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How to download an HTML zip

You can download your banner in the Editor or in the banner list.

Let's look through the first variant.

Click on the "Publish" button at the top menu


Select a "Download ZIP" in the popup.


You'll see a popup with settings.


If you don't have any technical specifications for your banner, you can skip almost all settings. Pay attention to just two of them: "Optimization" and "Responsiveness".


If you need a responsive banner, which shall adapt to the block sizes, then select a "Responsive banner" option.

The "Optimization" block allows you to reduce the banner images if they are bigger then banner dimensions. A"Resize images" option proportionally reduces a big image. And a "Crop images" option crops the image and leaves only its visible part in the banner.

When you set all options you need, press a "Download" button and Bannerboo generate the archive and send your browser to download.

Note, because of security, your browser can block downloading. Our service usually informs you about it. Allow your browser to download the file by setting permissions in Site information.

If the archive file is too big, you can compress images through TinyPNG. It can help to reduce the images.

You need to download a banner for the specific Ads Network? Here are some articles, how to do that for the most popular networks.
Important! Leave the field "Link" empty in the banner settings, if you prepare it for the Advertising network.


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