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A collection of ready-made education ad templates

Get a wide range of banner ad templates suitable for the needs of any university, college, school or online course program.
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Back To School — 40% Off All Items — Banner Template

BannerBoo is a full-service provider of professional animated banner ad templates.

Our templates are designed to help companies advertise their educational offerings online.

We provide high-quality, engaging banner ads that target potential students and educate them about the latest courses and programs available.

Our portfolio of banner ad templates includes animated education banners, which are perfect for marketing online courses and programs.

These banner ads are professionally designed and animated, making them an excellent way to reach potential students.

In addition, our banner ad templates are keyword rich, so you can target your audience specifically.

We're passionate about providing the highest quality educational banners available.
Back To School — 40% Off All Items

More Education Banner Examples

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