retargeting, advertisers can show ads to targeted consumers with products they have used (eg added to shopping cart) on the advertiser's website but not yet purchased.
Collection Ads

Collection Ads

This is a new way of viewing, story telling, and shopping on X. In a collection ad, advertisers can showcase a set of product images using a main headline image and smaller visual thumbnails.

How to use X/Twitter ad templates?

Firstly, you need to choose the most interesting option for your task. We offer a variety of themes and styles to choose from, depending on the industry, goal, and audience.

Next, proceed to the settings: select colors according to the brand identity and edit the text with your unique selling proposition. You can also replace all photos or choose from stock images.

Next, choose the features you need: update your logo, visual effects, and any other graphic elements. Set up the animation and check the sequence of frame display with a preview. Share your workspace with colleagues and collaborate in real-time in creative teams.

At the end of the work (which will take a maximum of 10-15 minutes), save the file in JPEG, PNG or MP4 format. Upload the ad directly to your X (Twitter) Business account and start an effective advertising campaign!

Why BannerBoo?

Our team has many years of experience in designing advertising banners for various businesses. That’s why we guarantee that our templates are as informative as possible, meet all the needs and requirements of advertising networks, and follow all design trends.
By collaborating with us, you get:
  • a convenient tool for working with graphics;
  • the ability to work on banners without any design experience;
  • a variety of effective templates for different purposes, their uniqueness;
  • access to a huge collection of high-quality stock images;
  • functionality for working with video for dynamic formats, flexibility of framing and the ability to change the size of media files.

We work in a cloud environment so that you can easily and simply create a work profile from anywhere in the world and grant collaboration rights to your creative team.

Choose BannerBoo and unlock the world of advertising opportunities on X/Twitter!

How to use X/Twitter ad templates?

Frequently asked questions

How do I get Twitter ad templates?

Choose one of the 12,000+ options, developed by BannerBoo designers!

How do I create a Twitter ad?

Perform the following actions:
  1. Log in to your X (Twitter) Ads account or register if you don't have one and click on the "Create Campaign" button.
  2. Select the goal of the campaign (for example, website clicks, app installs, subscriptions).
  3. Define your target audience based on demographic indicators, interests, behavior, etc.
  4. Set the budget and bid strategy.
  5. Create an ad group, select the ad format, and set parameters for this specific group.
  6. Create an ad based on a template and upload it to X (Twitter) Ads.
  7. Review the ad settings and targeting criteria.
  8. Launch your advertising campaign on Twitter.

What size is a Twitter ad?

Everything depends on the chosen format, but the most commonly used size is: 1200 x 675 pixels (aspect ratio 1.91:1).

How do I add an ad to a Twitter group?

We explain:
  1. Log into your Twitter Ads account and select the campaign and group to which you need to add an advertisement.
  2. There you have the option to create a new ad or select an existing tweet for promotion.
  3. Adjust the ad parameters, including targeting, bids, audiences, and budgets.
  4. Review the details, save the settings, and launch the ad on X/Twitter.
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