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How to upload images and logos

21 January 2020
In Bannerboo you can upload your own images, clip-arts, and vectors. For raster images, you can use JPG, PNG, GIF formats. For vectors and logos, we recommend using SVG files.

To upload your image, go to the "Upload" icon in the left panel of the Bannerboo Editor. Then press the "Upload your own images" button.

How to upload your image to banner in Bannerboo editor

You will get the explorer window. Navigate to your folder and choose the desired image or clip-art.

How to upload your image to a banner — Step 2.

Your image will appear in the left panel under the "Upload your own images" button. Click on it or drag it to the Editor canvas.

How to upload your image to the Bannerboo Editor

Your image will also appear on the timeline, where you can animate it or move backward / forward.

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